Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


15. Part 15

"-Summer get out of here now!"Harry says punching him on the face."-What's going on?!"i ask,they both punch their selfs,the strong arms oh Harry's grab Zayn's neck,Zayn's eyes turn black and push him on the floor.

Zayn comes closer to me and grabs my arm but Harry pushes him away.Harry stands in front of me,i start to cry and turning around to see if someone is out there,so i could call help.

"-Harry please!"i shout crying."-Yeah Harry,tell her!"i look at Zayn smiling at Harry with evil eyes."-She already knows!"Harry says with a very low voice.

"-But i don't think she knows your secret!"Harry says turning to face me in the eyes.I feel a big nod in my throat,my legs thremble to his touch on my face.I shiver.But i like it,his hands on me and his cold body against mine.

I take a step back and try to run out of the door.The door closes on it's own,i hear Zayn laugh and pushing Harry a side in the corridor.

"-It's ok babe."he kisses me on the lips."-Don't touch her!"Harry shouts.Zayn bends his self on the floor in front of Harry."-Shut up!Summer loves me not you!How can a normal girl fall in love in a vampire?"he laughs at his question.

"-Summer,Zayn is a vampire!"Zayn lets a knife penetrate in Harry's stomach.Harry shouts of the pain.I know that i don't talk to Harry for that secret he had but i can't leave him on the floor.I run to Harry but Zayn grabs my waist and pulls me to him.

"-Zayn let me go!"Harry stands up from the ground and pushes Zayn on the floor,Harry takes out slowly the knife from his stomach.He hits it in Zayns leg.

"-Summer run!Go and call Alice and make her come here!You stay at home and prepare your bags!Now!"i stand there looking at Zayn and then at Harry.

"-No!"i shout crying."-Summer we don't have time!Go!Now!"Harry holds Zayn standing on him.

I run and run till i open the front door and call Alice.Alice runs from the livingroom with a cup of tea in her hands."-Alice go to Harry's house because Zayn's there and they will kill their selfs!"i shout and Alice lets the cup fall on the floor.She runs outside,i stay there to look at the pieces of the cup on the floor.

I can't leave Alice and Harry there!

"-Summer what are you doing?!Go back home and pack!"Harry says."-Where is Alice?"i ask looking around the room.

Zayn gets up pushing Harry at the edge of the corridor.Zayn runs to punch him many times,he grabs his neck and i go to grab Zayn's arms.

Zayn pulls me away,letting me fall with my head on the wall."-She loves me not you!"Zayn spits leaving Harry without breath."-She doesn't love you,never!"Harry shouts trembling.

"-Summer he wants to kill you because your father wants to kill all the vampires,he killed his father.Zayn doesn't love you!"i look at Zayn smiling.Zayn bends down to put his hands in my neck.

"-I won't mind doing it now!"he whispers in my ear.Zayn pulls me up with him.Zayn holds me in front of him.His arm holds my waits and his hand takes my hair off of my shoulders.

Zayn smells my neck,he kisses the spot that he wants."-Your skin is so amazing."he whispers."-Don't touch her!"Alice opens the door wide and comes in.She raises her hand high and with her hand she pushes Zayn on the floor.Alice came with three boys,i think vampires too.

I run to Harry,seeing blood all over his shirt.I lift his face up to look at me,i rub his tears off his beutiful face as he does the same.

"-Harry are you ok?"Alice comes with a this boy next to her."-Louis!"Harry taps his back."-Who are you?"i ask."-I'm his big brother.You must be Summer right?"he asks pointing at me."-Yeah.How do you know my name?"his finger goes to Harry."-My little brother is always talking about you and never stops."my cheecks go red and i turn to look at Harry smiling.

"-How did you know all about this?"Harry asks while Louis helps him get up."-I called your brothers a few days ago because i knew something would happen with Zayn."i let them pass so Harry could go to the other boys.

I join them,the other two boys look at me up and down."You're Summer!"the blond one says."-Wow i'm becoming famous!"we all laugh.

"-Hi i'm Niall by the way and this is......."the boy cuts him off and shakes my hand."-Liam.Nice to meet you Summer."our eyes meet for a while.

Harry coughs taking my hand in to his."-I'm not talking to you remember?"i say to Harry and he smiles."-You and Alice go and pack up because were not staying here ok?"he orders.I stand there with my arms crossed like a little girl.

"-I'm not going anywhere!"i spit and he he takes a deep breath out."-It's dangerousmhere with Zayn around!"Harry explains while my eyes go to Zayn on the floor with his eyes closed.

"-It's not safe for you or us Summer."Alice takes a step closer to me and i hug her."-Let's go."she says as we walk passed the boys.

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