The Life of Alexandria Swan

What if in the twilight saga, Bella has a sister? What if her sister fell in love with a certain blonde? This is the story of Alexandria Swan, and how she lives through the drama of vampires, love, and near death experiences.
This is the first book in my saga. I don't own the twilight saga, all rights reserve to the original creater, and director.
I have posted this story already on Wattpad, and it's got alot of people Reading, so i've decided to posted here, and son other sites. Right now im working on the third book one wattpad, but writing down the 5th, so, enjoy and please read it. the first chapter or so isnt my best, so sorry.


13. The Plan

Bella and I walk through the front door. "Edward, I said leave me alone." Bella says. " Bella don't do this." Edward trys to reason with her. "Its over, get out!" Bella shouts, then slams the door in his face.

Then she starts to run up stairs, dragging me with her. "Hey, hey hey! Bella! What's going on?" dad asks, following us. " I just got to get out of here. I'm leaving. Now!" she says, pulling me into her room, then slams the door.

Edward was already in her room, helping her pack. I ran into my room, and grab my duffle bag. I put what I need in the bag, shirts, jeans, brush, etc... Then go back to Bella's room.

Bella walks out of the room, I follow. We get what we need, out of the bathroom. "Bella what happened, did he hurt you?" dad asks. "No." she replies, "did he break up with you, or something?" dad asks. "No, I broke up with him." she says. " I thought you liked him?" he asks. "Yeah, that's why I have to leave. I don't want this, I need to go home." Bella says."home? your mom isn't even in Phoenix." dad tells her. " Don't worry I'll be with her, to make sure that she's safe." I tell him. " You two can't go home now, you can sleep on it. still feel like going in the morning, I'll take you to the airport." dad tells her. " no, I want to drive, it will give me more time to think. If I get tired, Alex could drive, or we'll pull into a motel, I promise." she tells him, while we walk down stairs.

"look Bella, I know I'm not that fun to be around, but I can change that, we can do more stuff together." dad trys to reason with her. " like what? like watch baseball on the flat screen? eat at the diner every night? steak and cobbler? dad that's you and Alex, not me." Bella says. ow, I took that a bit offensive. but the look on dad's face, broke my heart.

"Bella come on. I just got you back. I just got both of you and Alex back." He tells her. I follow Bella to the front door. "Yeah, and if I don't get out now, I'm just going to be stuck here, just like mom." Bella says, then opens the door, grabs my hand and walks out. We threw our stuff in the truck, and got in.

Bella starts to drive off. I take deep breaths, so I don't cry. I saw Edward get in the moving truck but payed no attention to it. " Your father's going to forgive you. And he thinks it's good you're going with Bella." he tells us.

I zone out, closing my eyes. They snap back open, when I heard someone jump into the truck. I turn around to see Emmet. I sigh in relief.

When we get to the Cullens, Jasper and Alice get out of the car, that was behind us. Jasper run up to me and hug me.

We all walk inside, just to see Laurent. Edward was about to attack, when Carlisle stopped him. "Wait, he came to warn us, about James " Carlisle explains.

"This isn't my fight and I'm tired of his games. But he's. got unparalleled senses, absolutely lethal. I've never seen anything like him in my 300 years. And the woman, Victoria, don't underestimate her." he tells us. Then walks out.

We all walk through the house to the garage. Jasper starts to explain to them how to kill James. I was zoned out during that part. I came back to reality when they start to talk about the actual plan.

"Edward, don't worry. Jasper and I will take Bella and Lexi south. I'll keep her safe, Edward." Alice tells Edward to reassure him. "Can you keep your thoughts to yourself." he tells her.

Alice grabs Bella from Edward. I see Rosalie just sitting there, I walk up to her, and grab her hand."stay safe." I tell her. "you too." she replies. Then I walk to the car and get in the front with Jasper, Alice sat in the back with Bella.

Edward starts to talk with Bella through the window. Then we took off. Bella starts to call mom, and failing. I fell asleep for awhile. When I wake up, the sun was up. And we were in Arizona.




Man, that was fast...

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