Liam Paynes Twin Sister

Authors Description
This Movella is about Liam Payne's little twin sister ; Hannah Payne . She experiences friendship , and maybe even more with one of her brothers band mates .


5. 5

Liam's P.O.V


When I turned around I saw something I didn't want to see . My little sister crying her eyes out !

She was wearing her special dress , the white one . Her beautiful brownish blond hair was curled . Her makeup was smudged a little , and tears were steaming down her face . On one hand she held her ballet slippers that looked like heals , and in the other hand she held her clutch .

I asked her what was wrong , but she just ran upstairs to her room . I ran after her dropping my bags in the process . I heard Mom and Dad asking her what was wrong but she just ran upstairs sobbing loudly .

I was about to run after her when Mom stopped me and said , " Liam she needs time to calm down . Give her five minutes ; then go upstairs to check on her . "

" Mom " , I said . " Yes Liam ? "

" Did..... Did I do anything wrong that could have upset her ?" I thought that maybe she was upset at me because the boys were here . Or maybe because I haven't called in a few days .

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