Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


20. Part 20

"-I'm sorry for everything,for being so stupid and angry!I know i was wrong,please forgive me."i shake my head."-He came to my house i offered me a deal."Harry says.

"-What deal Harry?"i ask.

"-That me and him to kill your family and you."my eye wide open.

"-Stay here Summer,this is a trap!"Klaus warns me grabing my arm.

"-Should i belive you?"his eyes go to Klaus for his grip on my arm.

"-Klaus,can you leave us for a second?"i ask looking at him and he nods.

I wait for Klaus to go out,i sit on the counter and Harry joins me."-I love you Summer,my mum told me that destiny,one day would take me to you.That i would love the girl to bits and never let her go."he explains.

"-You must be angry with me Harry."he shakes his head."-It's not your fault but i'm angry.I hate my dad too now knowing that he killed your brother."i start to cry,Harry hugs me and i wet his shirt.

"-I'm never going to hate you Summer.I fell for you at first sight."our faces are inches apart when i let go from the hug.

"-Kiss me Harry!"he crashes his lips on mine with passion,his lips are cold and warm the same time with mine.I unbotton his shirt and let it fall on the floor but a thought stops me.

"-Zayn only wants to kill you,he doesn't love you like i do."he already knew what i meant.

"-Do you read people's mind?"we both laugh.

"-So,are you comming back with me?"he asks while i leave aline of kisses on his neck."-Yeah."i whisper in his ear and i see him smile."-Do you want to be my....ehm my...."i nod giving him a kiss.

"-When shall we go?"he asks."-First talk with Louis but if he's angry i'm not comming."the thought of Louis in the house,makes me scared.

"-The boys were going to talk to him."i release a big breath out.

"-So Mr.Styles...where were we?"i ask getting down from the counter.I take his hand in mine and make him bend on his knees in front of me.I want him know."-What do you want Summer?"he asks kissing my stomach.

"-You.Only you.Harry."i say closing my eyes for the pleassure that Harry is giving me.

He slowly stands up and meet his eyes,i bite my lip and i see it makes him go crazy.I throw my t-shirt on the floor while he pulls off my shorts,his eyes stop at my intimate underwear.He quickly takes everything off,i let my finger travel from his cheek to his boxers.

"-Let's go upstairs."i order him.


I wake up in Harry's strong arms and i rub my eyes.I get up and cover myself with the blanket around my naked body.

"-Hey Klaus!"i say going in the kitchen."-Hey,your friends with him again?"Klaus turns his face up to me."-Is something wrong Klaus?"i ask looking straight in his sad eyes.

"-I'm ok and you?"he asks pooring blood in his cup."-I'm....fine thanks."i say looking at the red blood falling in the cup.

"-We need to ring from Harry if you want Zayn dead!"Klaus leaves the room.What's wrong with him?Did i do something wrong?

I guess he's like this,serious and handsome that's all,i'll talk to him later when his a bit happy.

"-Hello?"i anwser my mobile."-Hi Sum,how are you?"Alice has a worried voice."-Fine,is everything ok Al?"i ask.

"-No."she says with a cold tone.

"-What happend?"i hear voices in the background that i imagine it's the boys."-Louis is now at Zayn's side,they will both kill you!"she shouts.

"-Stay calm Al,i thought that the boys would of talk with him and make him understand that it isn't my fucking fault!"i shout and i realise that my body is trembling.

"-Zayn knows were you are because Louis told him,just run away with Harry and Klaus,fast as you can cause he will kill you Sum!"my eyes full of tears ready ti burts out.

"-Yep i'll do Al."i close the call and see Harry naked in the kitchen.

"-Alice?"i nod hugging him."-Alice told me this morning."our eyes meet."-What shall we do now?"i ask."-Were going to New York and the boys will join us."he explains.

"-Do they know that already?"Klaus enters the kitchen and his eyes are wide open.Me and Harry let go from the hug and stand next to each other.

"-Klaus,tell the others to come to New York to our old apartment."he orders.

"-What apartment?"Klaus smiles.

"-Old times."Klaus says calling the boys.

"-Sum go and prepare your things,i'll join you in a minuite."he orders.

Harry's P.O.V.

"-What did they say?"i ask after the phone call."-They said ok."he sits on the counter looking mad at me."-You didn't waist time bro!"he points out sipping some vine from the bottle.

"-Were toghether,are you ok?"he seems disturbed about something.

"-No bro,i'm happy that you and Summer are toghether,it reminds me about Alice that's all."a tear falls from his right eye.

"-What happend?"i ask."-She left me because i'm a vampire and that scares her because i suck their blood and i've killed people."he explains.

"-Why don't you talk to her bro?"i propose."-She hates me,she can't look in my eyes anymore.Everytime i touch her she trembles and that makes me a stupid idiot."i laugh and he makes a confused face.

"-What's so funny?"Summer asks,i look at her short colourful dress."-Your beautiful babe."she blushes."-I'll go in the car."Klaus winkes at me.

Summer's P.O.V.

"-I found him sad today.What's wrong with him?"Harry nearly laughs."-What?"i ask looking at him,my hands are on my waist.

"-Your so beautiful Summer,i'm so lucky to have you and destiny did a good job that gave me you."my cheeks become all red.



I stop in front of a big buildiny very fancy,i think it's a ancient model of building.The front door is made of wood and two or four windows.

"-Is this the place?"i ask joining Klaus and Harry at the front door,Harry nods turning the key.We take the elevator to the last floor.

I follow Klaus in the big room,the table with chairs,the big plasmon tv and a coffee table with a dead rose in the vase.
I walk around the room and open a door,the kitchen is big,it's modern furniture with a small round table.

I go in the corridor and open the other rooms,the bathroom is small with a shower and there are two rooms with beds.

"-Your room is that one."i follow Harry's finger to see four steps that take up stairs.I go up stairs and i put my hands to my mouth,i'm totally suprised for the big room with a king size bed.I run to open the door in front of the bed,it's a big bathroom with a shower and a bathtub.

"-This is our room."Harry whispers in my ear.Our eyes meet until we hear voices shouting and calling my name.

"-Dad!"i say,his face looks angry and worried.

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