gotta get out

a girl named jessica and her brother jacob just moved to Australia and already jacob was popular in the school jessica was a shy girl who didnt want to or like to be popular she one day saw her brother and his friend bulling a guy so she went to put a stop to that find out what jessica does


8. luke

luke's POV 

jessica's parents got home from America they were there for a bout a month and when they got back jessica wasn't feeling well so i was staying there and taking care of her one day her mum and dad were in the living room with her and she fell asleep on the couch and i walked in "good morning lucas" her mother and father said to me "morning is jessica asleep?" i asked even thou i already knew "yes she is she is exhausted " her mum said "ok ill take her up to her room" i said as i walked over to her and pick her up bridal style and she put her arms around my neck as i was walking up the stairs she woke up "hey boo im gonna take you up to your room ok " i said she smiled "ok bear" (ha ha get it boo bear) and she nuzzled her head into my chest i finally got to her room laid her on the bed and covered her up "lukey can you stay with me and cuddle" she asked and i did i mean she was only wearing a baggy sweat shirt that just covered her bum and i couldn't resist "are you still tiered?" i asked her "no but i want to cuddle with you" she said looking at me smiling "are you sure you dont want your brother or michael i know you like him" i said looking away "no i want to cuddle with you and i dont really like michael i like someone else" she said while wrapping her arms around me "unless you dont want to cuddle" she said turning away from me knowing i would wrap my arms around her and i did "no no i want to and we both know that" i said "i know thats why i did it" she said with a smirk on her face and i pulled her closer and she giggled and i nuzzled my head in the crook of her neck she eventually fell asleep after she did i did to 

*3 hours later* 

i woke up and jessica was awake and on her phone she was changing her contacts it was mine she changed it to bear and i did the same but i changed hers to boo i guess its sorta our thing now we both got up and went down stairs we were in the kitchen and jessica made us some sandwiches it was like 3 in the afternoon and after that we went for a walk and we ran in to some idiot football players from our school "hey jessica why dont you come and hang out with us we will show you a good time" they said with smirks on their face "how about no i dont like you and i never will and." i cut her off before she said anything else "im her boyfriend" i said and they all looked at me except her she just nodded "yup he is now bug off" she said popping the p in yup and after that i just had my arm around her and we walked away back to the house when we walked in we saw jake in the living room with their parents "luke jessica where were you guys and luke why do you have YOUR arm around MY sister?" he asked "um some football players were bothering her so i put y arm around her and said i was her boyfriend?" i said sorta like a question "is that true jessica?" he asked her "yes yes it is and even if he was my actual boyfriend you couldn't do anything about it" she said and grabbed my hand and we went to her room she plopped down on her bed and i did the same next to her "so that was awkward" we said at the same time and she giggled she never giggled i looked at her and she was smiling "why are you smiling?" i asked her "cause of what you did i liked having you be my boyfriend even if it was pretend" she said while blushing she must be really sick because she never blushed ever "are you ok" i asked her she nodded "are you sure what you said sounded like you like me and you blushed" she nodded again then someone knocked on the door then came in and me and jessica were cuddling again it was her mum her mum always thought that me and jessica should date "aww look at you two i knew you guys would be cute together" her mum said and me and jessica blushed "mum really why now why cant you say this when he isn't here it's weird " jessica said i just laughed then she poked me "hm" i said "dont laugh thats what my mum wants" she whispered where only i could here "ok" i said with the biggest smile on my face im glad her mom likes me but her dad not so much he thinks that im not good enough for jessica he thinks that i would get her into trouble i mean geez the one time we got in trouble he was in town in my defense the football players were asking for it and she just help me kick there ass then the cops came.... and me and her were arrested for the night oops? it was fun thou not being arrested but being with jessica i really want to know who she likes so i can "talk" to them she has done that to me before i was flirting with a girl and she came and told the girl to leave she said no and well jessica gave her a broken nose i dont know why thou 

Aouthors note 

hey guys sorry for the bad chapter 

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