young but in love 2

"I can’t help but remember the days we spent on tour together, even though Crystal was pregnant but we had fun like crazy, we had the times of our lives, every night felt like magic. Being young parents isn’t easy at all" Harry thought to himself, lots of problems might face him and Crystal along with the boys and their girlfriends.
sequel to young but in love, try reading this one first :)


15. good news:

heyyy i am loving the new movellas all updated and fresh :D good job movellas ;) i have a huge math test but oh yeah i'm studying... let me just update my story first ;) i hope you like it guyysss xxxx Rita.



Harry's POV:

"how is she doc?" i asked the doctor as soon as he opened the door and got out. "i think it'd be better if your wife tells you the news herself" he replied tapping on my shoulder worrying me ten times more. i opened the door and stepped inside to see Crystal lying on the hospital's small bed wiping her tears away with a tissue. The minute she saw me, she opened her arms for me to hug her, so i went there and gave her the warmest hug ever then i sat down beside her holding her hand.

"what did the doctor say and why were you crying?" i asked. "Harry... i- i'm expecting" she said smiling and rubbing her stomach. i giggled and looked at her beautiful eyes. "are you serious?" i asked with watery eyes when she nodded in agreement. We were both speechless, i quickly picked her up bridal style making her scream and laugh, then i spun her around getting her to shout harder. "I'M STILL DIZZY PUT ME DOWN" she screamed while laughing.

i put her on the ground when she wrapped her arms around my neck. i pushed her hair behind her ear and kissed her. "you're beautiful" i said. "why thankyou" she replied kissing me again.

the next day:

last night was great, Crystal and i stayed up all night laughing and talking, we watched movies, filmed a hilarious youtube video about us, and totally telling the world about her pregnancy, cuddled and ate... yeah we ate a lot!

"HARRY WAIT FOR ME" Crystal shouted from upstairs. "are you sure you wanna come with me? it's only a music video" i said before kissing her cheek the minute she got downstairs. "yeah yeah it'll be fun let's go" she said dragging me outside. "aye aye captain" i said making her laugh.

we reached the filming set, and for the first time, we weren't the last ones to get there, Zayn was late! "hi everybodyyyyyy" Crystal said. "hey guys" i greeted the boys and the shooting staff. "so where are the girls?" Crystal asked. "in the back getting ready but i wouldn't go there if i was you" louis said. "why not?" Crystal asked. "your friend Selena who got us into fights is there as well, Simon hired her" Niall replied.

Crystal turned around and stared at me. i scratched the back of my head thinking i'd get away with it but she raised her eyebrows at me and that is not a good sign. "i forgot to tell you okay? i love it when you get jealous babe" i said pulling her into a hug so she buried her head in my chest. "you're mine remember that" she said making me smile. "i'm glad the girls aren't here" she said.



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