young but in love 2

"I can’t help but remember the days we spent on tour together, even though Crystal was pregnant but we had fun like crazy, we had the times of our lives, every night felt like magic. Being young parents isn’t easy at all" Harry thought to himself, lots of problems might face him and Crystal along with the boys and their girlfriends.
sequel to young but in love, try reading this one first :)


14. special night?

Crystal's POV:

the girls and i agreed to throw Perrie and Zayn a party tomorrow night, we'll tell the boys after they get home, i'm so excited for these two i can't stop smiling. But for tonight, i'm preparing a very romantic dinner with candles and roses, just to surprise Harry, since he's too busy working, i'll be the romantic one here!

"i'm home" harry shouted entering the living room. i was surprised to see him holding a bouquet of red roses in one hand and a box of chocolate in the other. "wow... you look absolutely sexy babe, i - i mean beautiful" he said smirking making me giggle. "what a gentleman" i said taking the roses then smelling them. Harry pulled me in by my waist and kissed my neck, i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

"i love you so much like so freaking much" he said smiling. "and i love chocolate let's eat" i said sarcastically grabbing the box of chocolate he brought. "but you made dinner" he said. "oh we can just eat that later, life is too short to have regrets" i said getting both of us to laugh.

we sat on the warm carpet next to the chimney since it was starting to get cold and spent about two lovely hours until his phone rang. *harry talking on the phone*

"i have to go meet the boys and Simon because the girls of the music video just arrived" he said standing up. "Harry please no, we were supposed to spend tonight together, don't leave me" i said standing up as well. Harry sighed and kissed my cheek. "you know i have to go love" he said. "no you don't, you don't have to meet the girls, i don't think it's necessary" i said. "but that's what Simon wants" he replied. "Harry i don't want you to go... please" i said.

"Crystal i promise i won't be late, i'll be as quick as possible" he said. "fine whatever" i said turning around and started to pick up the plates off the table. "come on babe don't do this" he said. "doing what? i just wanted this night to be special, no work no nothing, just me and you, but no you have to go meet a bunch of girls you're not going to see ever again your entire life" i said feeling absolutely dizzy.

i pulled out a chair and sat down when Harry rushed to my side and pushed my hair behind my ear. "what's wrong? do you want me to take you to the hospital?" he asked concerned. "no no i'm okay, i probably just need some sleep" i said. "come on i'll take you to your room" he said taking my hand so i slowly stood up and we both made our way upstairs.

"i'll just call Louis and tell him i can't come" harry said. "no don't do that, i'm going to sleep anyway, it's fine really" i said smiling. he kissed my hand then my lips and stood up. "i won't be late, if you feel dizzy again call me right away" he said when i nodded in agreement.

Harry's POV:

alright Harry, ten minutes maximum then drive right back home, i cannot leave Crystal alone. i love her so much more than words can describe, tonight was very special indeed. i pulled over in front of Simon's house and walked in the living room to see five girls sitting on the couches along with the boys ofcourse. i'm always the last one to get to the meetings, i really need to change that!

"SELENA?" i practically yelled seeing her. she stood up and shook my hand. "i know right? we couldn't believe it either" Niall said. "it's such an honor to be here" she said smiling. i met the rest of the girls when Liam pulled me to the side.

"what are we gonna do with her?" Liam asked whispering referring to Selena. "no idea man, you know what? let's talk about it tomorrow with Simon, i have to go home" i said. "but tomorrow we're filming, we don't have time for another plan" he said crossing his arms. "then i don't know, maybe Crystal and the girls will understand" i said. "that's crazy" he said.

i just didn't have time to think about that, i drove as fast as possible to be with my wife, with the girl i love because she's the only one on my mind. i opened the door and headed upstairs. i gently tapped on her shoulder to let her know that i'm home.

"crystal" i whispered. "crystal" i said raising my voice only to realize that she was unconscious. i instantly pulled her out of bed and carried her bridal style to my car then drove to the hospital.

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