My Sight, Your Sight, His Sight

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  • Published: 13 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 13 Jul 2014
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1. My Sight, Your Sight, His Sight

I see from my eye.

You see from your eye.

You speak your sight,

I give a sigh.


I speak my sight,

That I see from my eye.

But only your sight is right,

And you give a sigh.


But he differs from us,

And does not say he’s right,

For converse is his thought,

But diverse is his sight.


Remember always,

That differs not the eye,

For the tear is the same,

But for different reasons we cry.


The eye is the same,

But what differs is the sight,

So let your thought be free,

As free as a flying kite!


Comprehend this rhyme your way,

And from your own eye,

But when your friend speaks his sight,

Do not give a sigh!

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