Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


6. Part 6

"-What are you doin tonight?"Harry asks having a quick look at me.Why does he want to now what i'm doin tonight?"-I don't"i ask without any air inside me.It's becoming hot in the car."-Would you like to come to my house?To watch a film?"my mouth falls open at his question.

I take a few minutes to respond and Harry gives me an other look waiting for me to talk."-I would love to!What time?"i ask."-When we return home?"i nod smiling and he does the same.

Harry parks in the parking lot,so we can walk to the mechanic because it's not far away and because the workers closed the road.A lot of people are shopping and working,i nearly lost Harry but he realises that,so he takes my hand.My body is burning inside when his hand is in mine.His skin,cold skin,i wonder why he has cold skin and a pale face.I look at him and then he realises it then i turn around smiling without him noticing my joy staying with him.

"-I can't wait to be your english teacher!"he smiles and i make a fake one beliving that he would know the day me and Alice would get in class but we were wrong."-Oh yeah!Alice told me."i explain and he tights his hand more against mine.

"-Aren't you happy?"he asks with a smile and i nod."-I like it......"he begins to say but i stop him with my question."-Like what?"i ask confused."-The way you are."he explains."-How am i to you then?"i smile and he does the same leving my hand and putting it around my waist.We both stop in the middle of the path were people are walking.

His hands are around my waist and our faces too."I know you like him"here we go,my voice again!His parfume enters in my tiny nose making my heart jump and that you can see it across my t-shirt."-You're friendly,silent,misterious and feisty...."he makes a quiet laugh and i blush."-Thanks."that was all i could say with a hot and handsome boy in front of me.

"-I can feel your heart..."he puts his hand on my heart and and i gently close my eyes when he touches me."-Harry i...."i say.

I walk again with Harry following behind.I turn to look at him and he quickly comes next to me."-I need to call you Mr.Styles because you're my teacher."i say smiling and he makes a strange face."-No,call me Harry.Friends call me Harry and you're one of them beutiful...."he winkes at me and my heart skips a beat.


The journey back home was silent,everything was sorted,we bought Harry's car to the mechanic and on our way home we bought pizza and beer.When we arrive,Harry gets out quickly to help me with the pizza and the beer."-This is going to be fun!"he explains to me and i nearly faint when he gives me a hot look.

Harry opens his front door and let's me in first.He turns the lights on of the house and my mouth falls open.It's a moder look and the house is very big.I stand still when i turn around to go in to the livingroom to see this big photo on the wall.In the photo there's a lady with brown hair and eyes and four little boys smiling."-That's my mother and my brothers."Harry whispers in my ear as he slowly puts his hands on my waist.

"-It's kind of hot in here!"i say getting away from him."-Do you want a clean t-shirt?"i nod.As i turn around to sit down to wait for him to bring me his t-shirt he stops me."-You're jeans are dirty behind,i think because you sat on my car and o it was the oil that the mechanic was searchin the problem"i nod smiling.Great wiht only a t-shirt on and panties.Is it funny how things can happen?!Oh great!

Harry returns with a white t-shirt.I stand up and grab his t-shirt."-Thanks."he winkes."-I'll go to the kitchen and then we can choose the film.

I take my slim jeans off and the my t-shirt showing my angel tattoo that me and Zayn had secretly.I was putting the t-shirt on,when Harry comes with the pizza and two bottles of beer.He stops at the door when he sees me,his eyes go up and down.I quickly put the t-shirt on and sit on the sofa with red cheeks.Harry joins me and he sits next to me giving me beer."-I'm sorry i didn't know that you were still changing yourself Summer."he explains."-It's ok.What film shall we watch?"i ask him,he gets up ang goes to his film closet next to the big photo on the wall.

"-Do you like Titanic,Twilight,Harry Potter or...."he asks but i go to his bookshelf with a lot of book.I let my finger travel everybook to ancient to new books."-You like reading?"i ask with joy."-Yeah i guess you to?"i nod turning to him smiling."-If you want i can give you books that you like as a present."i shake my head,it's too much he's already friendly and gentle letting me wear his t-shirt."-No really!Which one do you like?"i hug him for thanking him."-If you don't mind i would like Romeo and Juliet?"he nods and i bring the book in my hands.It's the the book,the original composed in 1596.It's amazing!How did he get this book,today you can't find it no where!"My mother brought it on my birthday."the voice says,it was Harry's voice.I remain shocked and when i turn to look at him he smiles at me.

At the end we watched Twilight,i love the love story between Bella and the vampire.I realise that i'm not really paying attention on the film but my attention is on Harry.

My head is on his chest and he touches my brown curls.I close my eyes as he touches me and i dig my face more in to his chest trying to hear his heart but there's no heart beat.Slowly,i fall asleep in his arms and have nice dreams.

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