Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


26. Part 26

Wow,the snow is falling down from this morning and it's freezing outside.I look outside from the big window,New York is so beatiful under the white cold snow,i can see children playing with the snow.They are making snowmen and angels on the ground,it reminds me when dad used to take me and my brother Lucas,out in the snow.

My mum was always worried that we didn't cover ourselfs but we had two jumpers,a heavy coat and boots.I never put my hat and gloves on,i liked the snow that touched my skin.

My thoughts come to the present now,my bump is much more bigger and in a few days,our little baby Violet is comming to this world.
We decided that we will short things out after the birth,Alice and Klaus are on holiday in Manchester at Alice's parents.My dad and mum are staying here with us till things are shorted.

In a week,it will be Chirstmas again without Lucas,he was a happy boy on that day,i remember his smile when he saw the snow,the presents under the christmas tree.

He promised me that,he was always there for me and our parents,Lucas was never scared,he was friendly and handsome.

The boys and my parents always come to see us,to see me and Harry living in our new home.

"-Are you ok dear?"mum asks from behind me."-Yeah thanks.Where's Harry?"i ask looking around for him."-He's having a shower,me and your father are going out shopping ok?"my dad pops from the kitchen with his car keys.

"-If any problems call ok?"dad tells me,dad kisses my forehead and mum hugs me.I see them walking out of the apartment,i think of something to do.

"-Sum,i was searching for you."Louis explains."-Why?What's up?"Louis takes out from behind his back a bar of chocolate.

"-I wondered if you would like to share this with me before Niall gets his hands on it."i laugh and grab the bar of chocolate.

"-What are you two doing?"Harry storms in our chat,his wet hair makes water drop on his way to us,he has only a towel on.

"-Ehm.....nothing!"i make sigh to Louis to go in the kitchen."-Are you sure?"Harry gets closer to put his arms to my waist.I try to hide the chocolate behind me but Harry grabs it with in seconds.

"-So you want to play huh?"he asks whispering in my ear."-I'm sorry Mr.Styles for being a little devil."we both laugh.

"-Me and Louis wanted to eat chocolate.".

"-Before Niall comes?"he already guesses the reason.

"-You really know everything,don't you?!"i laugh and Harry nods.

"-Louis!I'll leave the chocolate on the sofa ok?"Harry shouts taking my hand."-What are you doing?"he walks me in our bedroom,Harry shuts the door.

"-Were going out today."he says choosing a t-shirt to go with his black jeans.I pick up a white t-shirt and Harry nods handing him the t-shirt.

"-Good choice."he compliments."-Always."i wink at him crossing my legs.I stay still for a second and sit on the bed,i put a hand on my belly.Violet is moving.

"-Harry,come quick!Violet is moving!"Harry rushes over to me,i take his hand and lean it to my tummy.Harry smiles at the contact with the baby's body kicking me with joy.

"-In a few days,she will be in our arms babe."i nod taking Harry's hand.

"-Where are you taking me?"Harry has a cheeky smile on his face."-A walk in the city?"he proposes."-Sure."i put my sandles on and try to stand up with my big bump.

I catch Louis eating the whole chocolate bar and his face is all brown for it.He sends me a smile waving the last piece to me."-Thanks."he hands me the little piece.

"-Going out?"Harry pops out with the noise of the car keys."-Were are you taking my sister in law?"Louis asks getting up.

"-A walk in the city."i says.

Harry made me a big suprise,i still remember the first time i saw this apartment.It's next to Harry's old apartment,so the boys and Alice can have more space because if we were still there with the baby,they wouldn't sleep like us.

It's very big,when you enter,there's a corridor that takes you to the main room,livingroom with all modern furniture.The kitchen is in a big room with a square table for big dinners or launch with the guys.

Our bedroom is normal size and the windows of this apartment are big like the old one.Harry knows i like it and this is the best part of the house i really like,the view of New York city.

There are two bedroom guests and one private bathroom for us and one for the others.Then there's a special room,Violet's room.

The walls are light purple,teddy bears all on the floor that Alice and the others buyed for the baby and the furniture is white.


After an hour walking hand in hand,we decide to have a hot drink.The snow is falling all around us,children playing in the snow,it's the season.Joy,love and friendship.

"-What shall i order for you guys?"the waitress asks us but for the few minutes always having her eyes on Harry.

