Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


25. Part 25

"-Never!"he spits,i grab his arm and turn him around to face him."-Please,Harry,i want my father back."a knock at the door makes me jump.Alice goes to open it,i turn around to hear a knowing voice,my mum.

"-Ashley,how are you?"Alice asks taking her bags.

"-Mum..."i stop in the middle of the room,staring at her pale face."-What happend?"Klaus asks getting closer to mum."-Who are you?"mum asks looking at the other boys."-This is Klaus,Liam,Louis,Niall and Harry."Alice presents the boys by pointing them one by one.

"-What's wrong?"i ask again."-Zayn called me,he was asking if i was ok and where i was,then two men came and broke into my house,i ran away and got into my car.I got the first flight to New York."she explains without breath.

"-Did they hurt you?"Harry storms into our talk."-No.They were vampires,i think they wanted to kill me.I called your dad and no response.Do you know were he is dear?"she faces me with scared eyes.

"-Zayn has dad,he wants to kill him."she puts her hands to cover her trembiling mouth,mum already knows what i'm refering to."-Zayn is going to kill him because your father killed his?He can't!Zayn's father killed my baby,my son,he will pay!"i see with the corner of my eyes,Harry storming out of the livingroom.

"-I'm going to sort it out mum."i say it,so she can calm down."-Why don't you tell her about that?"Liam asks and i roll my eyes to him."-Mum,i'm pregnant."my mum nearly faints on the floor,we both hug for the happiness.

"-Is it a girl or a boy?"she touches my tummy.

"-A girl."i say.

After an hour,my mum is settled in Alice's room,Alice and Klaus share the boy's room for a few days or weeks.I decide to leave Harry alone and to not talk with him.The day is going to come,when he will say to bite me.

I know he will,i know Harry.

A week passes,me and Harry didn't have a short chat yet,he doesn't look into my eyes anymore.My tummy is revealing a small bump,today is the day that i'm going to have my second scan to check the little girl inside me.

You know what?!Harry is right,Louis was under a kind of Zayn's spell,Harry is right by calling me a Stupid Little Girl.

I go in the kitchen to have breakfast,i see Alice and Klaus laughing about something,Mum and Liam reading a book,Liam told my mum about all this story.Louis drinking blood,i go up to Louis and tap his shoulder.

Louis looks up at me suprised,i give him a smile and he taps his leg to let me sit down on his leg.When i sit down,everyone in the room looks at us.We both hug tight,i give Louis a kiss on the cheeck.

"-I'm sorry,it wasn't your fault,it's because my father isn't here with me and mum.Sorry."i cry and Louis wipes the tears from my eyes."-It's ok."he smiles."-What time shall we go Sum?"Alice asks.

"-Now."i say getting my bag."-I'll go with Summer."Harry storms in the kitchen with red eyes."-You don't have to."i say,his eyes look at the floor."-It's about my daughter were talking about."he points my tummy.

"-Are you sure?"Alice asks."-Don't worry,i'm going with Summer and Harry."my mum offers."-Thanks Mrs.Smith."Harry says,my mum takes his hand in his."-Ashley."she reminds him.

"-So,are we going?"i ask Harry and he nods.

Harry parks in the parking lot next to a black audi.Harry takes his seatbelt off and looks at mum.She understands the meaning of it and explains that she will start to go in.

Harry holds tight the wheel and takes out a deep breath,i see Harry scared,worried and sad."-I'm sorry."i cross my arms like a little girl.

"-Harry,i'm yours i understand that but if you won't bite me,then Klaus will do it."he puts a finger to my mouth to say shut up and let me talk.

"-Apart from that,i'm sorry for calling you that name."finally after a week,our eyes meet and a fire inside me turns on again for the smile on Harry's lips.

"-Harry,kiss me."i need him now,our lios crash like it is our first kiss,i missed his cold lips with my warm ones."-I would do more but we can't."i smile and give him an other kiss.

"-I would cut that dress and fuck you in my car."he explains.My face turns red,i look at the ring and with the corner of my eyes,Harry looks at the ring too.

