The Life of Alexandria Swan

What if in the twilight saga, Bella has a sister? What if her sister fell in love with a certain blonde? This is the story of Alexandria Swan, and how she lives through the drama of vampires, love, and near death experiences.
This is the first book in my saga. I don't own the twilight saga, all rights reserve to the original creater, and director.
I have posted this story already on Wattpad, and it's got alot of people Reading, so i've decided to posted here, and son other sites. Right now im working on the third book one wattpad, but writing down the 5th, so, enjoy and please read it. the first chapter or so isnt my best, so sorry.


12. Baseball

Friday came by fast. Dad and I were waiting for Bella to arrive at the diner. After we order, Bella arrived. " Sorry I'm late, biology project." she says. I think its more like an Edward project. " It's alright, I ordered you a spinach salad, that fine?" dad tells her. "yeah, you should order one for yourself next time." Bella tells him. Then our food came. I had a salad like Bella.

(sorry don't really like that scene a lot)

That night when we got home, I stayed in my room, with Jasper, relaxing. Then I heard a loud bang coming from Bella's room.(A/N won't think wrong, weirdos) "it's just Edward, relax." Jasper tells me. I relax in his arms, "I love you." I tell him. "I love you too, darlin'." he tells me. And with that I fell asleep I. Jaspers arms.

When I woke up the next morning, I was alone. I look to my bedside table and see a note from Jasper.

~ I'm sorry I left early. I had to go. Edward and I are going to pick up, you and Bella later. Hope you like baseball. -Love, Jaz~

Sweet, Sports! Wait, Bella and sports, Ha! I look out the window, it looks like there's going to be a storm. I got up and got ready. I put on a black long sleeve, a beige, a beige vest, dark jeans, and cleats. I also left my hair down. I walk down stairs and see Bella ahead of me. " Hey Bells, you ready for our double date?" I ask her. "Sort of." she says. "we still have to tell dad." I remind her. "Right." she says

"Hey dad, Bella and I have a double date, we're going with Jasper and Edward Cullen." I tell him. "who's going with who?" he asks. " I'm going with Jasper, and Bella's going with Edward."

"Hmm, aren't they a little to old for you two?" he asks. " No, they're juniors, we're juniors. I thought you liked the Cullens?" Bella replies. "Well Bells, I thought you didn't like any of the boys in town." he shot back, casually. "They don't live in town, technically. They're right outside." Bella says. "They are?" he asks. " yeah. They want to meet you, officially." I tell him. " Alright. *closes gun* bring 'em in." he says. "Um, can you be nice, he's- he's important." Bella says. "yeah please." I added.

Dad did the HALO thing over his head. Bella and I went to the door to let them in. we all walk back to the kitchen together. "Chief Swan. We wanted to formally introduce our self, I'm Edward Cullen." " and I'm Jasper Hale ."

They both shook hands with my dad. " Hi Edward. Jasper." dad says. "Lexi and Bella won't be home to late. We're just going to play baseball with our family." Jasper tells him. "baseball?" dad asks. " Yes sir, that's the plan." Edward says. " Bella's going to play baseball?" dad says, chuckling lightly  "well good luck with that."

" I'll take good care of her. I promise." Edward tells him. " I promise to take care of Lexi as well." Jasper tells him. He nods. we all start to walk toward the door. Dad told Bella something, but I couldn't hear them. We all got in the jeep, and head into the woods.

When we got there, we all got out of the jeep. Jasper and I headed out to the field. Bella and Edward stayed back for a bit. Jasper was in a baseball uniform.

Alice run up to us. "Lexi, glad you made it." she says, the hugs me. "here." then hands me a baseball cap. "thanks." I say, and put it on. We walk out to see the rest of the family. " Hey Alex glad you can make it." Emmet says. "Glad to be here." I say. "Hi Lexi, glad you made it. We need an ump." Esme tells me. " I thought I would be able to play?" I ask confuse. Emmet laughs, "You can't play, you won't be able to see the ball, let alone hit it." he says. "oh yeah," I grab a bat, "try me." I say. Emmet looks at Rosalie, and she shrugs.

