gotta get out

a girl named jessica and her brother jacob just moved to Australia and already jacob was popular in the school jessica was a shy girl who didnt want to or like to be popular she one day saw her brother and his friend bulling a guy so she went to put a stop to that find out what jessica does


7. the sleep over

jessica's POV

the boys and i slept over michael's house his mum set up some air mattresses for three of the boys me and michael slept on the couch and in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping a guy came in i could tell he was drunk i could smell the alcohol from across the room he tripped over something and swore loud all the boys woke up "what the hell" michael said before he looked at the guy laying on the floor "michael who is that?" i asked "umm no one" she said scratching the back of his neck "michael" "fine its my dad he usually comes home drunk on fridays and well today is friday so" he said pointing over to his dad "wow michael you finally brought friends over and a girl good for you how much did you pay her" michael's dad said with a smirk on his face "dad get out" michael said i could tell he was getting mad "michael its fine" i looked over to his dad "im michael's girlfriend" i said giving him glare and he looked shocked he came over and grabbed me by my hair i winced "what makes a slut like you think your good enough for my son!" he said still holding my hair he pulled me off the couch "dad what the hell is wrong with you" michael yelled "nothing whats wrong with you do you even know her do you know who her family is more importantly who her brother and nephew are" michael's father said pulling my hair even harder i tried to get free he pulled my hair even harder if that was even possible "i dont care let her go now your drunk" michael said by now i was actually crying calum tried to make him let go but he ended up punching calum michael got up and made his dad let me go and when he finally did michael was hugging me i went and hugged calum cause he tried to help me "look at that michael she is a slut she left you to hug him thats pathetic" michael's father said and when he said that luke was about to go off but i beat him to it "who the fuck do you think you're calling a slut i am not a slut you are just a pathetic drunk who has nothing better to do so why do you just leave us alone i hugged calum because he tried to help me so never ever call me a slut ever again" i yelled and by this time michael's mother was in the room and i was back to crying i dont know why and michael came and hugged me again "ok Chris i think thats enough" michael's mother said i looked at her and smiled he left and we all went back to sitting "jessica im so sorry about that " michael said " its ok" "why did you say you were my girlfriend?" "ummm haha i dont really know?" i said it more like a question and i laughed nervously they didn't continue with it thank god i wasn't gonna admit i like michael and him not feel the same way in front of everyone especially luke eventually we all went back to bed in 2 weeks the boys and i are going on tour so they can perform with one direction.

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