gotta get out

a girl named jessica and her brother jacob just moved to Australia and already jacob was popular in the school jessica was a shy girl who didnt want to or like to be popular she one day saw her brother and his friend bulling a guy so she went to put a stop to that find out what jessica does


2. michael

one of jake's friends came up to me and michael and said "hey sweety why dont you come sit with the real men" he said smirking at me " you know what i will" i said as i hooked arms with michael and walked away the look on his face was price less "i thought you were gonna leave me there for a second" michael said " i would never leave a friend behind no matter what" i said smiling at him and he blushed a little 

*after lunch*

me and michael had the next 3 classes together and we changed our seat were we sat next each other. the last class was art witch i am kinda good at i forgot i had it with luke. luke walks in "jessica why do you insist on sitting next to him in all the classes you have together?" luke asked a little upset " aww is lukey jealous" i said batting my eye lashes at him and michael laughs "what are you laughing at" luke said to michael meanly "lucas dont you dare be mean to michael this is why i wont date you your an ass to everyone" i said giving luke the im disappointed look "well what do you want me to do" luke asked a little upset "i want you to be nicer at least i mean come on you guys got mad at michael because he talked to you" i said and luke looked at the ground ashamed "then would i have a chance" luke asked me giving me the puppy dog look "you would have a chance of being my friend it would take more than that to date me" i said and the rest of the class luke was nice to people he wasn't usually nice to 

*the end of school*

"so michael do you wanna hang out after school and play some video games?" i asked him and he looked at me shocked "you like video games to oh my god and ya sure i got COD at my house if thats cool with you" he said "i love COD oh my god we have so much in common" i said laughing he laughed to and we walked to his house "mom im home and i brought a friend over" he yelled then his mom walked in "oh my god michael you haven't brought over a friend over in a while and you never brought a girl home" his mom said he blushed a little "hello Mrs.Clifford" i said "hello dear michael she is american she is defenetly different from your other friends" she said smiling "mom we are gonna go to my room and play some video games k" he said and i followed him to his room we walked in "is it cool with you if we close the door?" he asked "ya i dont mind" i said smiling "Americans are so friendly well most of them at least" he said "yeah most are but most arent every one has their days" i said still smiling  

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