Summer and Alice are two best friends that live toghether in London.One day a new neighbor comes to live in their street.The girls meet a strange,pale and strong boy....Harry Styles.What will happen?WARNING:Sexual contenent.


1. Part 1

What a lovely day walking in the park of London with Alice.We both decided to have a pic-nic today,it was our off term from college for two weeks.Alice is my best friend and we share everything toghether.Me and Alice live toghether and were both eighteen years old. When we finished our snack,we made our way home."-It was a lovely day.....Alice?"i say but she looks at the house next door.I follow her eyes and she a lorry parked in front of the house."-Let's welcome the new neighbor?"Alice asked and i rolled my eyes."-Ok let's go....."she takes my hand and we walk untill we find the owner of the house. "-Hi!Were your neighbors.I'm Alice and she......"she stops talking as the boy turns around.I stare at him never leaving his look.He's tall,brown hair,beutiful green eyes and very hot.Hot!Hot!Hot!Hot!I keep saying in my head. I finally leave his eyes when Alice talks again."-I'm Alice and she's Summer.Welcome to London."we both smile but his eyes are still on me.I try not to look at him so i make a step behind Alice."-I'm Harry.Thanks and i'll hope we'll be good friends....."they both laugh and i stay there staring at him while he looks at Alice. Harry is strange,he's pale white as the clouds in the blue sky.I see that he's strong as he takes a big box in his arms.I remember when i looked at him,his eyes were green but when he saw me,his eyes turned red......... "-Would you like to come to our party tonight?"Alice asked,i was too shocked for what i see in front of me.He nods with a sexy smile that kills."-Where do you come from?Do you two live toghether?"he asks me.I leave my thoughts and look at Harry."-I'm from London and yes we live toghether.My parents come from Liverpool like Alice's parents.And you?" "-I'm from London but i lived with my parents in Paris.I decided to have a place for my own you know....."we both nod and he makes a strange face."-My dad died long ago...."i nod."-I'm sorry."i look at the ground."-my mum aswell,they were killed....."my heart stops for a moment."-Poor thing....if you need anything call us ok?Well....see you tonight then!"Alice says and she takes me with her because i was there still in the same spot."-See you girls..Bye Summer...."i wave my hand and he winkes at me............ He has tattos all over his two arms and has a piercing under his mouth.So hot i was melting. Before it go too late,Alice and i drived to the shoppimg centre to get food and drinks for the party.I didn't have any friends,i had only Alice,she invited everyone from our school. When we arrived back home,i prepared the food and drinks while Alice chose the favourite...... "Mine aswell."a voice said in my head.I stop and think of the voice i just heard.From when i had a voice in my head?What the fu.....!? "-Is everything ok?"i nod.We continue to prepare for the party.Every now and then i peeked out of the window that faced Harry's livingroom. No one there.It was still empty without furniture and the walls were new painted.
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