Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


24. Part 24

"-Louis please!"Alice begs him."-She killed my father and she will die!"he shouts looking in my eyes.

"-You wouldn't do this to Summer,your possessed by Zayn,it's not you doing this bro!"Klaus explains.Louis finally turns around to facd Alice and Klaus.

"-That bitch killed my father!"he repeats pointing at me with anger."-Summer didn't kill him,Lou,it was her father."Alice explains with a sweet voice.

"-Because your father killed my brother."i add with a serious voice."-Shut up!"Louis shouts.

"-Louis,don't do it ok?"Klaus warns.Louis comes closer to me and i can hear his breathing on my face,his lips travel down my neck and his hands block my arms to the wall.

"-You're going to die like my father did."he shouts.

"-No you're not!"Harry shouts comming behind Louis,he falls on the floor sleeping and i run to hug Harry.

"-Why did you kill him?"i ask.

"-I didn't.It's just to keep him calm,were taking him home."Harry explains."-And Zayn?"Klaus asks.

"-Ran away when Liam and Niall came to help me."Harry adds.

Alice takes my hand as we leave the little wood house in the dark forest.Harry puts Louis on his shoulders back home,Klaus stay in guard at the back with Harry,so if Zayn decided to came and see us again,he would have a suprise.

"-Hey guys!"Liam and Niall joins us.

"-I think it's time.I will become a vampire to kill Zayn and save my dad."i explain to the others.

"-Your not doing anything,yout expecting my girl inside you,if something would happen to you,i'd never forgive myself,so don't insist!"Harry says with a serious tone of voice.

"-The propechy!"i remind Harry."-She's right!"Klaus interrupts."-Your not on my side?"Harry asks.

"-Harry,we understand about staying safe and stuff but Summer needs to do this with Klaus and Alice."Liam says.

"-What do you think Al?"Harry asks her."-I don't like the idea....but i'm on Summer's side,sorry Hazza"Alice raises her hands to the air.

"-I won't bite you."Harry spits."-If you're not going to,Klaus will,aren't you Klaus?"i stare at Klaus with a helping face,hoping he will say yes.

"-Yeah,if Harry doesn't mi...."Harry cuts off by looking bad at me."-No.You won't."he shouts.

"-Sorry mate."Klaus says."-My brother can be very possessive sometimes."Niall explains.Harry turns to look at Niall and raises his middle finger to him.

"-Don't worry,i still will be a vampire."i say having my head high.Harry passes Louis to Klaus,he rushes behind me and the others look at us.

"-We will catch up,keep walking,me and my girl have to talk about important things,don't we love?"i make a cheeky face and Harry holds his grip at my waist.

"-Can't you two talk at home?"Niall asks but Harry kills him with his angry eyes."-Ok sir!"Niall jokes.

We wait till the others are a bit far,i turn around with Harry's lips inches from mine.I bite my bottom lip because Harry likes it.I let my finger stop on his chest,with my other hand,i travel under his t-shirt.

I go to his ear to whisper something."-What do you want to talk about?"i whisper."-Never mind."it's like he resists from something that gives him pleassure,his hands go to my back and kisses me crashing his lips onto mine with passion.

"-I think we need to go."i say,i see Harry like a little boy,when his mother takes away his favourite toy.

When we arrive home,Harry and the boys go to Klaus's bedroom,i look at Alice following them behind.I follow too,i see Louis on Alice's king size bed tied up to the bed.

"-Are you ready babe?"Klaus asks Alice."-To do what?"i storm in the room."-To take away Zayn's mind from Louis's mind."Klaus explains,i sit on the floor watching Alice saying strange words that i never heard before.Is it Latin?A witch language?

Louis,suddenly opens his eyes and shouts for help.Harry bends down to say to Louis that it's going to be ok.Alice goes closer to Louis's face and poors in some linquid from a small bottle.

"-What's that?"i ask looking at Louis drinking."-It's to keep him strong,because when a vampire enters in an other vampire's head,they have a role of being possessive,they make the victim weak."Alice explains and i nod to every important word.

"-Lou,how do you feel?"Harry asks,Liam helps Louis to sit up.Louis rubs his forehead and looks around the room."-What happend?"Louis asks confused.Did he lost his mind?

"-What's the last thing you remember?"Klaus asks Louis with a worried voice.Something isn't going right here.

"-When Zayn came here to talk with you."he says."-He's been in your mind."i explain and his eyes meet mine.I doubt,Louis doesn't remember that he nearly killed me to death.

"-Do you remember the last thing you did?!"i ask turning my voice high."-No,why?"his face looks inocent like an angel.

"-You nearly killed me!"i say crying,i storm out of my room and close the bedroom door with the lock of mine.

I cover myself in bed,making the pain going away,Louis tried to kill me,my dad is with Zayn and Zayn wants to kill me.

