Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


31. Part 31

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We go to the woods to listen to Zayn, Harry starts the engine and drives as fast as a flash in the sky.I study his face to see what's wrong with him.It's like his presence in the car is absent as if he's dying slowly,i touch his hand that is on the wheel.He turns to look at me for a second and then looks back at the road,Harry seems upset and i can already guess why because were going to meet Zayn,that's the problem.It's better if i don't say nothing if i don't want to make the situation rage worse than it sounds,but he breaks the silence with a question that it disturbs him.

"-If you return with him?"i already knew that this was comming.The thought of returning with Zayn, breaks his heart in pieces.I would never do such a thing.I love Harry and it will be forever us till death.

"-Harry,don't be stupid.I love you and you know that well right?Don't have stupid nightmares of this,it won't happend."how can i be more sincere than this.

"-Now you say this but if he changes your mind?I know it will happen,you will leave me alone and take Violet away from me forever!"Harry holds back the tears, he's a tough guy but i saw him cry when i was dead, but with his own blood, i was there again with him.

"-First,he won't change my mind because i love you and second,Violet is our speacial little baby ok?"i hope he calms down."-I belive you."we kiss quickly and Harry returns with attention on the road.

After a minute,my mobile vibrates informing me that there's a message.It's Louis.

Hi Sum,

I just wanted to thank you for your words and that you were there for me,you always will be sis.Me and Liam are the same without him knowing anything,Sophie and i are friends but she didn't mention about what she feels.Where are you?Zayn is waiting?He's got the cure?Wow.Amazing.It's it?

Lou xxxx

Hey bro,

It's ok,that's what friends do you know?!What about this cure?What's it about?What is it?How did Zayn get it?Why is it amazing?

Oh almost forgot....just be friends but Lou you will find a girl,don't worry be happy.

Sum xxxx

Hi again,

Yeah i know.A girl will come on day in my life.Zayn told us his father talked at himabout it when he was a boy.He found out that the cure was in his dad's room in Paris hidden.It's a type of medicine that helps you turn human again.Zayn said that you have to take it because Zayn knows our plans and knows that you're a vampire.

P.S.Zayn wants to help us destroy William.

Lou xxxx

"-Who are you texting with babe?"Harry looks at me as if i was caught in a crime.I turn to look at him with a smile on my face, he obviously is not buying it as usual."-Oh just my old friends from London."he stops the car by parking it next to the woods.We have arrived finally.

He grabs my mobile from his hands and reads the messages between me and Louis.Harry has a normal face,not shocked by the news that Louis told me,he hands me the phone and takes my hands.

"-Your ex is right on one thing."i let all the breath that was stuck in my chest."-And what is that?"i ask worried."-You're taking the cure."he orders and gets out of the car and i follow his rate of walking fast to the others waiting for us.

"-No,i'm fine like this Harry.You don't comand on me!"i shout raising my hands."-I didn't want this at the first place like your father,i gave you my promise that i would bit you and you got it,now do me a favor,take the cure so you will be human again."he spits comming closer to me.

"-No,you can't do this,i comand for myself not you or anyone!"i shout again."-I did you the favor and now you do it to me."he orders walking again and i walk beside him silent.

"-Are we arguing again Harry?"he stops to look at me but a noise captures our attention,we look around and see nothing.

"-What was it?"i ask taking Harry's hand."-Good Afternoon my friends,it's a good night to spend a bit of time in the dark woods,isn't it?"William comes closer to us with his group of vampires.

"-Your attempt failed miserably William."i explain with evil eyes."-Why?I have an other chance now."i take a step closer to him but Harry stops me.

"-Too bad cause Summer is now a vampire."Harry says and William's eyes turn black."-I'm going to kill you and be sure of this William,you are going to suffer very bad."i point his finger at him and he laughs with the others behind him.

"-Yeah you laugh."Harry adds."-You two are going to kill us?"William points out still lighing with the others."-Save yourself the laughter because who laughs first laughs last,William."Klaus appears out of nowhere with Liam,Louis,Niall,Sophie and Alice behind Klaus.

"-Oh isn't it sweet we have all the family."William claps his hands joking as usual."-Not yet!"a boy shouts behind Sophie's back.It's Zayn with beside my grandmother.Cassey.

"-Nanny."i run to hug her tight and we both cry."-I've missed you."i says sobbing."-Me too."she rubs my cheeks and wiles the tears off of my face.

"-We've got someone to kill."she whispers looking at William."-Were vampire Cassey,were not deaf or don't you remember witch?"William looks at his nephew.

"-You let me down,Zayn,just be very ashamed of yourself to be there on their side."he points us like were trash."-He's not ashamed cause he's a the good side and you're on the bad one."Alice reminds him with a deep cold voice.

"-Oh really?You are all stupid to think that i will be dead but i think one of you are!"he warns and the in a couple of seconds,the war begins by all the vampire vs the other vampire.Me,Alice,Sophie and granny try to think of an idea.