Alice walks up to the pitchers mound. I got ready. When see threw the ball, it was coming to me really really fast, but I could still see it. When it got close enough I swung, and hit it. it flew out, into the forest. Everyone just stared at where the ball went. "She hit it, she actually hit a vampire speed ball." Emmet says in disbelief. Alice and Rosalie ran up to me. "be on my team!" "no be on mine." they say. "depends, who's on who's team." I say. " Me,Esme,Emmet, and Edward are on my team." Alice tells me. "And Carlisle, Jasper, and I are on my team." Rosalie tells me. "I'm going to be on..... ....Rosalie's team, but next time I'll be on yours Alice, I promise." I tell them. Edward and Bella came. Let the games begin.

First up to bat is Rosalie. She hit it and it sounds like thunder. The ball went straight into the forest, Edward went after it. When Rosalie got to third base, the ball came out of the forest to Esme, she was catcher. Rosalie slide for home, but Bella called it out. Rosalie glares at her.

Next was Carlisle, he hit it. I look towards the out field, and see both Edward and Emmet jump for it. They ended up smacking into each other. hahaha, sweet! HOME RUN!!!

Next was Jasper. He was doing some tricks with the bat, "show off." I whisper. He looks at me, and smirks. He hits the ball, but Emmet climbs a tree, and catches it. I hear Rosalie say, "My monkey man."

Next to bat was me. Since I couldn't run, Carlisle volunteers to run for me. I hit the ball! AGAIN! But before anyone could go after it, Alice yells, "Stop!" she stares off into the woods. Everyone runs back over to us. Edward grabs Bella and Jasper grabs me. " Let's go." Edward says. "It's to late." Carlisle says. Alice walks up to me, she switches hats with me, and wraps my scarf around me, and zips up my vest.(A/N, she doesn't do this to Bella cause she's closer to Lexi)

The Cullens form a line. "I'm sorry, stand behind me, don't look at them in the eye, and don't talk." Jasper tells me, and kisses my cheek, and stands in front of me.

Then I see three vampire come out of the forest. They start walking towards us. " I believe this belongs to you." the one in the middle says., while holding up the ball. He threw the ball and Carlisle caught it. "Thank you." Carlisle says. "I am Laurent. This is Victoria, and James." Laurent says, gesturing to the strawberry blonde girl, and the blonde man next to him.

"I'm Carlisle, and this is my family." Carlisle says. "Hello." Laurent says. "I think your hunting activities has cause a bit of a mess for us." Carlisle told them. "Our  apologies. We hadn't realize this territory had been claimed." Laurent explains. "yes, well we maintain a permanent residence near by." Carlisle tells him.

"Really? Well we won't be a problem anymore, we were just passing through." Laurent says. "The humans were tracking us, but we lead them east. You should be safe." Victoria says. "Well thank you." Carlisle says. "So, could you use 3 more players? oh come on, just 1 game." Laurent says.

"Sure, why not, some of us were leaving, why don't you take their places, we'll bat first." Carlisle says, then throws the ball, but Victoria catches it, "I'm the one with the wicked curve ball." she says. " Oh, I think we could handle that." Emmet says. They all start laughing, except for James, he was just staring at Bella. Jasper and I start to head to the car, but we stop dead in our tracks after 2 steps. "You brought a snack." I heard James say.

All the Cullens came back to protect Bella and me.  Even though he was taking about Bella, Carlisle must have realize James was after Bella, "the girl is with us." cause he didn't say girls. "I think it's best if you leave."

"I can see the game is over. we will go now." Laurent says, while slowly backing away. "James!"  All three of them walk away. "Get Bella and Lexi out of here." Carlisle says, "Go!" he says while pushing both Edward and Jasper.

I could feel my heart racing. Edward and Jasper jog us back to the jeep. Bella got in the front. Jasper and I got in the back. I start to breath hard, I couldn't get the image of those vampires growling and  barring their fangs at us. (A/N, pretend they actually have fangs)

Jasper hugs me, as we speed off. My breathing went back to normal. Edward starts to explain that James was a tracker.

Bella starts to say that we have to go home, that our dad was at home. I didn't want to be in reality. But we had to make sure Bella and Dad are safe.

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