Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


22. Part 22


"-Let's have dessert now!"he whispers in my ear and we both stand up holding hands."-I hope that Alice and Klaus are ok."i say.I walk behind Harry and pass next to Alice's and Klaus's room.We stop in front of the door hearing Alice moaning Klaus's name,i take my hand to my moth to stop laughing.

"-They matched up again."Harry sayspointing the door."-Why did they argue?"i ask.

"-Alice didn't tell you?"he passes his hands in my curly hair,making me move closer to him,so i look in to his deep green eyes.

"-No.She only said that he's an idiot,bastard,stupid and....let me think....beutiful and dangerous."i make a list of things,Alice always talked about him from the time he came here in New York.

Alice loves him and every now and then,they give themselfs looks.

"-They are not the only ones to have fun tonight."he whispers in my ear,i take his face in to my hands and print a kiss on his pink lips.

I jump on Harry, leaving me heat all over my body for his passionate kiss on my lips.I leave his lips to trace a path of kisses along his pale neck, my vagina feels his erection hard and ready to excite me.
I scream his name near his mouth and he squeezes me as if he doesn't want to leave me.Harry's kiss looks like a farewell kiss, his tongue asks for permission to enter and i obviously i accept with pleasure.

"-Let me have pleassure Harry!"i whisper in his ear.He takes me in our room bridal style and closes the door with his foot.

Harry quickly undresses and gets my attention by the way i bite in a seductive mode my lower lip with my teeth.His eyes turn red and his hands turn me on with my body under his,i take off my jeans and tank top, wearing only underwear coordinated colour black.It makes him go crazy,when he sees it, he bites my neck to make it clear that i'm only his and no one else.

An action of possessiveness.

"-What do you want Sum?"his fresh breath touches my sweaty cheek."-You!"i beg shouting without breath.

Without warning, Harry penetrates my sex with decision.I lift my back holding on to Harry's bear back with my nails,i moan his name as he goes faster and faster like he's in a car race.

Wow having sex with a vampire is so bloody hot!Especialy with Harry.My vampire.My boy.Special boy.

For this lovely moment,i leave my thoughts behind and welcome the pleassure with Harry,in bed alone.

"-It's my turn."i whisper seductively in his ear and he raises and eyebrow."-What's on your mind?"he asks."-Suprise."i laugh quietly.

I sit on his naked body and feel his erection getting hard with te touch of my vagina,like a conection,a special one.

I move my hips helped by Harry guiding me with his hands,i enter inside his and in a few minutes i have an orgasm.

Harry pushes me on the bed and kisses my lips so strong and hard,my fingers touch his brown curls.We both stop to take breath,we look at each other in the eyes and smile.

"-Good night Princess."i give him a kiss on the lips."-Good night blood sucker!"we both laugh and lay down on the bed.
Harry invites me in to his arms which i accept.After a few minutes,we fall asleep having good dreams.

I wake up turning around to see Harry but he's not in bed.I look around the room,no sight of him.I get up and drag myself in the livingroom to find him,i see Alice in Klaus's arms watching tv.

"-Hi guys.Have you seen Harry?"i ask."-He needed to go to get some food but he said that he will be here in a few minutes."Klaus explains.

I sit on the armchair and stare at Alice,she is finaly happy but i want to know why they broke up.Alice is a strange girl sometimes,she never tells you what she's up to.

"-Are you comming with us?"i breake the silence in the room."-No,we want to stay alone,we will join you later."Klaus says.

"-Where is the vampire taking you?"Alice jokes."-Shopping i think?I don't know."i put my hand in on my head and Alice stamps a kiss on Klaus's lips.

"-Sum,you better come and see this quick!"Liam shouts behind us.We all look at ourselfs and stare at Liam shirtless with only his boxers on.

We follow Liam in the main bathroom and i nearly hurt myself with something sharp on the bathroom floor.I put my hands to my mouth and fall in panic."-Who did this?!"i ask.

"-I don't know but come and see this!"he points at the mirror all covered in blood.It says something,it's a message for me because there's my name at the end.


"-Harry is going to be mad!"Alice shouts holding Klaus's hand in hers."-We need to do something,i'll go and find my dad."i make my way out but Liam stops me.

