Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


30. Part 30

 Harry's P.O.V.

I quckly run to help Summer,when i reach her,her eyes are closed.I lean my ear to her heart and there's no beat.I tap her cheeks,i call her crying but no movement.

I bite my hand and let the blood run into her mouth.A vampire's blood helps the hurt and it makes the person come back to life.

"-Come on Sum,don't leave me,i'm sorry for being an idiot.You're right,sort out what you need to do and let's be a me and you again....please.."i beg crying on her neck.

"-What happend?"Alice runs closer to me with Klaus."-Sum,is dead,i gave her my blood,she won't wake up Al."she bends on her knees to hug me tight.

"-Don't worry,it's going to be ok.The boys are finding William.I will do the spell and Summer will return and then you will bite her."yeah,like it's easy to say but nothing to do,i shake my head without no hope in the world that she is going to wake up.

"-Sophie is comming to help us,you know about Louis and her.It's complicated."she adds turning to face Klaus.

I return to look at a beautiful girl in my arms with her eyes closed,i study every single part of her face.Her pink lips,long brown hair and her tiny nose.

My girl.

"-Ha....Harr....Harry!"i come back from my thoughts and hear Summer calling my name."-Summer,babe,are you ok?"she sits up and we both look at each other in the eyes.

Summer's P.O.V.

I scan his red wet eyes,he's been crying,oh you stupid,of course he's been crying,for you...for me..

An hour earlier we argued and now Harry is here,with me in the dark woods to save.

I thank him giving Harry a kiss on his cold lips,i then look around to see Alice and Klaus staring at us kissing like two teenagers.

"-What happend?"i turn to face Harry,he stands up and passes his hand in his brown curls."-Alice has an idea."he explains.

I turn to face Alice again,i stand up and go closer to her.She takes my hand and stares at the ring."-The boys are trying to catch William,i will do the spell with Sophie and you will become a vampire."when she explains for me it was like an order.

I nod and do as she says."-I will become a vampire but you call Sophie.This story is starting to bug me and seriously."i order too.

"-There's a problem,Louis and Sophie are talking still at home."i recive her sentence in my dizzy head and run to reach Louis and Sophie.

"-Where are you going?"Klaus asks shouting."-To resolve it."i raise my hands to say that it's obvious."-Do you think that William is resting?Do you think that you havd all the time in the world?Harry needs to bite you now Summer Smith."he points out Harry and then says my whole name.

"-Guys just see where the boys are and let's all meet here again ok?Tonight is when the fun starts."i do an evil smile because i can't wait to destroy once and for all William.I've always been waiting for this moment to see him suffer in front of my eyes.Him, that animal without a heart, he killed my father.......and be sure,he's going to pay suffering.


I run to Louis's apartment and knock on the door like a crazy girl.I wait and wait but i can only hear glass that falls on the floor.

I kick the door several times,they seem not to hear my noise from outside the door.I then decide to call their names and the noise stops all of a sudden.

"-Lou,Soph,we don't have enough time!Let me in and let's talk about it with a calm atmosphere,please Lou!"i beg banging on the door.

The door opens by itself,i look around the roomand see Sophie crying on the floor.I guess that she open the door with her magic.

"-Where's Lou?"she sobs and she can't speak for the pain."-He's in his room,he's angry and broke everything."she explains.

"-Ok you calm down.I will sort it ok?Just meet the others in the wood,so we will do the spell."she mods runnig out of the apartment.

"-Louis,open the door!"i knock on his bedroom door,i call his name with anger."-Just leave me alone!"he shouts back.

"-I'm not going anywhere without you Lou."i warn him nearly crying with him.

He finally opens the door,i scan his sad face for the many emotions that run to his mind right now.He loves her and it makes me think about how much Harry looks like Louis.

"-Do you want to talk about it?"i caress his fragile face full of tears dedicated for Sophie."-She told me that,she doesn't feel nothing and she loves Liam.I'm nothing for her Sum.What shall i do?!"Louis hugs me for the despair,i can't find a way to fix this problem of his heart.

