The Hacker

Grace. She only goes by that name. She sometimes goes to school , then comes home straight after.
When she was three she had her first computer. Her fingers vibrated when she touched the keyboard.
Grace had spent her life hating the world, but now the world needs her.


1. Prologue

I remember the day when I touched the keyboard.


Something inside me stirred in me when I pressed the buttons.


I was three years old.


When I had reached the age of seven, I broke into my private schools user. That caused me to get expelled and get given an eight thousand dollar fine. 

My parents didn't care. 

They were to busy to care about me, they threw away report cards and never came to parent teacher interviews.


I skipped school regularly.


I started playing an online multiplayer game called 'Broken Darkness' where I made my name known.


My username? 


The Darling Death.


My age?




My name?


Grace. Just Grace.

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