Just Some Song Lyrics

Just some song lyrics that I relate to so much, get me through everyday, help me in my darkest times, inspire me and tell the truth, or I really love the song and just decided to post it on Movellas for anyone to read.

NOTE: Some of the song lyrics may include profanity , inappropriate language or possible things you may not like.


1. About this book

So basically (if you haven't gotten the idea from the title or you just couldn't be bothered to read the blurb) this will be a book about lyrics from songs. Some of these songs have helped me through my darkest times in life (and still are), some I just relate to so much, some are really inspiring and tell the truth, or I just love the song so much I want to share the lyrics with everyone on Movellas!

If you really want, you should listen to some of these songs! They're awesome <3 Honestly I love any type of music, but you might have a different taste in music compared to me XD

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of these songs or the lyrics, AT ALL. All credit goes to the songwriters and the singers who created the song.

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