Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


21. Part 21

"-Summer,what is going on?I called you but there was no response,so i called Alice."Alice joins us looking at Harry."-Harry said it was best talking,we were waiting for a good moment to talk with you Mr.Smith."Alice explains.

"-What's going on?"my dad asks.

"-Harry's father was one of the...."Harry cuts me off with a serious smile.

"-To kill your son.I'm sorry and i know my father was stupid by doing such a thing!"Harry takes my hand in his."-Wait,your his son?"i nod."-We want to say that you have to be safe because Zayn and Louis want to kill you."Harry says with a angry tone.

"-I'm not scared of them,now that i know that your his son,you and you're family will pay!You got it kid!?Just be ashamed of yourself!"i look at the quick action of Harry by pishing my dad to the wall.Harry's hand holds my dad's neck,his breathing goes faster than usual.

"-You want to kill me then?"Alice calls the boys and i go next to Harry."-Harry please,he's my father,i know you wouldn't do this because you love me."my dad looks confused.

"-He's your boyfriend?A vampire?!"my dad asks with a laugh.

"-Yes dad.I love him like Harry does,why is there a problem?"he nods.

"-Bro,leave him now!"Liam shouts.

"-Is this your dad?"Niall asks pointing at him.

"-Wow all vampires in a room."Klaus shows up in the room.

"-What's the problem then dad?"he looks at Harry.

"-First tell your boy to let me go and second we have to talk!"my dad orders.I look at Harry nd he turns around to face me,his hands slowly let go my dad's neck.

"-Go on then!"Klaus says."-Oh look who we have here!I can't belive you're staying here!Idiot!"Alice laughs."-Guys, please!"i beg them.

"-I have a problem,he's a vampire and my men killed his father,i think he must hate you not love you."Harry takes a step closer to me."-I'm not angry with her but with you because you killed him your murderer!"Harry spits.

"-Can we talk in private please?"i ask to everyone.They all nod leaving me in thr room with my dad.I take seat at the edge of the king size bed,he leans against the window.

"-It's a nice place here."he begins and i roll my eyes.

"-Dad,just talk for once!"i shout and he joins me sitting down on the bed,he take my hands and thinks about something.

"-I remember your brother,he always loved you and me and your mother,the real fact that were divorcing is because,when your brother died and you were in London,we started to urgue and i had the idea to kill the two vampires,she didn't like the idea but i done it behind her back.Your mother found out and she was mad,we don't talk from when it happend,your mother told you but you were only ten years old dear."a tear fall down my cheek,my dad wipes the tear and kisses my fore head.

"-I miss him so much dad!"we both hug and i cry.

"-I'm not scared that they will kill me Sum."all my family calls me Sum and Alice.

"-I will destroy them,there's a prophecy,Harry knew that destiny would take him to me.I need to become a vampire to kill him and i need Harry's ring that will make me stronger."my dad shakes his head worried.
"-My daughter a vampire?Are you joking?!"i shake my head to say no.

"-Dad,i will protect you and mum but please let me sort this out."my dad stands up to stare out of the window.

"-If you want to protect me,come and stay with me back in Manchester dear."i lay on the bed."-Dad, pkease don't make things worse!I'm trying to help you and you fucking say that i shouldn't become a vampire!?"Harry enters the room.

"-Your daughter is right!'"my dad turns around."-Were you listening?"Harry goes a step closer while my dad takes one back from Harry."-You can hear it out of this apartment Mr.Smith."i smile.

"-I love Summer,she is doing the right thing,please let us protect you ok?".

"-She won't become a vampire Styles!".

"-Dad,i'm eighteen,i'm big and i know what i do ok?".

"-I can't loose you like your brother!".

"-There's me,Alice,my brothers and Klaus."my dad leaves a deep breath.

"-I will come with you to Manchester to protect you."Harry looks mad at me.

"-I will send some of Klaus's friend to guard him,they are strong and they don't stop in front of nothing."Harry explains not leavng my eyes.

"-Stay here with Harry,i'm sorry for being stupid with you but i'm scared.I'm sorry for killing your father but you know the reason why.I hope you can forgive me and protect and love Summer,she in your strong hands."my dad stroms out of the room,i follow him calling dad but he doesn't stop.

"-Dad,i'm sorry but i have to."i block the front door before he can go away."-I know."we both have a long hug."-When all of this is finnished,we will sort things out and be a proper family again."i promise dad.

"-Mr.Smith,these are my dear friends that will guard you untill all of this is over.You will find them in a dark car.Goodbye,Mr.Smith."Klaus says and i hug dad once more."-I love you dad."dad closes the door leaving me crying on the floor.

"-He hates me!"i shout and Alice hugs me."-No he doesn't,he loves you but he's scared silly."we both laugh.

