Liam Paynes Twin Sister

Authors Description
This Movella is about Liam Payne's little twin sister ; Hannah Payne . She experiences friendship , and maybe even more with one of her brothers band mates .


8. 8

Liam's P.O.V


After me and Moms conversation she told me she and Dad would be leaving to go and help Auntie Jessica because she was I'll . So I'll be in charge . Yes ! After me and the boys watched an episode of Dora the Explorer ; I decided it was time to go and check on Hannah .

As I was walking up the stairs I heard the doorbell ring . When it did Hannah came out of her room running down the stairs like a mad person . She bumped into me , and almost fell down the rest of the stairs , but luckily I caught her at the last second .

I was happy , but then I looked down at what she was wearing . She was wearing one of my old hoodies . It was a little baggy on her so it came just a little below her bum . That's all she was wearing ! I can't let the guys see her in this , especially Harry ! He would get that gleam in his eyes , flirt , say ' I love you ' , and then BAM ! She's pregnant !

But then she snapped me out of my thoughts by saying , " ummmm .... Liam can you let me go ?"

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