"-I would like a capuccino and mango juice please."i say tapping my hands on the table.I make the woman see the ring that Harry gave me.

I can't belive were gettin married,i'm going to be the woman of his life and Harry is going to be the perfect handsome man for mine.

"-I'll take a dark coffee thanks."Harry eyes me strangly."-Oh i forgot,i'd like a chocolate muffin too thanks."i raise my finger to the woman.

I wait for the waitress to go,so i can talk to Harry.He sits laying his back on the chiar,i cross my arms like i'm angry."-Ok Mrs.Styles,what's wrong?"he already knows that something buged me?Wow!

"-Yeah,that woman was looking at you and only you."i make noise with my finger on the wood table."-Oh yeah i love her,she so beautiful...."he says with his hand on his heart.

"-WHAT?"i shout and everybody in the room looks at my action."-Don't be stupid!I'm only joking babe."he sures me taking my hand.

"-I just can't wait to put my hands on you again."i blush at his words."-So,when Violet is born,you will bite me yeah?"i ask hi to be sure of his decision."-Yeah,but Zayn,i can't belive it that it's his uncle!"he raises his hands above his head.

"-In fact,i knew that Zayn wouldn't do something horrible like this."i explain."-I remember,the first day at school,i sat next to him and he had black glasses on.I was shy and he started to talk to me.We went for walks,shopping and concerts toghether,untill that day he kissed me."i add with a bit of trembling in my voice.

I put my arms on the table and let a tear escape from my eye.I wipe the tear before the tear runs on my cheeck.The waitress storms next to us taking us the hot drinks and the chocolate muffin i ordered the last minute.

"-Something else guys?"oh God!Her eyes are on Harry again,Harry eyes me trying to calm me down.The waitress looks at my expression and turns serious.

"-Is everthing ok?"she asks."-Don't worry,my wife is emotional for the baby,you know whe women are pregnant....."he explains lies to cover my real sadness.

"-I know,my sister was like this when she had a baby boy,Jason,but that's the most beautiful thing in your life."she cheers me up.

"-Thanks."i nearly say letting tears run my cheeks."-Is it a girl or a boy?"she asks."-A girl."Harry replys handing me some paper to wipe my tears."-Violet."i add.

"-Very nice name.By the way,i'm Sophie."she shakes my hand and Harry's."-I'm Harry and this is Summer."i love her american accent.

"-Where are you from?"i ask looking at her blode long hair that touches all her back."-San Fransisco.The way you talk you must be from England right?"we both nod.

"-I must go and take other orders,it was nice meeting you Summer and Harry."i wave at her smiling as she runs the a table with new clients.

"-She's friendly."Harry points out."-I'm tired."i finish my muffin and drink the two drinks.

Harry goes to pay,i stay still seated on the chair looking at Sophie cleaning some tables up.Our eyes meet and she comes closer to me.

"-Already going?"she asks with two rubbish bags in her hands."-Yeah,i'm tired and i have to catch up with some sleep."i explain rubbing my tummy.

"-When is Violet comming to the world?"she smiles pointing out my tummy."-In two days."i nod speaking.

"-Can i have your phone number?"i nod handing her my mobile."-Her you go,i'll call you sometime to see if you woluld like to go out a bit."she hands me my mobile.

"-Thanks."she looks at her watch and looks back at me."-I'm done here,see you around Summer."we both wave and i see her go to the changing rooms.

"-Let's go."Harry takes my hand.

When we arrive home,i hear voices in the livingroom,laughing and playing on my wii.Harry throws the keys on the table next to the phone.I walk behind Harry,Liam and Niall are playing Super Mario Chart.Louis is on his ipad,don't ask me because i don't know what's he looking at,dad is reading the news paper.

They all look at us but Liam and Niall are still playing."-Ashley is preparing dinner,we all wanted to have a good time with you and Harry."dad explains drinking some wine.

"-How was the walk?"Louis asks never leaving his eyes on the ipad."-Goo thanks."mum comes out from the kitchen with some bags of chips,she throws the packs to Liam and Niall who thanks her.

"-Wow,you look both tired!"she starts,here we go."-Mum!"i warn her.She is so protective and always worried."-You musn't do things,you will have the baby in two days dear!'she pats my shoulder and pats Harry's cheek.

"-Oh my God!"Harry takes my hands while everyone comes closer to me."-My waters have broke!"i shout for the pain.

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