Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


3. Part 3

Zayn comes after Alice in the kitchen and look confused."-I'm going.Is everything ok?"i nod and he gives me a kiss on the lips.

"-So do you wanna play truth or dare?"Harry asks looking at me.

"-It's going to be fun come on Summer!"Alice says and i look at Harry meeting his eyes.

"-Ok."i stand up with Harry behind,we all make a circle in front of the fire place.

I sit in between Alice and Harry,i can feel Harry's body next to me,it's cold and his face is pale from the first day i met him.I think he's a little strange and even after that question Zayn asked to Harry.

"-Who wants to start?"Alice asks.

"-Me!"Sally says,she turns the bottle and it goes to Nick.

"-Truth or dare?"he certainly chooses truth and Sally asks him to have four bottles of beer.

"-My go!"Jason shouts.

"-Truth or dare Molly?"she thinks and chooses dare.

"-Take your t-shirt off."when she does every boy whistles in the room except Harry,he's just looking at how stupid we are,i hope he doesn't make bad thoughts about us.

"-Truth or dare?"Louis asks me,he's Zayn's friend.

"-Truth?"i nearly ask.

"-Mmmh let me think!"he thinks.

"-Did you have sex with him yet?"i become red knowing that Harry is here too.

"-Just shut up Louis!You always ruin the game!"Alice defends me.Louis is a friendly boy but sometimes he doesn't know what he says sometimes.

Thank God the game finished well without nothing going on.All of our friends went home,i take Harry to the door to thank him about him comming to the party.

"-Thanks for comming."i thank him and he smiles.

"-It's ok.I liked your party."

"-I'm sorry for Louis."i become shy.

"-It's fine ,it's only a game."he explains.

"-I'll see you around then?"he says and i nod.

"-Bye and have a good sleep."he gives me a kiss on my cheek.I close the door finding Alice behind me smiling like a child."-What?"she rolls her eyes."-See what i mean?"i roll my eyes.

I wake up feeling Alice pushing me to wake me up,i look at her confused."-Wake up and come to next to the window!"i stand up making a fuss.

Alice says to be quiet and stand next to the window but not too much."-What?!"i ask and she winkes at me."-Look at Harry with no clothes on."we both look at the same direction,Harry is walking around the room with a towel after having a bath.

When he turns around to look outside the window,we hide on the floor laughing,i punch her arm playfuly.We both stand up looking at the window finding Harry looking at us,so we run down stairs laughing.

"-Did you actually see his face?He was red and shy!"i say quiet for Alice to hear.

"-He was so hot in only a towel on!"she says with a cheeky smile.

"-Do you think that we should go to his house to say sorry?"she nods and starts to go out and i stop her.

"-Wait we can't go like this Alice!"she rolls her eyes.

"-We have shorts on and a top."she says and i follow her outside.

We arrive at Harry's front door and ring the bell.We wait for a few seconds and then he opens the door still with the towel on.I daydream looking at him up and down."I know you like it"a voice in my head says.I come in to reality and look at him in the eyes."-We came to say sorry about earlier."Alice nods.

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