Harry comes in the livingroom with the boys,they all look at me with serious eyes.Harry takes my hand and kisses me,his hands hold my waist and my arms are lost on his beautiful neck.

"-Here you go."Harry hands me his ring,the ring that i need to find out the second witch."-Put it on and close your eyes."Alice orders.

I close my eyes gently and let the noise go away from my head,i ring sends me shivers to my body,i hear voices and a light apears in my eyes.My grandmother.My grandmother was a witch?Did my dad know about this?

"-Summer,it's nanny."the voice says in my head.I fall on the floor and close my eyes.


"-Is she awake Alice?"Harry asks holding my hand."-She's not awake yet,i guess Summer will wake up later.I will cook dinner ok?"Alice asks him."-Yeah.Thanks."i hear the door close behind her.Even if my eyes close,i can imagine his handsome smiling face looking down at me.

I feel his lips touchin mine in to a passionate kiss,i reach my hands to his face and Harry sits on my weak body."-Slept well?"i nod opening my small eyes.

"-I've seen my nanny,she's the second witch,she never told me or my family about this.Do you think they knew?"i ask,while i rub his bottom lip with my thumb.

"-If someone you,they would of told you by now do you think?"his lips lick every part of my neck leaving me hot circles.

"-Alice is making dinner."he says and i nod."-I don't know if you'll have dessert because i will take your beautiful panties off and feel every side of you."he explains putting his fingers in my hair.

"-Harry!"i whisper shy and he makes a cheeky smile."-What?!'he raises his hands up like inocent boy that didn't do nothing.

I get up and Harry follows me in our private bathroom,he closes the door,while i wash my face with cold water.Harry sits on the edge of the bathtub and stares my every little move."-Are you ok?"i ask."-While you were asleep,Alice and Klaus were fighting."he shakes his head laughing.

I dry my face with the small towel and place it on the bathtub.I sit on Harry's lap and he holds my waist tight."-Why?"i kiss his forehead.

"-Because she done something wrong in the kitchen,so Klaus said a tiny joke and.."i cut him off."-Alice wanted to kill him."Harry nods smiling.

"-Thank you for the ring."he takes my hand in his."-It doesn't work till...."he stops."-You bite me."i continue.

"-Yeah,i love you Sum."we kiss and someone knocks on the door."-Dinner is ready."Niall says."-Thanks were comming."i say.

"-You idiot!You don't put them in the pasta,you can't cook.Poor girl who's going to get you."she sings quiet."-Can you two stop fighting?!"i order following Harry in the kitchen.

"-I can't his face need punches on it!"Klaus takes out his medium finger to Alice and she responds by taking her toungue out.

"-Oh love.Love is in the air."Liam sings and Alice kills him with her angry eyes.

Liam puts his hands up by winking at Klaus,he nods like their doing something cheeky."-Klaus,your girl is feisty."Harry we all laugh without Alice punching Klaus in his stomach.

"-Say another word Mr.Casanova and you won't be eating for a week,got me?!"she points her finger to his nose."-Yes mam."he make a sad face and Alice storms out of the kitchen.

"-Go and get her back mate!"Niall whispers with a mouth full of pasta."-Sorry if you will hear screaming for the rest of tonight.".

"-Don't worry mate because were in the same thing tonight."Harry holds my leg under the table and my face becomes all red.

"-What shall we do tomorrow Harry?"i ask finishing the pasta in my plate."-What do you want to do?"Harry looks at me placing the plate in the dishwasher.

"-Let's go hunting!"Liam proposes."-I'm not a vampire yet."i laugh and Liam nods."-What about you go shopping with Alice and we go hunting?"Niall asks and Harry looks bad at him.

"-Me and Summer want to pass a day toghether alone."Harry makes it clear so he can understand."-Don't be the bad brother Harry,yeah you two can come with Alice and Klaus too.There's no problem guys."i smile and Harry rolls his eyes.

"-If they will get out of their room Sum."Harry explains."-I thought that Alice had a roomfor her own."Harry shakes his head to say no.

"-Klaus and me had an idea to make him and Alice stay toghether,so he can take her back."i put my hands to my chest.

"-What a romantic thing.".

"-So you two are toghether?"Liam points out and we both nod."-He likes it fast and with pleassure Sum."Niall explains laughing.

"-Niall,do you want the fork in that place where the sun doesn't shine?!"Harry shows him the silver fork and i raise my hand to put his down.

"-If you act like this,you won't have the dessert."i wink at Harry."-I can have it the same babe."his voice is so sexy and strong under my quiet one.

"-I'm going to play poker with Liam,do you want to join us?"Niall stands up with his glass wine."-No,thanks."i say.

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