The Hacker

Grace. She only goes by that name. She sometimes goes to school , then comes home straight after.
When she was three she had her first computer. Her fingers vibrated when she touched the keyboard.
Grace had spent her life hating the world, but now the world needs her.


2. Grace

The light of the computer screen illuminated Grace's face.

Her hands flew over multiple keys, she clicked the mouse before destroying her opponent in three blows. She had been awake for three days straight, consequently resulting in dark circles around her eyes.


Grace never went to school, it was just too tiring and her parents couldn't care less as they were always at the lab and overseas. Her nanny had left when she turned fourteen which was now two years ago. One of her many, many, many nannies.


Grace's room was filled with junk. Her bed was covered in things she hadn't ever touched such as meaningless presents that were still wrapped and empty photo frames. Her room had a wall which was one big screen, making it easy for her to concentrate on her game and job.


Her online name was 'The Darling Death' which only seemed appropriate as her last name was, in this case, Death. Grace Death. She hated it so much that she had made a vow to herself to never say that last name. It made her sick.

She had a small job, hacking.

Grace got paid one thousand dollars for every computer program, account and system she broke into. 

It was rather simple. Get past the firewall then decode things, finally finding the file the company wanted. That equaled a rather nice paycheck and more computer games, upgrades and paying the internet bill.


Grace's parents were millionaires.


Grace had her grandmother's looks and her mother's personality.


She hated herself.

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