Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


9. Part 9

Today is school again,i will be studying till late and won't sleep and i'll have alot of coffee to stay up late to do my homework.

I wake up and wake up Alice aswell because she's always late when we have to go to school."-Alice wake up!"i whisper in her ear."-Leave me alone!I don't want to go to school today!"she says with a sleeping voice."-Come on!"i say joyfull.

I see that she doesn't get up,so i push her out of bed and she falls on the floor."-What that for?"she shouts and i laugh.

I have a shower and then get dressed in my school uniform.I make curls and put my hair up in a pony tail."-Are you ready?"i shout from down stairs."-I'm comming!"she shouts,she runs and we have a quick breakfast.

"-Zayn is picking us up."i explains to her but hse's still day dreaming next to her bowl of cereals.

"-It's late!"i stand up and shout in her ear.

Alice and i laugh,i kiss her on the head and place the bowl in the washdisher.I hear a knock at the door and i go to open it."-Hi."Harry says with a smile.

"-Hi.Are you ready for your first day at work?"i ask smiling.

"-Yeah.I was wondering if you would like to go to school toghether?"Zayn appears behind Harry.

"-No mate i'm taking her."he explains with a mad voice.Zayn comes up to me and kisses me on the lips.

"-See you in class then."he winks and i can see Zayn tense.

When we get in his car and put my seatbelt on his looks at me."-What?Oh i'll go and call Alice to hurry up!"i say while i undo my seat belt but he stops me."-What was that about?"he asks."-What?"i ask confused.

"-I'll see you in class?"he makes Harry's voice and i roll my eyes.

"-He's my english teacher Zayn!"i explainand his face is inches from mine.

"-You prefered to go out with him and not me?"he asks mad.

"-He asked first and i couldn't say no!"i get out from the car to call Alice but i see her run and comming to join us."-You're late!"Zayn shouts to her.

"-Don't talk to her like that!"i say looking at him with mad eyes.

"-Did i miss something?"Alice asks but we both turn around and say no shouting.We all stay quiet in the car.

I take my seatbelt off and wait for Alice to get out of the car."-Can i talk to you?"Zayn says and i nod."-I'll see you in class."she says with a worried face.

I lean on Zayn's car while he gets closer to me closing the gap between us.I look at him deeply in the eyes and his lips gently touch mine.His hands slowly reach my skirt.We stop hearing someone behind us coughing."-What do you want?"Zayn spits."-Summer class will start in a few minutes."Harry say looking at Zayn's hand on my leg."-Oh Zayn were at school,so i don't think that you should do thati pubblic!"he says refering to his hand on my leg.

I understand Zayn kissing me to say sorry and i whisper in his ear."-I forgive you sweety."i say and we kiss once more on the lips.

"-Shall we go?"Harry asks me and Zayn rolls his eyes."-See you later.Have a good day."Zayn says and goes away.

I join Harry,all the girls and boys turn to face us and whisper as we pass next to them to go in class.The bell rang to let the students know that the first lesson is begining.

I spot Alice that occupied a place next to her in the second row tables.Everyone in the class looks at me as if I did something wrong and when I sit down next to Alice,I hide my head in my arms to get away from the looks.

"-Good morning class,i'm Mr.Styles you're new english teacher because of Mr.Sand death a couple osbdays ago."all the girls look at him carefully his smile while he talks about the things we will do this year.

"-I will give all of you a book to read that needs to be finished in this month.I really like this book,it's called Carmilla."he explains.I look at him,he gets a book from his work bag and takes it in to his hands.I stare at his smile,the way he talks makes me want to touch him every where....

"-What does it talk about?"Sally asks smiling.

"-It's a gothic novella of Sheridan Le Fanu.It talks about a young woman Laura susceptibility to the attentions of a female vampire named Carmilla."i explain looking at Harry in the eyes and he smiles at me.

"-Wow very good Summer."Harry says with a smiles.

"-It sounds good and passionate."Alice says looking at me worried.

The bell rings,while Harry explains the plot of the story.The students all get up and they get the book that Harry hands them as they go out for the second lesson.

"-How does he know you?"Sally asks as i put my book in my bag.I turn my head up to look at her,she has her hands to her hips like i've just done something wrong."-He's my friend and he lives next to me."i explain.

"-Hurry up we have art now!"Alice says and i nod."-Do you want help?"Harry asks bending down to help me."-I'm ok thanks."Alice starts to go at the art lesson.

"-Did you already read Carmilla?"He asks as i stand ip to look at him in the eyes.

"-Yeah.I read it when i was eight year old."i explains and he let's him toungue wet his bottom lip.

"-Are you busy after school?"Harry asks me as he passes me my bag that i put on the table.

"-I have homework but yeah we can go out if you want."i say and he smiles.

"-Can i have your phone number please?"i nod and he passes me his mobile.

"-Thanks."our faces are inches apart,i look at his lips as his hands slides down my hips.Our eyes meet and Harry's eyes turn red again,i let my bag fall on the floor making noise."Kiss him"my voice says but i don't listen.

"-I have to go."i say rushing out of class.I come a few minutes late and Alice looksbat me with a cheeky face on her face."-Did you have a great time with him?"she asks laughing.I'm glad that Alice doesn't like him anymore and that were friends again.

"-Shut up Alice!Everyone will hear you!"i whisper looking at her design of a house on a piece if paper."-What are you doing?"i ask Alice but has her attention on her pencil.

"-She wants us to draw a house that we imagine in our heads."she explains.

After the art lesson,we go to the school cantine to have lunch.Zayn joins us at our table next to the big window that faces the tennis camp."-Shall we go to the shopping centre to day after we done our studying?"she asks and Zayn puts his hand on mine under the table.

"-No i'm busy with Harry sorry."Alice's turns sad and looks at Zayn which is looking at me."-Is Harry more important than me?Were not passing our time after we argued."she explains and i notice that Zayn takes his hand off of mine.

"-She likes staying with Harry, Alice!"Zayn says with a bit of jealousy in his voice."-Were only friends!"i say and i stand up and get out of the cantine.

I have a walk at the tennis camp and thinking that in a couple of hours i will have a tennis match."-Hey!"Harry says.U wait for him.He puts his arm on my shoulder and looks at me."-Are you ok?"he sees my expression on my face and i make a fake smile."-Sure.I was just having a walk."i say walking too much next to him.

"-Do you want to see something?"i nod and he offers his hand to me.

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