Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


12. Part 12

"-I hope you like my pasta and chiken."Alice says because i awalys cook better then her and i tried to learn her how to cook bug all she can do is put uo fire in the kitchen.

I sit down and look at my plate of pasta and chiken next to it,Alice is nervous and she's waiting for my opinion for her cooking.I take the fork and grap the spaghetti and eat it,i make a suprised face and nod my head."-How is it?"i stand up from my place and clap my hands.

"-How did you learn to cook this,cause last time you nearly burnt the kitchen down?"i ask as she hands me a cooking book.

"-Thanks to James Oliver my dear!"i make an offended face and she laughs,i sit down again and finish my plate.

"-What time is Zayn comming?"Alice asks with her mouth full of food."-At nine."i say not adding nothing to my reply.

I carry my bag,while Zayn opens his front door.Zayn turns to me to get my bag from my shoulder but i refuse his help.He makes a funny face as i get in passing next to him."-Don't worry it's not heavy Zayn."i say.

"-What shall we do?"Zayn asks and i sit down on his armchair zapping the channels on th tv.Zayn sits on the sofa waiting for me to talk,i turn the tv off and sit on his lap.I spread my legs so his legs are between mine,our faces are near,my hands touch his face and his hands travel down to my bottom.

"-Why don't we have fun your bed,we will find a game to play if you want?"i whisper in his ear and he smiles.Zayn slides his lips on mine sending me energy in my whole body like fire.

"-I want you...."i whisper again and he stays still looking at me."-You're mine and no one is never gonna touch you and i'll show you now that your mine babe!"i get scared for the things he's got in mind but i decide to get the rest and fuck the rest.

Zayn carrys me bridal styles to his bedroom and closes the door behind him.I find Zayn's lips again and i quicly take off my blouse and jeans.Zayn takes his shirt off and my fingers travel down his chest to his jeans.I unzip his jeans a throw them on the floor and leaving him with his boxers.Zayn pushes me on the bed as i spread my arms on the bed.He takes out the condom,he gently comes in and out of me.We stop because my phone is ringing and Zayn makes a nervous face.

"-Who is it?"Zayn aksk looking at the screen.

"-Hi Harry how are you?"i ask,Zayn rolls his eyes and sits next to me."-I'm sorry for earlier at my house."i bite my lip because Zayn could hear Harry talking but he only knew that we were doing my homework.Zayn makes a confused look.

"-It's ok,i'll see you in class bye."i nearly press the end of call button but Harry continues to talk."-Wait are you with Zayn?"he asks and Zayn listend what he just asked."-Yeah why?"i ask."-Nothing."he closes the call and i remain with the mobile by my ear hearing the beep.

"-What did he mean about what happend at his house?"i bite my lip and cut him off with a kiss.

I wake up on Zayn's chest,i feel his heart beat against my body.I gently wake Zayn up with a kiss on the lips,his face turn bright with a smile on his face."-Good morning."i say next to his ear."-Hi."he says back.

I have a shower and get dressed before Zayn gets up but i don't think he will.I have a peek at Zayn but he's back to his dreams,so i decide to leave him.

I go to the kitchen and have some cereals with milk and coffee.I get my mobile from my pocket and call Harry."-Hi."i say with a smile on my lips."-Hi."why am i happy and over the moon when i talk with him?

"-I was with Zayn and that's why i finished the call early with you sorry."he laughs and i blush.

"-Just be careful ok?"i make a confused face because Alice told me the same thing about Zayn to be careful.Why?

"-Why?He won't kill me!"i explain because Harry said a stupig thing like Alice yesterday night.

"-Just be careful ok?"i nod even if i'm talking with him on my mobile."-Can you pick me up because i don't think that Zayn is getting up to go to school?!"we both laugh and i wait for his voice.

"-I'll come in five minutes ok?"

"-Yeah i'll wait outside the door ok?"

"-Is Zayn going to be angry if he knows that you're comming with me?"Harry's voice is worried.

"-Why do you sound worried Harry?"Harry is acting strange and i need to know what he means.

"-Because Zayn hates me Summer."his voice calms down.

I wait outside with the wind blowing fast and the trees dancing with the cold air.I put my hands in front of my chest to protect me from the cold.I spot Harry running outside his car to hand me his jacket.

I had a t-shirt and jeans on.I didn't know that the weather would be this horrible today in London."-Thanks."i say as our faces are near.His eyes meet mine and i get lost in them,so green and beutiful."-Let's go!It's fucking late!"i laugh at his words and he joins me.

"-I never heard a teacher saying those words in front of a student."i say,Harry takes my hand and opens the car door for me."-Thanks."is all i can say this morning.

Harry turns the radio on and i turn the volume high because one of my favourite songs were playing."-I like this song too."Harry says looking at me for a second.

"-It was a lovely day yesterday under the rain with you"i say laughing."-Yeah it was."his smile sends me hotness in me,so i turn around to ignore his face."-What happend yesterday was a mistake."Harry says putting his hand on my leg.I sit up straight when he touches me."-Can i ask you a question?"i ask and he nods.

"-Why should i be careful with Zayn?"Harry stops his car and parks next to a house.He turns to look at my scared face.

"-Because i love you."he says and my mouth opens wide to his lovely words.I go closer to him.I take his seatbelt off like mine and sit on his lap in the car."-I love you too Harry."i put my arms around his neck and his hands travel down my waist holding me tight to him.

I close my eyes and feel the cold lips on mine moving slowly and then i push his lips to mine so fast that i wanted him.I unbutton his shirt and slide my hands to his chest and feel his muscles.Our lips are fighting for the love and possession of the other. Harry enters his tongue into my mouth tasting it all.

"-I don't wanted to go to school today."i say with a cheeky smile and he nods.I return yo my place and Harry drives fast to get home.

Harry and I get out of the car fast.When entered into his house, I stripped by the way to go in his bedroom.Harry follows me behind like a hungry animal looking for food.

He closes the door behind him making noise closing it with the key.He throws on the floor his jeans leving him with his boxers.In that moment,his eyes met mine with passion.

I lie on the bed and Harry comes over me and touching me everywhere,feeling pleasure for his touch on my body.Harry stops looking at me with a confused face."-What's wrong?"i touch his cheek gently making his eyes close."-I'm not sure to take off your bra and panties or not?"i blush making my face go red."-You like red bra?"i ask shy."-They make me go crazy babe."he whispers in my ear.

I stand up making Harry sit down so i go on to of him putting my hands in his curls."-Make me moan.I want you."i whisper in his ear and he smiles.

Harry pushes me down on the bed and takes my arms away.His hands hold my arms as he kisses my neck and lips.His hands leave my arms and slowly taking off my bra,his eyes widen as he sees my me without the bra on."-Fuck."he says.

His kisses go down to my breasts and when he arrives to my panties,he takes them off.He comes in slowly making me moan,it hurts at first but then i enjoy it.

I hold me with my hands to his shoulders leaving him a scratch for the pleassure he's giving me now.Then i hold the sheets of the bed because Harry is now going fast and guides me with his hands my hips.
In the end, Harry is lying down next to me in bed and strokes my shoulder and I run a hand putting on his face..I rest my head on his chest and we both fall asleep.

"-Hey Summer i know you're in here!"we both sit up and look worried by the voice calling me.

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