The Life of Alexandria Swan

What if in the twilight saga, Bella has a sister? What if her sister fell in love with a certain blonde? This is the story of Alexandria Swan, and how she lives through the drama of vampires, love, and near death experiences.
This is the first book in my saga. I don't own the twilight saga, all rights reserve to the original creater, and director.
I have posted this story already on Wattpad, and it's got alot of people Reading, so i've decided to posted here, and son other sites. Right now im working on the third book one wattpad, but writing down the 5th, so, enjoy and please read it. the first chapter or so isnt my best, so sorry.


5. weirdly safe

After school Dad, Bella, and I all went to the diner for dinner. We all order burgers. I ate my burger, some people came by to say hi and ask if we remember them. it was funny. Dinner as a family is enjoyable.
when we got home Bella and I went upstairs to do our homework. I actually doing my work but Bella wasn't, I could hear her talking on the phone with mom.
That's the difference between us, she has more of a bond with our mom, and I have more of a bond with dad. They were having a very loud conversation so I couldn't concentrate.
after like 20 minutes the hung up, finally. I finish my homework in an hour. I saw it was 10:15, so I decide to get ready for bed.
After I change into, shorts and a tank top, and layed down in bed. I started to think about my day. I've made 5 friends. All of them are really nice. Especially Alice and Jasper.
Jasper; he's really handsome and sweet. I love his accent. Even though I just met him I think I might have a crush on him.
I fell asleep, with a smile on my face. Thinking of Jasper, I felt like someone was watching me, but I weirdly felt safe.




Sorry for it being short.

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