"-Listen.i will liberate all the dead people,humans,vampires all of them.You come with me Sum,Cassey and Soph will sort everything out here,ok?"she looks at each of our scared faces.

"-I will advise you that doing this spell is dark magic,you can unleash hell, Alice."my grandmother warns her."-There won't be an end Cassey."Alice knew my granny from when we were children.

"-All of you are like sons and daughters for me."Alice nods and a tear escapes her eye."-And you my dear,you keep an eyes on Alice and protect both of you."granny takes my hands and kisses them."-I will nan."i hug her for the thought that i won't see her again.

"-Is this a farwell?"Sophie asks."-Yes dear.I can't stay here forever but you need to stop Alice."she points Alice walking and me left behind."-Go."she says and we hug once more.

"-Alice wait!"i shout behind her but she keeps on walking."-We don't have time!"she shouts back,i let her turn around by grabing her arm."-Wait,how did you let my nan come back if you needed thr ring?"she lifts up her hand with the ring on finger.

"-How did you get it?"i look at my hand with no ring and then at hers."-I'm a witch remember?!"she reminds me with a cheeky smile and we both laugh."-Where are we going?"i ask looking at small candles on the ground that makes a path.

"-Here."she points a white circle drawn in front of us."-What's this?"i follow the infinity line of the circle,she joins me behind closing her eyes."-It's a magical circle where the dead will come back,oh you can take the ring back by the way."she hands me the ring and runs into the white circle."-Alice wait please!"i trust my nanny and i know she's telling the truth.

"-Oh please,Sum,nothing won't happen trust me ok?"i run into the circle with her,we both hug like Alice is going to go away forever."-I'm staying here with you,i won't leave you!"i promise her crying."-No Sum,just go and help the others."she leads me out of the circle and i walk alone to the others.

By my way,i find Klaus running closer to me and shouts my name.Our eyes meet and he lets a big breath out,i take his hands and point him the direction to find Alice."-She's there,i told her not to do it but she won't listen."i can only hear a whisper of"OH MY GOD" from Klaus and then he runs fast to Alice.

I return back to the battlefield, where the vampires were clashing violently against each other.I searh for the boys,Liam and Louis are killing two of William's group,Sophie is doing a spell.....alone...Harry has William's neck in his tight grip.
I would like to find my grandmother, help Harry and others and especially to stop Alice from that dark magic.What shall i do?!So i decided to help the others, but first i have to kill William so this story has an end.

I make my way to Harry but a strong hand stops me from going,i turn around and meet Zayn's eyes."-Summer."that's the only words he says and then crashes his lips onto mine like he never done before.I let the kiss end with a slap on his face."-Sayn how dare you?!I love Harry and i want to stay with him for the rest of my life."i point my finger to his chest.

"-It was a farwell kiss babe and i want to help you."he explains letting a tear run on his cheek."-If you want to help do it but were talking later about all this."i turn around and run to Harry.

"-Oh,here's your future wife Mrs.Styles."William laughs having Harry in his arms bent down.Harry turns his face up to look at me,i read his mind."Harry,i'm sorry."i say."He kissed you."he spits.

"-William please leave Harry.You want me?!Ok,have me and leave Harry please i beg you."William pushes Harry on the ground and comes closer to me.He strokes my delicate neck and smells it,he grips my arm and turns me around."-So,you're a vampire,let's see if your strong."he throws me flat to a tree and i fall slowly on the ground,i feel my blood boil for the anger,my eyes turn black and i run to grab his throat.William is now on top of me,he tries to take my mand but failes,i see Louis fetching a stick of a tree and throws it to me.

"-Say goodbye dear William."i nearly stick it in his heart but an other vampire pushes me away landing in mud,it's starting to rain,cold water drops cover my angry face.William makes a step closer to me and snatches the stick from my arms."-Or is it your goodbye Mrs.Styles?"i close my eyes when he nearly sticks it in my stomach but suddenly William falls dead on the ground.

I lift up my scared eyes and see that Harry saved my life,Zayn is behind the vampire that's still holding me,Zayn snaps his head off and throws it far away.All of the vampire's blood is on my clothes,my face and hands.Zayn lifts me and he hugs me,i hear Harry's step getting far and far and i shout his name to stop Harry going away.Harry keeps walking fast and ignoring my calls.I have one more look at Zayn and i whisper to him my last words."-You were and still are special to me, but my heart is for someone else,i'm sorry Zayn,i hope God will be with you in life and Zayn ...... goodbye ..."our eyes full of tears meet and he kisses my cheek."-Goodbye babe."just for the last time,our lips meet for a non forgetting moment in our lifes.

"-Wait!"Zayn shouts and i stop walking."-William is not dead yet and you have to kill him."i look at him deep in the eyes.The propechy."-Let's go."i say running to William again but when we return there,we don't find him at the spot that we left him nearly dead."-Where did he fucking go?!"Zayn puts his hands in his black hair."-Let's go separate ways and if one of us finds him,we will call ourselfs via mind ok?"Zayn nods going straight ahead,while i go right.

