Liam Paynes Twin Sister

Authors Description
This Movella is about Liam Payne's little twin sister ; Hannah Payne . She experiences friendship , and maybe even more with one of her brothers band mates .


6. 6

Hannah's P.O.V


I went to my bathroom that was attached to my room , and looked at myself in the mirror . My makeup was smudged , hair was all over the place , and tears were still streaming down my face . I grabbed some makeup remover and washed it all off . I stepped into the shower and just let all the tears stream down .

After the shower I changed into one of Liam's old hoodies . Since it was Liam's it was quite baggie on me , and came lower than my bum . Since it was low I decided on not wearing shorts . It's not like any of the guys would come in here ; right ?!

Anyways I decided on ringing up my best friend Hayley ( who is more of a sister to me ) and telling her the story .

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