Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


23. Part 23

"-Your pregnant."Alice cuts off the doctor.I sit up and join my legs to my chest to keep warm.The doctor says goodbye and leaves the room,Niall goes to Alice whispering something,she then sits by my side hilding my hands into hers.

"-What shall i do?"i ask shocked.

"-Aren't you happy about the baby?"Alice raises an eyebrow and i nod.

"-What is it then?"she adds.

"-I'm worried about dad,Harry,Liam and Klaus.If something happend to them,Alice?"i hug Alice crying into her chest.

"-Don't worry,you need to stay here and rest ok?You have a baby inside you sweety,Harry will be over the moon,happy!"Alice takes my face in her hands.

"-No,i won't tell him!"i warn.

"-Why?"Alice sits up and listens carefuly.

"-I need to make the propechy alive again,we can destroy Zayn,if Harry knows,he won't let me."i explain.

"-Hey girls,the boys are back!"Niall informs at the door.

"-Listen to me,you're like a sister to me and you have to tell him.What are you going to say to Harry,when your tummy grows?!"OH I AM GETTING FAT THATS ALL"?!"Alice jokes and we both laugh.

"-I'll tell him when it's all over."i promise,Alice takes my hand to go were the boys are.

I have a great smile plasted on my face,the thought of being pregnant,having a baby,Harry becoming a dad,there are so much suprises.I turn my head up and see the boys looking at me.

"-Where's dad?"i ask looking around the room.

"-We didn't find him."Klaus explains.

"-We will continue tomorrow."Liam adds.

"-Where's Harry?"i ask.

"-He continued to find him,he's stil in the forest."i put my hands to my mouth.I run in my room and get my coat,i put my black boots for when it rains.I cover my belly with love,so the baby won't get cold in the forest.

"-Where are you going?"Alice asks following me to the front door.

"-To find Harry."i say cold.

"-You can't go!"Alice shouts pointing my belly.

"-She's right!"Liam says.

"-No,if something hapened to him,i won't loose him,i love Harry."i cry and open the door.

"-You can't go you're pregnant!"Niall shouts then putting his hands on his face for what he said."-Pregnant?"Klaus repeats with low voice and i nod.

"-When did you know?"Klaus asks."-Today."Alice says with her face looking at the floor.

"-What did he say about the baby?"Liam asks.

"-It's a girl."Alice says.

"-Does Harry know yet?"Klaus asks looking deep in my eyes.

"-No,i won't till it's all finished ok?"i explain rolling my eyes.

"-Don't go,please,think of your baby!"Alice shouts crying,she grabs my arm but i pull away.I face all of them in the room and turn around to go,Alice calls me a couple of times but i don't look,a tear runs down my cheek.

What i'm thinking about now?Harry.My only thought.I need him i my arms.Again.I love him.Love.

I walk through the dark forest,i look around and see high trees blowing with the cold wind.It's autumn.A lovely season.I hear birds sing along with the other birds,making music as i walk alone,well not really alone,with my baby in my body.

I hold my tummy,so the baby keeps warm and helps me stay strong.

Harry's P.O.V.

I've walked the whole day and still nothing that takes me to Summer's dad.I'm not going back home till i find that man,Liam saw a tiny wood house.

We went in there,i found broken glass on the floor and fresh blood.Klaus thought that it wasn't them,i will kill Zayn but not my brother,Louis.

Louis can be by his side but i won't kill him,he's confused and for sure,under Zayn's possession that made Louis do this.
My brother is angry,i can understand that,we all are,i think that he needs my help to understand.

Zayn is making his plan work:he wants all my family to hate me and so he can kill Summer.I won't let him do this,he's hurting Summer by kidnapping his father.

It's nearly dark time,so i sit on the ground and lean my head on the tall tree.I close my eyes for a second and then open them again by the ringing of my mobile.

Who can it be?

I look at the lighting screen on my mobile,it's Alice,i think she wants to know if i found Mr.Smith.

"-Hello?"i say.

"-Harry?Thank God!"Alice seems worried on the phone,oh God what hapened now?!