I smell his blood on the ground,he leaves traces of blood,walking away from us but i know he's near and really close that i can hear him breathing."-Alice!"Zayn shouts my name and i protect my head with both hands for the volume of his voice."What's up?"i ask him via mind."William is close."he explains with a difficulty speaking,it's like he's out of breath.
I do my best to find Zayn,i run fast and when i run i think of Harry,i let him go away without stopping him,my screams,calling his name, are not worth a penny.I had to stop and i regret what i did.I feel like a real shit, slaughter even worse,shit that serves no purpose on this earth.I dreamed and still i do,about my family that i've always dreamed of, me,Harry and Violet.Always together and the two of us to protect our little star.Violet.

Harry is angry with me because Zayn huged me,about me not taking the cure.This situation evolving all around me,as if i'm the protagonist,but not the person who thoughtto have this stupid war between vampires.Here you go,see?All around me.The people who love me are suffering because of me.Why?!

I see a figure turned showing his back at me,he's holding tight to the neck William.Harry.I stare for a few moments,hiden behind a tall scary tree,i look at his muscles,his strong arms and his hands.That body,that Harry gave me,love and passion, he loves me and I love him.Harry is right,he makes it as a favor, but Harry does it to protect me and Violet.Harry wants me to go back to have a normal life forever.Harry wants the old me, humane and healthy, his eyes remind me of the first day that we met.Those eyes were strong and full of pain that i've filled with love and 
solidarity.I made sure that he wasn't alone,we passed time toghether,Violet is our special big present ever that life could offer us.

"-Harry...."i begin to stutter my words.I don't have the courage to speak to him after what happend,he doesn't deserve me and i can't look at him in the face."-Go home and stay with Violet."Harry spits with a hard tone."-Ha..Ha..H..Harry!"i get the bravery to speak up and meet his green eyes.He softens his look at me and pushes William on the ground.I look the sun rising, its rays give heat and makes me close my eyes for the strong light."-Sum."he starts putting his hand on my shoulder,i remain feeling with my eyes closed,the warm raises of the sun on my face.

I return to reality,Harry looks worried and angry the same time,i look behind him to see William shotuing for the pain on his neck."-Harry,i need to kill him,the propechy."i look around."-Where's Alice,Zayn,Klaus,your brothers...and my granny?"i cover my fave with my trembiling hands crying and shouting their names."-We will do it toghether."Harry promises me taking my hands away from my sad face."-I'm sorry."he lets go of my hands and returns his attention to William.

"-Ready?"Harry picks a stick from the ground and holds it with one hand,hevmakes sigh to me to take it aswell.I lean my hands on his and take the stick with a lot of stregth."-I hope that you will suffer in hell you bastard!"i shout,i close my eyes as we both stick it in his heart.I take my hands away and stare at William's blood on his clothes.Harry hides him properly so,when we get back home,the others will short him out."-Let's go and find the others Harry."he's distracted from his thoughts running in his confused mind."-Do you love Zayn?"he asks staring at William's body."-Did you like it when he kissed you and hugged you,was he more good then me?"our eyes meet full of tears to explode in seconds."-Then about the cure,this is not a favor,it's what i wish,i mean,i want you back as the old Summer Smith.Seeing you as a vampire is hot but it's like you needed to leave your normal life to do all this."he explains and i stay silent and calm.

"-Say something....."he begs nealry crying.Yeah the song,i love that song.

Say something,i'm giving up on you.

I'll be the one if you want me to,i will swallow my pride,

you're the one that i want and i'm saying goodbye.

Say something,i'm giving up on you,i'm sorry that i couldn't get to.

Say something....i'm giving up on you.

"-Zayn and i had a chat and were friends.Why don't you understand that you're the only one?!Why?!It was a farwell kiss,Harry.I'm not leaving you alone,i lost my father and brother and i only have you,Violet,my mum and the others.You all are my family now and always will be."i explains taking his hands in mine,he laughs and looks at our hands toghether."-Do you remember when i was your teacher?"i nod."-Do you know why i was your teacher?"i shake my head to say no."-Because from the first time i saw you,i couldn't stay away from you Sum.I needed to stay with you so,i thought tha being your teacher would be fantastic.You know,fucking you on my desk,looking at you during class."i raise an eyebrow and we both laugh.

"-And did you do it?"i ask stroking his cheek."-Well staring yeah but fucking you on my desk no,i was imagining it."he makse a cheeky smile and our lips meet for a warm kiss."-You have to take the cure."i say leaving our forgiveness kiss."-No.I don't want it."he says raising his hands in the air like he doesn't care."-Neither do i then."he rolls his eyes.
"-Don't start!"he warns.

"-Harry,Summer,you both need to come and help is!"Niall finds us and runs to join us.I scan his scared and pale face,he's trembling all and i take his hands to warm them up even if it isn't possible."-What's going on bro?!"Harry asks putting his hand on Niall shoulder."-Alice"i put my hands to my mouth and start to cry.

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