young but in love 2

"I can’t help but remember the days we spent on tour together, even though Crystal was pregnant but we had fun like crazy, we had the times of our lives, every night felt like magic. Being young parents isn’t easy at all" Harry thought to himself, lots of problems might face him and Crystal along with the boys and their girlfriends.
sequel to young but in love, try reading this one first :)


10. investigation:

Crystal's POV:

we headed downstairs to see dad and Dina lying on the couch together. "mom and Aunt Victoria went out to see a friend so you'll be home alone, enjoy" i told them as we made our way outside. "we're late, i wonder how many girls already mobbed them by now" Gabriella said. "they took the cars" i said running my fingers through my hair. "i'll stop a cab" Avery said walking to the end of the street.

the taxi driver finally pulled over, we showed the security guard our ID's and went inside. the club was very crowded, too many disco lights which makes finding the boys really hard. "alright let's dance" Perrie said dragging us to the dance floor, we laughed and started dancing all together.

about twenty minutes passed when we saw Niall and Zayn dancing too with girls around them. "alright then" Perrie said grabbing some dude's hand to where Zayn was and began to dance making us laugh our heads off.

we all did the same which was pretty fun, my eyes caught Harry walking outside so i decided to follow him and see where he's going. i took a cab that was standing across the street, "follow that car please" i've always wanted to say that!

Harry pulled over in front of the police station, i honestly had no clue what he was up to, so i followed him inside. "you are only allowed to talk to him, i know you're mad but don't try to do anything you'll regret" i heard the police officer telling him when Harry nodded in agreement and entered a room.

"uhh excuse me, i'm Crystal Styles, can i please know who my husband is seeing?" i asked. "h- he didn't tell you?" the officer asked. "n- no what's going on?" i asked when we heard yelling in the room. we rushed there along with two officers to see Harry almost choking a guy but they separated them taking the man out.

"H- harry who is this guy?" i asked closed to tears. "Crystal what are you doing here?" he asked. "answer my question please" i said so he sighed and hugged me tight. "buy you have to be strong okay?" he said when i nodded in agreement.

"this is the man who kidnapped Melody and... killed her, they finally found him" he said making me stare at him speechless with tears streaming down my face. "how long is he staying here?" i asked getting back to reality. "more than twenty years that's for sure" Harry replied hugging me again so i cried in his chest and hugged him tighter.

"i miss her so much" i said. "i know baby i miss her too" Harry said through his tears. "and what happened to the other one?" i asked. "he's locked in London's jail" Harry replied. "but... i don't want to press charges" i said few minutes later. "why not?" He asked. "putting them in jail won't get her back, and it won't make me any happier" i said. "that's my mature wife, i love you so freaking much, but they already confessed everything and got arrested two days ago" he said.

"then why didn't you tell me earlier?" i asked. "i didn't know how you'd react i'm sorry" he replied followed by a sweet kiss on my lips. "let's get out of here" i said when he nodded in agreement.

we arrived home to see Liam with a purple eye and everybody gathered in the living room. "wow what happened?" Harry asked.

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