young but in love 2

"I can’t help but remember the days we spent on tour together, even though Crystal was pregnant but we had fun like crazy, we had the times of our lives, every night felt like magic. Being young parents isn’t easy at all" Harry thought to himself, lots of problems might face him and Crystal along with the boys and their girlfriends.
sequel to young but in love, try reading this one first :)


18. I'm back:

My hand was shaking as i waited for Harry to pick up, a few seconds later he hung up on me.

"Okay then let's find out if this baby is a girl or a boy" i said with tears threatening to fall.

Harry's POV:

it's been an entire month now, nobody knows where she went! She kept ignoring my calls, Crystal took away the other part of me by leaving and keeping my child away from me.

My phone called knocking me out of my thoughts. It was her, It was actually her. But why should I answer when she completely shut me away? She never replied to anything I've sent her.

I stayed home anxiously, I couldn't find the motivation to do anything. About two hours later, the sound of keys jangling hit my ears. I stood up to see Crystal walking in. "Hi" she said. "w- why are you back? I thought you never wanted to see me again" i said coldly as much as i wanted to hug her tight.

"I- umm why did you hung up on me?" She asked sadly. "I SHOULD ASK YOU THE SAME QUESTION AFTER YOU WENT AWAY AND IGNORED EVERY SINGLE CALL FROM ME" i yelled out of hurt. "I- I needed time, I was mad at you" she said. "WELL THEN WE COULD'VE TALKED IT OUT BUT NO, YOU WENT TO GOD KNOWS WHERE" I shouted again.

"Harry stop it, i'm back i just needed to clear my mind" she said with hot tears pricking her eyes. "No I can't let it go, by going you took away my child as well" I said and sighed. "OKAY FINE I ADMIT IT, I WAS WRONG AND I'M SORRY, HAPPY?" she snapped. "No i'm not, i'm not happy, i'm miserable" i said then walked past her to the front door.

I just had to get out! "It's a girl by the way" She said making me absolutely excited, I could even feel myself smiling uncontrollably. I still got out of the house, she needed to know that what she did was wrong and disrespectful.


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