What a life!

"-Summer open the door!"Harry shouts from the other side."-Summer,i'm sorry but i wasn't me."Louis explains.

"-But before Zayn would be possessive on you,you wanted to kill me."i shouts and no voices.I couldn't hear Harry or Louis.

"-I know but i never wolud of do it.Trust me please,forgive me."Louis speaks again.I open the door and take a step closer to Louis,Harry tries to grab my arm but i pull his grip away.

"-Never."i spit with a cold voice.Louis remains there,staring at me with the only word said with a scary tone in my voice.

"-Will you forgive me in the future?"he whispers and i shake my head to say no."-Why don't stop acting like a stupid little girl!"Harry says with an angry tone.

"-Your on his side,aren't you?"i look at Harry with mad eyes,like i want to kill him.Why is he acting like this?A stupid little girl?!Who does he think he is?Superman or Mr.I'm at Louis's side?!

I walk in the kitchen,i find Liam reading a book and i sit in front of him with a cup of tea.Liam looks up at me with a small smile which i do the same to him.

"-Why were you arguing with Harry?"he asks after that five minutes of silence."-I said that i won't forgive Louis and Harry said that i'm a stupid litttle girl,so i got angry and told him that he's on Louis's side."i explain taking a sip of tea.

"-Remember,it wasn't Louis."i cut Liam off."-Yeah but remember,before that,when he knew,he wanted to kill me."Liam raises an eyebrow.

"-He would never kill you Sum."i shake my head and laugh."-I don't belive him,i understand that he's angry but i didn't kill his father."i take the book from Liam's hands and read the title of the book.

"-The stories of the past vampire?"i read out loud and Liam nods."-My mother gave it to me when i was a child.It's a book where you can find stories and propechys."he explains walking around the room.

I go to the bookmark,where he left the sign,Liam is reading about a propechy."-Why are you...."Liam comes closer to me,he sits on the edge of the table to look in my eyes.

"-Do you remember when Klaus told you about the propechy?"i nod."-Well,my mum told it a bit different,Klaus told it wrong to you."i make a confused face.

"-So i looked up for this propechy and read it."i look at the page and start reading."-Do you want me to tell you?"i roll my eyes,i don't have patience to read at the moment.

"-When this girl,Spring,kills Vinci,the bad one,she needed the second witch."he begins."-Yeah,Klaus told me that it was someone from heaven that protected her."i cut off.

"-It's not like that.Spring had this ring that you have now on.This second witch wasn't in heaven but needed to return on earth to help Sprig to kill the bad vampire Vinci,who wanted her blood but he lied about loving her."he stops to wet his lips.

"-So the first witch,Meradith,with the ring,brought to life a dead person that Spring loved in all her life."Alice comes storming in the kitchen.

"-Does she know?"she asks and Liam nods."-All of us knows now."Alice makes a fake smile."-Who was it that came back to life?"i ask wondering the continue of the story.

"-Her mother wasa witch."Alice says.

"-Are you sure to do this,Al?"i ask but she has a worried face."-I am but you have to."i take a deep breath."-Let's call the others and decide the plan ok?"Liam asks to us and we both nod.

I sit on the armchair looking at the view of New York,i imagine all the people walking down on the streets and me on the top,guarding every single movement of the city.New York,i liked it,a artistic and modern city.

"-What's up?"Niall asks with a mouth full of ice-cream."-We need to decide about the plan,the first step that know even Summer knows the real story."Liam begins.

"-Have you got any ideas?"i ask them but they all stay silent."-I was thinking of becoming a vamipre and then Alice could do this spell with the ring.What do you guys think?"i take one hand to my tummy.

"-I think it horrible.Your pregnant!You can't fight!"Harry shouts pointing straight to our baby.

"-I don't talk with those that aren't on my side."Alice rolls her eyes and comes between us."-What's going on?"i walk to the big windows to see the city of New York under my feet.

"-Nothing."Harry spits.

"-Harry,Summer is right,we will be there with her,she will be safe but without her,Zayn is still going to find Summer."Louis interrups.

"-First,i want to be a vampire and second,when i go to Zayn,i don't want you and Louis with me.Got it?!"i look at Harry pointing to him and Louis.

"-See!Your acting like a stupid little girl!"he remembers me but i kill him with my eyes.

"-If you won't do it,then Klaus will."Harry looks at Klaus and then Liam."-No one will touch you,you're mine,your skin,your lips,your hands,i mean your whole body is my propity.Got it?"he warns.

"-So.....will you bite Summer?"Klaus asks,they all look at Harry for a reply.Harry stands there looking at me with his scary black eyes.

"-So?"i add.

Please.Say yes.Please,if you say yes,Zayn won't be a problem anymore.We could live free and my dad would be fine.Please Harry,i love you to bits,please.

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