Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


14. Part 14

I wake up with a bad headache,i turn around finding Alice sleeping next to me.From last night his words keep repeating in my head"Do you think Harry is a normal guy?","Like secrets",Zayn's words speak in my head.

I need to search Harry's life on the computer or go to the town centre for help.Harry is a bit strange,he's always white and cold,he never eats because i never saw him eat.

I get up trying not to wake up Alice,i get dressed putting on a pull over and jeans,it's so cold even if it's spring.I wash my face and teeth,i put my hair in curls,long brown curls fall on my back and chest.

I open the door and close it behind,i left a message on the kitchen table for Alice to read,saying that i was at the library to study which is a lie.

I walk to the town hall and find an old lady with glasses looking at some paper,i make my way to the desk and she looks up at me smiling."-Good morning dear,how can i help you?"she asks putting away those papers she had in her hands.I follow her hands joining toghether and smile at her.

"-Could i access the archives please?"i ask hoping that she says yes."-Of course but you have to sign her please."she takes out a paper with little letters on it that is difficult to read.I hand her the paper and she keeps smiling at me.

"-Thank you,now follow me dear."she stand up from her seat and i follow behind her.The lady opens a small door,i open my eyes seeing lots of high shelves in the big room."-Who are you looking for?"she looks at me and catches me distracted by the view.

"-Harry Styles."she points out the shelve and i follow her."-Here you go love."i take it from her hands.I look at a normal box with dust on it."-Can i take it home?"she nods."-But you need to take it back when you're done ok dear?"i nod still looking at the box.


I walk as fast as i can to go home and open the box in my bedroom.It's Saturday,so i think i won't find Alice at home.She always goes to her family for the day every Saturday,i don't mind if she leaves me alone even if she always asks me to come with her but i say no.I like silence,i read my book,listen to music or sleep when i don't have to study.

"-Where have you been?"i close the door and turn around to hear Alice's voice worried."-I've been at the library."i say holding the box in my hands.

"-I went there and you weren't there!"she says with an angry voice."-I'm still here,i was at the park having a walk."she nods and then notices the box that i'm holding in my hands."-What's in that box?"she asks.

"-My bits and things."i say going up stairs.I close the door behind me with the lock.I sit down on the bet and open the box.

Zayn's P.O.V.

"-Get Harry out of this!"my mother shouts."-What should i do mum?"i ask thinking of an idea but nothing."-Kill him,so he won't get in your way.I can't wait to see the girl's father's face!His going to pay!"she shouts slaming her hand on the table.

Alice's P.O.V.

"-What your great idea Romeo?"i say joking."-Let's go all three to Paris,Zayn will come again!"Harry says with a worried voice.

Summer's P.O.V.

There are lots of papers and photos.I pick a photo with a little boy on the grass smiling,it's Harry with his beutiful face.I try to find a paper that it says about his life and i found.I open my eyes reading it,it's impossible!


Harry Edward Styles born in England,London,lived in Paris.Died in Paris in year 1989,it is the same year his father,mother and brothers died.

I turn the paper around to see a two big words on it.It a death certificate.

It can't be Harry,because he's here still living,i think the old lady got a wrong box.I see a photo that clears it all,Harry in his smoking outfit with his mother hand in hand smiling.

I feel strange,weak,nervous and sad.Harry can't be dead,he's here!

I walk straight though the front door and go to Harry.I knock many times hard till the door opens.I have a trembling hand with the death certificate and the photo.

"-I wanted to call you but Alice said no."he passes his hand in his curly hair.I put the paper in front of him and his eyes look at the ground.

"-What's this?"i say with a loud voice.He pushes me in and closes the door.I look at the floor,blood marks,i follow the blood that leads me up stairs.

"-Why is blood on your floor?!"he comes closer and i take a step back from him."-Listen,it's not what you think!"he says with a low voice.

"-Your dead Harry!Why are you here still?"i shout."-I knew your were a criminal,the blood explains now!Zayn is right!You're strange!"i find the way to get out but his grip holds my arm.

His eyes turn black,his shirt is coverd in blood."-I'm a vampire."he says.I shake my head saying many times no.I cry and Harry holds my face in his hands,i close my eyes to not look at him.

"-I love you.Zayn is going to kill you because of your father,Summer!"i take his hands of and run out.I run not turning to see if Harry is following me behind.

I close the front door with the lock and fall on the floor crying.Alice comes to hug me,she looks at me confused.I hear a thunder starting."-Summer open please!Let me explain everything!"Harry knocks many times."-Go away!"i shout.

"-I LOVE YOU SUMMER"he shouts and i cry harder than before.Harry stops knocking on the door.

"-What happend sweety?"he rubs my back and i let my face fall in to her hug."-Harry is a vampire."she stands up from the floor and looks worried.

"-Are you ok?"i ask rubbing my forehead."-Yeah,mmm i'll just go to my room for a bit."i knew she is hiding something,so i decide to ask her.

"-Talk Alice.Now."my words are cold and she trembles."-I knew it."i shale my head."-What else are you hiding?Something about Zayn?Do you know this aswell?"i spit with a low voice."-I'm sorry,i know yor my best friend but i didn't tell you nothing because i was scared even now."she sits on the step of the stairs and starts to cry.

"-Scared of who?"i ask but i think i already know the person."-Zayn.He wants to kill your,because your father killed his mother.Me and Harry are protecting you but we need to go away."i shake my head."-So your a vampire too?"i ask.

"-I'm a witch.A good one."she stands up and looks at me with tears in her eyes."-I'm sorry."i stand up and get closer to her.

"-I'm never going away from here with you too!Traitors!"i shot crying.Alice makes her way to her room,i cuddle up on the floor,i cry trying to get the pain away,i love Harry.A lot.

"Please talk to me!I love you!I miss you babe!"

Harry's message says.I don't reply.

I fall asleep leaving the problems away.I dream of my dad and my mum that play with me when i was little.I suddenly get up from the floor hearing noise from Harry's house.

I open the front door and check.I hear glass falling on the floor and two people shouting."-What's going on?"i say as i open Harry's front doorb that was half open.

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