Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


5. Part 5

It's four o'clock and Zayn will be here every minuite,i put the last things in my big beach bag like sun cream,sunglasses and water.I'm thinking about what Alice told me of Harry being an English teacher in our class,i imagine every girl will have eyes on him and Alice would be very jealous if she knew but it gets me nervous,when Alice talks about Harry.

I hear a knock at the door,so i go running to open it.Zayn kisses me on the lips and it gives me a sense of hot in my body likes it's burning,when our lips meet."-Ready to go babe?"i nod getting the beach bag and closing the door.

I put my seatbelt while Zayn turns the radio on and just that minuite our favourite song is playing.It's "Let her go" of Passenger."-What time are we going?"i ask not to come late at home."-What?Were not there yet and you already want to know what time were going?"he almost shouts and i look at him confused."-I'm sorry Zayn.I was just asking.Are you ok?"i ask him but his eyes doesn't meet mine.

"-I have an headanche that's all babe.I'm sorry too."my face turns sad when he speaks with a low voice.

"-Are you sure cause we can go home?"i ask not too sure of his reply.

"-I'm ok.Are you ready for school on Monday?"he asks me having a quick look at me and then returning his eyes on the road.
Oh not again,i just forgot about school and Harry being our English teacher,why does he need to talk abotu school right now?

He makes sigh waiting for my response but i stay quiet not knowing to tell him of Harry."-Well,i....can't wait to go to school!You?"i ask making a fake smile.

"-Me?!You're joking!"we both laugh,i look outside the window and try to stay for my own silent,so he won't talk about school again.

"-It's a shame that we don't have the same classes.I wanted to stay with you and staying away from you is hard."i blush and he winkes at me.


When we arrived at the beach,the sun was high in the sky and i could see children run with their kites in the sky.I look at Zayn smiling,i quickly take my flip flops off and my dress off.I run with bare feet on the hot sand,so Zayn can't get me,i like it when we have fun toghether and plus alone.

After a few seconds,he grabs me by the waits and we both fall on the sand with Zayn on top of me.I meet his eyes,his lips go up and down my neck.He bits me but i stop him and i make a shout that everyone saw us."-What are you doin?"i say with a low voice but with anger.

"-Sorry but you're so sexy with your swimsuit babe!"he explains and i smile puching him playfuly on his chest.

I fall asleep in Zayn's car while we went home.I open my eyes when the car stops,i take my seatbelt off and get out of the car.I make a fuss not wanting to get out but Zayn lifts me up bridal styles.I kiss Zayn on the lips,Zayn turns around to see Harry fixing his car.

Zayn goes to Harry leaving me at the door steps of my house.I stand up and go to see what happend,Zayn look under the car,while Harry looks in his box.

"-Hey how are you?"i look at Harry,he stands up to hug me.I'm suprised when he hugs me and i see Zayn looking at Harry with a mad look like he's going to kill him.

"-Hey guys!Harry did you fix your car yet?"Alice shouts as she comes near us."-No.I need to take it to the mechanic."we all nod."-I have to go babe.See you tomorrow if you want?"we both meet our lips as Harry watches us and i feel unconftable with his eyes on me."-Yeah sure.Bye Zayn."i wave.

"-Do you want something to drink?"Alice offers Harry with a smile.

"-Yeah thanks."he smiles at her,i wish he was smiling at me that way.His smile is like the sun and shines inside my body.

"-Would you like me to take you to the mechanic?"i ask not knowing what i just said without thinking.Why don't i just shut up?!

He looks at me for a second and i smile at him.He takes my hand and i blush."-It would be lovely thanks."he winkes at me and i blush more.

I take away my hand,when Alice comes running with a jar of juice and some glass cups.I run to help her before she let's the glasses fall on the ground."-I think he likes me!"she says quitely when i run next to her.I roll my eyes,i look at her as she poors some juice in his cups,Alice gives it to him and she puts her hand on his chest.

I run to then and come up with an idea to get Alice off of him now."-Harry let's go before the mechanic closes!"i say and he looks at me with a smile.He nods and gives the cup to Alice."-We will be back soon ok?"i say to Alice.

Wow alone in my car with Harry,it's going to be fun.Wait!What am i saying!I have a boyfriend but....

"Just let it go!"the voice i my head says.I never had a voice in my head and it all started,when i met Harry.Strange.

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