"-We will go."Harry says with a deep serious voice.

"-Harry!"i run to his arms and cry hard hard till he lifts my chin up to look at him."-Don't worry,we will find him."he explains with a different tone of voice,more soft and gentle.

"-I'm comming with you then!"i order but Harry grabs my arm."-You're not going anywhere,you're staying here with Alice."Harry orders.

"-Sum,it will be fine."Alice comes up to me and hugs me.

"-Where's Niall?"Klaus asks Liam."-In bed."he says.

"-It's a goid idea to leave Alice and Niall with Summer.Let's go and find Mr.Smith and kill Zayn."Harry says.

"-......No!Remember the prophecy!I need to kill him with my group!"i shout crying.

"-Sum,are you ok?"Harry asks.I suddenly feel weak and i throw up infront of him,Alice holds my head,i hold my stomach to stop the pain inside me.

"-Harry!"i say weakly."-I'm here babe."he tightens my arm.

"-It's better you stay with her bro."Klaus proposes."-I know but her dad.We can't leave him in Zayn's hands!"i shout holding Summer in my arms.

"-Just go and be careful,i'm fine,please get him back and take him here with me,please."she begs,a tear runs down her cheek and falls on my hand.

"-Promise."i whisper in her ear.

Harry's P.O.V.

"-So how was your fun night with Alice?"Liam asks as we walk in the forest smelling Zayn's hide.

"-We had sex all night and were toghether again."Klaus explains with joy in his voice.I look at Liam walking with attention and hearing every single noise in the forest.I don't care about their talking,my only thought is Summer.

I hope she's better.How is she now?Is she thinking about me?What is she doing?Is she safe?

"-Hey bro.Your a bit down,are you ok?"i leave my thoughts and nod.

"-No he's not,he's thinking about Summer!"Liam reads my mind which i stop letting him in for that second.

"-Stop being a...."i shout at Liam.

"-Summer is find,i think it's a virus or she ate something that her stomach did like."Liam says.

"-How did you night go with Summer?"Klaus asks whispering,while Liam walks faster than us.

"-We had sex too."i stop to think about what i said.There was something i missed,that i didn't do,i forgot an iporatant thing.

"-Harry,you don't seem right you know?!"Klaus explains with a worried voice.

"-I'm just,a feel strange that's all.Thanks for asking.Thanks for everything,for your help and.."he cuts me off with a bri hug.

"-It's ok,thats what best friends are for."we let go.

"-Guys i found something!"Liam shouts.

Summer's P.O.V.

Alice helps me to get in bed and covers me with the big blanket over my trembling body.Niall passes me a cup of tea with some cookies,as i eat one,i quickly run in my own bathroom and throw out the little piece of cookie.

"-Are you ok?"Niall shouts,knocking on thr door.

"-Shall i call a doctor?"Alice asks shouting too.

"-No!I'm fine thanks."Alice opens the door and sees me sitting on the cold floor with my hands covering my face.

"-You're not ok!"she shouts and comes to hug me.

"-I'm ok!"i reply with anger.

"-You are?Stand up and let me see then!"she orders,i hate it when she orders me to do something like this scene.I hold a hand on the wall and the other on Alice's shoulder.I quickly sit back down for the strong pain in my stomach,well not a pain but something moving inside.

"-Don't tell me it's what i'm thinking right?"i ask worried.

"-I don't know.When was the last time that you had sex with Harry?"Alice asks.

"-I don't care but i called the doctor!"Niall storms in the bathroom and sees me crying."-What's going on?"he adks joing us on the floor.

"-Yeasterday Alice!"i realise that Harry didn't use protection.What the fuck?!

"-Oh no,don't tell me!"Alice puts her hands to her mouth.

"-My brother firgot to use a condom?!"Niall's face turns red.

The frontdoor bell rings and Niall runs to open it,the doctor orders me to lay in bed for the check-up.The old man touches my stomach and makes different faces.

"-What's wrong with me?"i ask with a tiny voice.

The doctor asks Alice and Niall for a chat outside of the room,i look at Alice's worried face.After a few minutes,the doctor comes in followed by Alice and Niall with happy faces.

"-Summer...."he begins.

"-What?"i aks trembling.

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