"-What's wrong?"i ask worried,i stand up and look at the tree i was leaning a few minutes ago.

"-Summer is comming to find you in the woods!She's pregnant and i said she needed to rest and....Harry?"she asks but i stay quiet to the sentence she just said through the phone.She's pregnant.

Oh no!That's what i forgot!To use a fucking condom!What the fuck?!

"-Harry?"she calls again and i come back to life.

"-When did she know?"i ask.

"-Today."she says with a scared voice.

"-It's a girl."she adds.

"-When did she leave?"i ask searching for more information to use.

"-Just a few minutes ago."i imagine Summer with my baby running to find me in the cold dark forest.I stay there thinking but then Zayn comes to mind.

If Zayn finds her before me?He will kill her!I made her a promise and i will keep it.

"-I'll find her.Thanks Alice."i close the call and begin to run were i passed this morning with the boys.

Summer's P.O.V.

It's late and already dark,i don't even now for how long i've been walking.My bones start to hurt like my tummy.I shout Harry's name a few times but nothing.

I can only hear owls talking in their language,i look at their yellow eyes in the dark.I look at my mobile to call him but it's dead.

I fell on the ground for a stupid animal on me,so i broke my mobile sitting on it.Isn't that lovely?

"-HARRY!"i shout but no call,i put my hands to my face and cry.

"-SUMMER!"i hear a few seconds later,i wipe my tears and follow the voice.

"-HARRY!Where are you?"i shout.

"-SUMMER HERE!Follow my voice!"i run to Harry's voice.I spot a figure in the dark and call Harry again.Harry turns around and we both run to each other.I hug him tight and i give him a lots of kisses everywhere,on his lips,face,neck chest and hands.I do that to make sure i'm not dreaming.

"-Don't do it again ok?"Harry warns me with a serious look.

"-I love you Harry."i say crying into his chest.

"-Alice called me......"he begins."-She told me that you have my daughter in your tummy."he explains taking his hand on my belly.I put my hand on his and he rubs up and down my belly.

"-I found out today,i'm sorry but i wanted to tell you when it is all over.Sorry,please forgive me."i beg him crying.

"-It's ok."he says kissing me on my cold lips."-Your trembling."he takes his jacket off and covers me.

"-Aren't you cold?"i ask walking by his side."-I'm a vampire remember?"he jokes and we both laugh.

"-Why didn't you reply to my calls?"i take out my mobile to show him and he laughs."-I'll buy you a new one."he says taking my hand in his.

"-So?Any news of my dad yet?"i ask with a little hope of finding him.

"-No."he says cold.

"-Oh look who we have here!"we both turn around and see Zayn and Louis.

"-What a suprise!"Zayn jokes.

"-Where's my father?!"i shout.

"-He's safe with my friends."Zayn explains."-We take good care of him."Louis adds.

"-You bastard!"Harry runs to grab Zayn's neck but Zayn with his string arms pushes Harry on the ground."-Get her!"Zayn shouts to Louis.

"-Summer run!Now!"Harry shouts, i run as fast as i can to call help,Louis calls me names because he can't get me,i run to this little wood house.I look behind,Louis isn't here,he can't catch me.

I enter in this small wooden house and search for light.Nothing.I open the ripped curtains for some light of the moon,i hear knocking on the door,i close the door with the lock and find something sharp.

"-Open up bitch!"Louis shouts.Louis goes round the little house and breaks the small window,i shout for help,no one hearing me,Louis jumps in and comes closer to me.

"-you think you can beat me with running?"he asks,i point a piece of glass to him and he laughs.

"-What do you think you will do with that you silly little girl?!"Louis asks pointing at the piece of glass.

I don't say a word,i look at his deep black angry eyes,i take a step closer to him and take his hand.He looks at our hands joining and he looks at me.

"-My sorry,i feel stupid,angry and sad."i explain crying.Louis doesn't say word.He pushes me to the wood wall and grabs my arms.

Louis takes out his vampire teeth and he's ready to bite me.

"-I think that you mustn't do that,Louis!"i hear a voice behind Louis,he keeps his eyes on me never looking back.

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