The Life of Alexandria Swan

What if in the twilight saga, Bella has a sister? What if her sister fell in love with a certain blonde? This is the story of Alexandria Swan, and how she lives through the drama of vampires, love, and near death experiences.
This is the first book in my saga. I don't own the twilight saga, all rights reserve to the original creater, and director.
I have posted this story already on Wattpad, and it's got alot of people Reading, so i've decided to posted here, and son other sites. Right now im working on the third book one wattpad, but writing down the 5th, so, enjoy and please read it. the first chapter or so isnt my best, so sorry.


9. not a chapter. Cast...

 I'm going to try my best to describe Lexi, and the others, even though you should already know about by the others.
name: Alexandria Nina Swan
actress: Selena Gomez
hair color: dark brown
eye color: Hazel with a bit of Blue in it
height: 5'6
sibling: Bella (twin)
born on: September 13, 1987
talents: singing, playing guitar and piano,
love interest: Jasper Hale
best friends: Rosalie Hale, Alice Cullen
Info: She loves to sing, and when ever she starts to sing anyone who's listening, gets hypnotized by her voice.-(remember this) In school she gets good grades. Not very popular. Has a good fashion sense. Not exactly a girly girl, but from time to time she will wear girly clothes.

She is my own idea. please don't steal her, or this story plot. Thanks...

I have one thing to say, their is a difference between, a mate (soul mate), and a blood singer. To Jasper, Lexi is a Mate, to Edward, Bella is both a mate and a singer, I'm pretty sure, I haven't read the books, yet, so I'm going off the movies and my mind, so yeah!

anyway, the rest of the cast is everyone that is in the movie.
Edward Cullen,
Alice Cullen,
Emmet Cullen,
Carlisle Cullen,
Esme Cullen,
Rosalie Hale,
(she like Lexi, even though she's human, but she doesn't change her attitude towards Bella)
Jasper Hale, (he can only stay in control of his blood lust around Lexi, cause of the LOVE!)
Charlie Swan,
Bella Swan,
James, Victoria, Laurent,
that's all for, THIS movie.

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