Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


19. Part 19

"-Klaus what prophecy?"i ask taking a sip on Brandy."-It talks about..."Klaus stops talking for the mobile ringing.

Harry's P.O.V.

"-Hey Klaus,it's me.Summer ran away!"i explain."-Harry,she's here with me."he says."-Let me talk to her Klaus!"i say with a low voice.

"-Who is it?"i hear Summer asking.A moment of silence on the phone,i hear Summer crying."-She doesn't want to speak with you."he finaly says.

Summer's P.O.V.

"-If Harry calls again,i don't want to speak to him."i order and Klaus nods."-What were you saying about the prophecy then?"i add.

"-The story tells about a girl that had two boys that loved her,a good one and evil one.The bad one wanted to kill her.The girl wanted to destroy him by becoming a vampire.The good boy turned her in to a vampire,she had help by a vampire and two witches.But the girl needed to fing the other witch."i cut Klaus off with one of my questions.

"-Did they find the other witch?"Klaus smiles at me taking a sip of Brandy."-The prophecy says that,the witch was always next to her,protecting and helping her."i sit down on the sofa.

"-Who was it?"i ask and Klaus joins me."-It was her sister,dead sister."my eyes open when he says that."-Did she see her or...?"Klaus comes near me.

"-She saw her once and told her that she was the witch."i make a confused face.

"-So?"i ask and he rolls his eyes.

"-Don't you understand?"i shake my head."-After this girl,this prophecy will happen again."i finish my Brandy.

"-That meens if i want to destroy Zayn,i need to become a vampire."Klaus nods."-If it doesn't happen,Zayn will kill you and all the bad vampires will come and kill every human in the world."he takes out a paper from his pocket.

"-What's this?"i ask handing me the paper.It's a small rings with a black circle on it."-This is the ring that you need to find,when you become a vampire,you need to find your group,to find the witch you need this ring."he explains.

"-You're crazy,i've never should have come here!"i get up and go to the front door.Klaus grabs my arm and pushes me on the wall.

"-You only need to find the witch."his eyes dig in mine.Our faces are inches apart,i feel him breathing on my neck.

"-Wait,there's me,you,Alice and...."the prophecy is now happening again,Klaus is right.

Harry's P.O.V.

"-Master Harry,Master Louis is searhing you."Sandy says."-What does he want?"i ask."-Master Louis needs to talk to you and it's very important."i roll my eyes.

"-Well,tell him that i'm sorry because i'm going to get Summer back."i explain.

"-I'm sorry but i don't think that you don't want to miss our reunion."Louis says from behind me.I turn my head to find Louis with an evil smile on his face.

I follow him in the big hall,where my dad used to have reunions with other vampires.The big table in the center of the room,chairs in order and a line of light in the room.

"-Well well,Harry,it's been a long time."i turn around at Zayn having a cigarette."-What is he doing here?"i turn to Louis.

He points out the chair next to Zayn for me to sit on.As i walk in the room,i sit down never leaving my eyes on him.

"-I called Zayn to let him know,he's got an idea."Louis says.

"-Yes,a great idea to get rid of her and her family."Zayn spits banging his hand on the wood table.

"-No,you won't,don't you even touch her Zayn."he laughs.

"-I know you want revenge,you want to kill her,i can see it in your black eyes Styles."Zayn whispers and Louis nods.

"-She needs to pay."Louis adds.

"-That's why i'm here,we can do this toghether Harry,kill her family and then her."Zayn has a new cigarette.I stand up doing noise with the chair,i look at Louis with bad eyes and storms out of the room.

"-Think about it Styles!"Zayn shouts.

"-Never."i spit closing the big door.The only thing that i want and need to do now is to get Summer back.

Summer's P.O.V.

I wake up rubbing my eyes,the light of the sun makes my eyes close.I call Klaus for a couple of times but no response.

I go down stairs and see Klaus sleeping on the sofa with the remote controll in his hand.I bed my knees in front of him and look at his handsome face.His blond hair like the colour of the sun,his short beard,his body and his hands look strong.

"-Hey!"he whispers opening his eyes."-You shouldn't have give me your room,i could of sleep on the sofa you know!"we both laugh.

"-What would you like for breakfast?"he asks sitting up."-I'll make it while you have a shower."i head to the small kitchen and find some bacon in the fridge.

I hear footsteps comming closer in the kitchen,i find Klaus with only a towel on and drops of water falling from his wet hair.

"-Do you like bacons and egg?"i ask and he nods."-I'll go and get dressed."i follow him by the ring of the front door.

"-I'll go and get it."i say and he follows me behind."-No.It may be Zayn."i shake my head.

I open the door and Harry's mouth falls open.His eyes scan Klaus with the towel and then me with my shorts and top.

"-I can't belive it!"Harry says shaking his head."-It's not what you think."Klaus replys.

"-What do you want?"i ask meeting his eyes."-You back with me."he comes in closing the door.Klaus goes to get dressed and i guide Harry in the kitchen.

"-I'm not comming back!"i spit,sitting down on the kitchen chair to have breakfast.

"-I need you,Alice needs you,please come back with me."he begs behind me."-Do you know Louis wants me dead?"i remind him standing up to face him.

Klaus joins us and stops looking at Harry,i follow Klaus's eye to Harry's hand.He's got the ring.The ring that i need to fund out who is the witch.

"-Where did you get that ring?"Klaus asks him."-My mum gave it to me before she died."i take his hand and touch the ring with my finger.

"-Do you know what it is Harry?!"i say with a nervous voice."-My mum said that this is part of the prophecy and i need to give it to you,Summer."he says never leaving my eyes.

"-I will destroy him,he will pay!"i shout crying.

"-Summer!"i turn around to look at Harry before leaving the kitchen.

"-What?"i put my hands to my waist.

"-We will destroy him but will you come back with me?"his eyes are filled with tears and i go closer to him.

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