The Life of Alexandria Swan

What if in the twilight saga, Bella has a sister? What if her sister fell in love with a certain blonde? This is the story of Alexandria Swan, and how she lives through the drama of vampires, love, and near death experiences.
This is the first book in my saga. I don't own the twilight saga, all rights reserve to the original creater, and director.
I have posted this story already on Wattpad, and it's got alot of people Reading, so i've decided to posted here, and son other sites. Right now im working on the third book one wattpad, but writing down the 5th, so, enjoy and please read it. the first chapter or so isnt my best, so sorry.


4. Free Period

After math, I met up with Jasper and Edward. We walk to the library. Edward kept on staring at me weirdly half the time. ok that's not weird. I thought to myself.(sarcasm) Then he suddenly looked away.
When we got to the library, I was engulfed in a hug by Alice. " Hey Alice," I say, hugging her back. "Hey Lexi, you wanna sit next to me?" she asks me. "okay I guess." I say, then I was being dragged by Alice to a table. The rest follow us, and took a seat. We all sat in silence, until, "So Lexi, how was your first day?" Rosalie asks me. Everyone at the table looks at her, a little shocked. Rosalie ignore the looks, so did I. "It was good. English and Math were boring but everything else was great." I say. "What's your favorite subject?" Emmet asks. "um, I would have to say, History." I say.
Then Alice starts to giggle, and Edward laugh lightly. Weird.... "Lexi do you play any instruments?" Edward asks. "I play guitar, some piano, and I can sing." I tell them. "Edward know how to play piano, he can help you if you want? Right Edward?" Alice offered. " uh, yeah, I could." Edward says.
After talking about random things for about 5 minutes, we all just broke off, and start to have our own conversations. I was talking to Jasper. Then I suddenly thought of something. " Hey, Jasper, you told me that all you guys are adopted, so your all not related by blood, so how do all of you guys have the same eye color?" I ask a little confuse.
Everything went silent, everyone stop talking and were staring at me. "What? The answer can't be that bad?" I ask.
Jasper looks at Edward, Edward looks at Alice and Alice shook her head no.
"Hey Lexi do you want to come over to my house over the weekend?" Alice asks. wow completely change the subject, why don't you. I thought to myself.
"uh, sure?" I say unsure. I notice that everyone was just looking at her, but she ignored their stares.  She smiles at me and I smile back.

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