young but in love 2

"I can’t help but remember the days we spent on tour together, even though Crystal was pregnant but we had fun like crazy, we had the times of our lives, every night felt like magic. Being young parents isn’t easy at all" Harry thought to himself, lots of problems might face him and Crystal along with the boys and their girlfriends.
sequel to young but in love, try reading this one first :)


7. heart attack:

Crystal's POV:

i woke up to see myself in my bed, i must've fallen asleep and someone carried me here. i looked at my phone to see what time it was, 5:30 pm. i don't usually take naps, but oh well! i headed downstairs then to the kitchen to see only mom making dinner.

"where is everybody mom?" i asked making her giggle for some reason. "oh honey you went into deep sleep, they wanted to go out and explore only they didn't wanna wake you" she said. "do you need help?" i asked. "umm i made a list of things i need to pick up from the store, mind if you go?" she asked handing me the paper. "sure" i said and made my way to the mall.

i watched kids running around next to their parents making me smile, i was lost in my thoughts that before i could notice, a little boy ran into my trolley making all the groceries fall. "oh my god are you okay?" i asked when his mom came and dragged him away by his forearm. i now had to go get everything once again.

i opened the door and stepped in the house to see a furious harry walking my way. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS CRYSTAL? HUH? DON'T YOU EVER SCARE US LIKE THAT AGAIN, DON'T YOU EVER EVEN GO OUT BY YOURSELF, WITHOUT AT LEAST TELLING ME, YOU GAVE US A HEART ATTACK" he yelled at me in front of everyone making tears escape from my eyes.

harry ran outside while i tossed the bags on the floor and rushed to my room crying. "sweety wait" Aunt Victoria yelled coming after me. she sat on the bed next to me with her hand around my shoulders. "harry is just getting overprotective because of... you know what happened last year" she said. "yeah i know" i said.

few hours later, harry entered the room with a bottle of some sort of a drink in his hand, "harry are you drunk?" i asked standing up and facing him. "uhh just a little" he said getting closer and kissing my neck so i pushed him away.

"DAD ZAYN ANYBODY" i yelled.

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