"-I don't belive her cause she kissed me."my mouth falls wide open."-What?"i make him repeat his sentence shocked.

"-We both kissed and both wanted it."he repeats camling down his tears.

"-Listen,Sophie is confused and give her time.If she doesn't talk to you than you make the first move."he nods capturing every little word and wishing that there's a bit of hope in the words i use.

"-Ok."."-Let's go then."we both stand up and leave the apartment hand in hand.


Louis and i walk and talk at the same time of Violet, sport and music.Violet is with my mother,where she will stay safe, till this story about William is finnished.

I see Klaus speaking with Liam,certainly for the story of Sophie and Louis.Alice is getting ready along with Sophie, Niall is sitting with Harry and they are also talking about something.Harry raises his head up and gives me beautiful smile.Niall looks at me with his blue eyes like the sea.

"-Sum,we have to talk."Alice grabs my arm and takes me far from the others.I look back to see Harry following us behind,i stop and Alice takes a deep breath.

"-With the ring i can take your granny and the other people that died back to life."i raise an eyebrow."-What?!"she takes my hands.

"-I took Liam's book and i read it a big about your ring."she points with her eyes at the direction of the ring."-It's a spell that i need to do alone to take the others back."i hug her,the thought of seeing my father and Lucas again makes me smile.

"-Oh Al,i'm so happy but are you sure with what you will do?"i ask worried and she nods.Harry comes closer to us from behind a tall tree,Alice leaves us and Harry takes my hands.

"-Are you ready?"he asks leaving my hands and turning my back at him.His arms wrap my waits and i let my head go on his shoulder.

"-When you are Harry."our eyes meet.I see his canines turn into spikes like needles.I close my eyes and take a deep breath,my hands meet his and his teeth bite my neck.I scream for the pain,i fall on my knees and cover my bite with my trembling hand.

Harry kneels in front of me and takes my face in his hands cold as a vampire.I lift my eyes filled with terror and hug him as if it was our last.

"-Are you ok?"my hands are cold and my stomach growls for blood.I sniff if there is a human from which i want to suck blood because i'm hungry.

"-Let's hunt for food."he reads my mind smiling."-Good idea Harry."i give him a quick kiss on the lips.Harry takes me around New York and we stop at a nightclub full of people,the que ends nearly in the middle of the road.

"-I want blood not alchool or human food."i say shouting over the high music."-There are a lots of people,be my guest."he opens the back door of the club.

We go inside without being noticed by the guards,i see sweaty bodies dancing in pairs and others alone drinking whiskey."-Let's dance."he whispers in my ear.

I follow him on the dance floor,Harry looks at me and i try to read his mind."It's easy"he says talking with our minds.

"I don't know,i'm scared that people will see us."he laughs and turns me around slowly."-You see that girl dancing with his boyfriend?You bite her and i will have his boy."he orders.Harry pulls me closer to the couple, he goes behind the man and me behind the woman.We stay behind in silence and then boom, my teeth bites her warm delicate skin.
When i had enough of the woman's blood,i run fast in vampire mode to the bar.I order tequilla for me and Harry.Before William,i want to have fun first.I like to be a vampire and having an incredible force,i can break everything in here.Wow.

"-We have all the night for ourselfs."i say asking for an other drink."-This thing being a vampire has got into you,hasn't it?"i nod laughing.

Harry searches something in his pocket,i sit on the high chair and look at Harry talking on the phone."-Whi is it?"i ask taking Harry closer to me."-It's Alice."."-What does she want?"Harry asks me to wait a second."-What?"i ask again.

"-Zayn is in the woods with them and he wants to talk with you about something."i raise my eyebrown and ask a third tequilla."-I wonder what about."i say to myself."-He's was talking about a cure and he has it with him."he explains with a serious face.

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