gotta get out

a girl named jessica and her brother jacob just moved to Australia and already jacob was popular in the school jessica was a shy girl who didnt want to or like to be popular she one day saw her brother and his friend bulling a guy so she went to put a stop to that find out what jessica does


3. Michael's house

Michael's POV

me and jessica were chilling in my room playing video games "hey do you wanna go watch a movie at my house" she asked "i'd love to what movie do you have in mind?" i asked "i dont know we can go look at the movies i have and then choose i have a lot of them" she said "ok lets go" we walked out of my room "mom im gonna go to Jessica's house to watch a movie" i told my mom "ok honey" my mom said "is it ok just in case it gets late if he stays the night?" jessica asked my mom my mom light up "of course" my mom said with a big smile on her face 

*at jessica's house *

we walked in and saw her brother luke and their friends sitting on the couch "me and michael are gonna watch a movie in the movie room " she said her brother got up and came over to us " what the hell do you think your doing i now know where you were and what are you doing bringing him here?" her brother asked " i brought my friend over at least its just one and not 7 like you" she said with sass she grabbed my hand so we were now holding hands and walked away pulling me with her i could tell her brother was mad "your brother is pissed" i said laughing a little "i know she " she smiled like an angle and then hugged my i hugged back "what was that for?" i asked "for being awesome" she said smiling i could feel my self blush a little then she kissed me on the cheek before i could ask what that was for she said "that was because i think its cute when you blush" then i kissed her on the cheek "and thats for being cute all the time" i said to her she smiled and blushed then before i knew it we were making out then one of her brothers friends walked in and pulled us a part "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING" he yelled he had came up to us at lunch i think his name is Dante and before i knew it he was punching me "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING HITTING MY FRIEND" i heard jessica yell then all of a sudden every thing went black.

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