"-I was thinking,that mabye i will bite you but i will help you too,got it?"he warns."-Yes sir."Harry's hands travel under my short dress.

"-Harry not now."i point the people staring at us in the car and he nods.

"-By the way...."he begins."-Did you think of any name yet?"he asks."-Yeah you?"he nods."-Violet."we both say,we both laugh and get out of the car.

"-We got a lot in common Miss Smith."i take Harry's hand.

We returned home happy,Violet is going well,the doctore showed us her little hands and head.Alice opens the door and makes me sit on the sofa.Mum carries a lots of bags because Harry offered us to go shopping,while he went to do something,he didn't tell me.

Me and mum buyed pretty clothes and shoes,we bought a expensive pink and white dress for a special occasion.I show Alice every thing we got and we talked about the room for Violet.Alice asked to see the ecografhy,which i happily showed her.

"-Me and Harry decided to call her Violet."Alice claps and jumps around the room.Klaus calls mum and Alice to come in the kitchen to talk.They leave me on the sofa,sorting the baby clothes out nicely.

I go in our room and put the baby clothes in my wardrobe,i lay on the bed to have a five minutes rest but it was impossible.

"-Sum,there's a suprise for you."Alice whispers sneeking from the door.I roll my eyes and Alice helps me to sit up.I look at her happy eyes,i stand up and walk in the livingroom.

"-Hey Harry,where were you?"i ask,Harry hugs me and i kiss him on the lips."-What's going on?"i ask,mum's facevis exploding joy.

"-I buyed a house not far from this one,for us and Violet."he explains playing with his hands in his pocket jeans."-I've buyed the furniture and were moving tomorrow."he adds nervous.

"-Why?The baby has still a few months Harry."i say."-I'm doing this because there's an other suprise."he takes a little box out from his pocket and bends down in front of me.

"-Harry...."my voice trembles for the emotion,Harry takes my hand and shows me the dimond ring.Beautiful.

"-Would you have the oner to become my wife?"i stay for a few seconds lost in Harry's green eyes."-Yes Yes Yes Yes!"i shout four times,Harry slides the beautiful ring on my slim finger.

"-And Harry has an idea."Louis says."Yep."mum adds."-The baby is going to be born at Christmas time right?So,we thought that,Harry and us guys will save your dad.When you will have the baby,you can finally become a vampire and destroy Zayn."Louis explains wetting his lips.

"-Yeah sure.I want my future husband to be careful."i say to Louis but looking at Harry still bent in front of me.

"-We will go tonight."Klaus orders."-But were moving tomorrow."i remind Klaus."-If were not back for the morning,Alice will stay with you in our new house."Alice nods.

"-The problem is that,i don't know where we live,Harry."Alice takes out a piece of paper from her pocket."-Your husband wrote me tge address."she explains handing me the address.

"-You two have to stop making suprises,one day you will give me a heart attack!"i warn them and thet laugh.

"-I'll go and rest a bit,the walking with mum was a bit a torture."mum laughs and comes closer to me."-Only for Violet."i roll my eyes.

I go in my room and lay down,finally i rest and close my tired eyes.The pregnancy is killing me,my feet are like feet pigs,they hurt so bad.

"-Summer!"mum shouts from the livingroom,i try to open my eyes."-Dad's back!"i sit up and run to the others.

"-DAD!"i scream,all blood on his suite,his eyes are closed and his breathing is normal,that's what i think."-He needs my blood."Harry bites his hand and poors his own blood in a glass cup.

Harry hands the cup to Alice,dad drinks it saying something about the drink.Harry stares at me anad smiles,i go to him and hug Harry tight to make him know that i missed him.

Did i sleep all day?What tine is it?I look outside the window,it's morning.Wow.

"-Are you ok dear?"mum asks worried for his condition."-I'm sorry.Yeah ok thanks.Where's Summer?"i run to dad,i bend myself in front of him and give him a kiss on his forehead.

"-There's something you need to know,i mean all of you!"he points out."-What dad?"i ask worried."-It's not Zayn,his uncle is possessing his mind."he explains,we all looks at each other.

How is that possible?For how long?

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