Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


4. Part 4

"-Oh it's ok.Have you had breakfast?"Harry asks.We both look at ouselfs and Alice has a smile on her lips and i mean a cheeky smile if you know what i mean.

"-Why not.Where at my house or....?"i cut Alice off while she was talking.

"-Why not have breafast in the park?"i propose.

"-Good idea Summer."Harry winkes at me again.

"-We wil get dressed and wait you out here in front of your house and we will take my car.Is that ok to Harry?"i ask him with Alice's hands on my arm to let me hurry up and he nods.

I run in the house to get dressed while Alice will be in the bathroom for hours.When i put my favourite summer dress on with ballerinas,a message comes on my phone.It's Zayn.

"Hey babe shall we go to the beach today?"

"I'm busy this morning but shall we go this afternoon to the beach?"

"Ok.What time?"

"Four o'clock?"


Me and Zayn are going to pass these two weeks toghether alone before school starts and it's already Saturday!

"-Alice i need to wash my face and teeth hurry up were late as usual!"i shout from outside.

"-I'm done!"she gets out with a towel aroud her wet body and i roll my eyes.

I wash my face and teeth and apply a bit of make-up but no too much.I'm done but i need to wait for Alice to finish.

I go in our room and see all outfits on the bed and shoes all over the room.I look around the room confused and then at Alice."-Hurry up!You're not going on a date Alice!"i say to her with a bit of anger in my voice.

"-Not now but soon my dear...."she smiles at me at the mirror where she is putting her make-up on."-Put something on and let's go!"i say again.

"-What shall i wear?"she asks me.

"-Something simple?"she nods.

"-Oh and ny the way,what do you mean with"Not now but soon my dear"?"i ask her with confusion and she shakes her head."-I mean that i'm falling in love with him and i think so too."she explains and i roll my eyes.


Finally done,Harry is waiting next to my car with sunglasses on."-Are we ready?"i ask and they all nod.I sit at the driver's seat and Harry sits beside me.I see Alice with a sad face and i release a deep breath.

"-How long are you and Zayn toghether?"Harry ask.

"-About two months."i say.

"-When are you starting school again?"Harry is trying to make conversation with me and Alice keeps moving herselfs from the back for the anger because Harry isn't talking to her.

"-Monday and we have two weeks.I'm sorry but i don't talk while i'm driving Harry.Sorry."i never looked at him from the minuite we entered the car,i said it,so Alice and Harry could talk.

Silence in the car.Silence.I park in the parking lot.I take my seatbelt off and get out of the car with my bag at hand.Alice spots the ice-cream van and looks at us."-Harry would you like some ice-cream?"Alice asks."-No but i'm comming now ok?"she nods.Alice runs to do the line,while Harry comes opposite me.I look at him and he looks at me with a smile."-I like you're dress."he says looking up and down.

"-I'm sorry if i didn't talk to you in the car."i say looking deeply in his green eyes.

"-You're feisty..."he stops to wet his lips.God he's sexy when he does that."-and i like that....."he continues to say.

I become red and his hands come to my cheek.I look at him in the eyes and he looks at my lips."-What do you want for breakfast?"i ask."-Nothing."he clearly says."-Tea or coffee?"he offers but i point to Alice waving at Harry."-Oh i forgot sorry,i'll be back soon."i stare at him when he goes away.

"-What shall we do now?"Alice asks after having a walk in the park.Harry rubs his cheek like he's trying to say something.

"-Shall we go to the shopping centre?"Harry asks and i look at my watch.It's late,it's already mid day and Zayn will pick me up in a few hours.

"-I'm sorry but we have to go!"i turn to look at Alice but she does a sad face."-Why?"Alice asks."-Zayn and i are going to the beach in the south because i've never been in those parts before,at four o'clock and i need to go home now because i need to eat fast and then prepare everything for the beach ok?"i explain with a dry throat.

"-If you don't want to go you can stay with me?"Harry offers to Alice and her face has a big grin.I roll my eyes and drag her off Harry's arm."-Let's go Alice."i laugh at her,she is really falling in love but why don't i want to let her stay with him?

"-Bye Harry"we both say and smile,he smiles and waves back.


I get in the car and start the car,Alice turns the music on with rock music and we both move our heads with the beat of the rock music.After the song,Alice switches the music off and looks confused about something,i turn my head for a minuite to look at her while i drive home."-What's wrong?Are you ok?"i ask.

"-Harry is strange and handsome."i laugh.

"-What?!"Alice asks while i laugh more.

"-This is passing by isn't it?"i change subject.

"-Yeah we need to have fun before school,like night clubs and shopping!"she says.

"-You know i can't stand shopping Alice,bight clubs are not my thing i mean i don't like them!"i explain.

"-I know you hate shopping but do it for me?"she puts her hands joined like she's begging and i shake my head smiling.

"-Ok."i say rolling my eyes.

"-Do you know what i just knew from Sally last night on the phone?"i shake my head.

"-Sally told me that we have a new english teacher and guess who it is?"i make a confused face.

"-Harry Styles!"my mouth falls open when she said his name.

"-Does he know that we are in his class?"i ask getting nervous.

"-No he doesn't but he will know when we get in to class in the morning."she smiles and i begin to get more nervous.

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