Dead Heart

Ren is the governments secret. He's something twisted and malicious. He's manipulative and cunning. He's deadly for death itself fears him. Yet underneath all of his hatred, he appears to be nothing but average. When he escapes the isolation he's been hidden in most of his life, he meets Daichi. Daichi is sexy, alluring, and most of all Ren's type. Well... his type to kill, anyway. ©BookloverAyame-chan


2. Target Acquired


       For the rest of the evening and up until morning, I walked. It was as if something were pulling me to a certain location. I just knew I had to keep walking – a surprise was waiting for me at the end. Before I was locked up, I would often get these… hunches. I would suddenly have an urge to go on a rampage and hack someone’s head off or the need to ride the bus for two hours. Either way, in the end, I always figured out why I had had those feelings. When I hacked that person’s head off it was to watch his child cry over his dead body. When I rode that bus it was to begin stalking my latest target.

        Everything happened for a reason. It still does.

        After a while, probably around noon, my prize came. The sun was oddly beaming in the middle of that September day as people walked around me. I was in some sort of park when it happened.

        “Maro! Come back,” someone yelled from behind me. A small white dog zoomed past me, barking its little annoying head off. Right after that I felt a large bear shove himself against my shoulder, making me slam to the ground with a thud, and about that time I heard something snap. My wrist broke my fall and my fall broke my wrist. “Oh my God, are you okay?”

        Who the fuck knocked me on my ass? I’ll ki –

         Big green emeralds stared me in the face. “I, um…”

        The emeralds looked down. “You’re bleeding,” Panic rose in his voice. “Did I do that? I’m so sorry, let me help you.”

        Barking echoed around us. “I’m fine.” I stated. I heard gasps and light chatter. We were being watched by them. Those people only stood around us, looking, but not helping.

        He shook his head. “No you’re not. Your bone is sticking out of your wrist.”

        I glanced away from the emeralds to see that he was right. It seemed not only did it break, but it also teared out of its organ packaging and decided to stick out of my body. What a nuisance of a wrist. It’s not fun to be human. I supposed that a regular person would be screaming right about now, but I hardly felt anything.

        I sighed internally. It’s was time to put on a show. “Shit,” I exclaimed. “Must be the adrenaline, I mean, I hardly feel a thing.”

        The emeralds shifted their gaze. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was chasing Maro and wasn’t watching where I was going. I just – ”

        “It’s okay,” I smile wirily. Not because of the lack of blood from my wound, but because it had been so long since I’d smiled. It seemed so foreign to me now.  “There’s nothing we can do about it now.”

He grabbed my unharmed hand reassuringly. “Yes there is. I’m taking you to the hospital.”

        My eyes grew wide. The hospital was a perfect place for me to go. Drug galore waited for me there. I could get some and not only help myself to the drugs, but also sell them to make a profit. My spine tingled just thinking about it.

        Footsteps beat against the ground. “Daichi, I found Maro by the pond. How could you – ” We both looked up to see more emeralds emerging from the small crowd. This time it was on the head of a female. She held the white dog in her arms as she walked up to us; she looked no older than sixteen. “What the hell happened?”

        Daichi, I presumed, looked at me apologetically. “I ran into him while I was chasing Maro and, kind of, broke his wrist.”

        Her eyes widened. “Are you serious? What are you a bulldozer?”

        He shrugged. “Help me. We’re talking him to the hospital.” The both helped me to my feet. I “winced” when I finally starched my arm a little bit.

        “Who is he, anyway?” the girl asked.

        Daichi looked to me. I felt my stomach flip. “It’s Ren.” I said looking back at him. He smiled, his emeralds sparkling.

        “Nice to meet you, Ren.” He said.

        It was nice to meet him. It was nice for me, at least. As for him, he just became my new target.




Sorry I haven't updated. I've been in a writing slump FOREVER. I've hardly been able to write a decent bit of anything. T__T  But, hopefully that's over now. Anyway, hope you like the update! Enjoyy.



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