gotta get out

a girl named jessica and her brother jacob just moved to Australia and already jacob was popular in the school jessica was a shy girl who didnt want to or like to be popular she one day saw her brother and his friend bulling a guy so she went to put a stop to that find out what jessica does


4. jessica's house

michael's POV

i woke up on a bed wondering what happen while i was asleep and more importantly where was i then i heard the door open and saw jessica walk in "thank god your awake i was getting worried" she said with a worried smile on her face "ya i just woke up and where am i?" i asked she blushed a little then said "your in my room dante knocked you out and well i had them bring you up here so i could make sure your ok and your mom called and i just told her you were sleeping" "oh ok um so why did he hit me i forgot" i said i didn't really forget i wanted to here her say it "its because we kissed" she said and i smiled then i got up and we walked down stairs "DANTE GET OVER HERE NOW" jessica yelled as he was about to leave "shit what do you want jessica" he said "you are going to apologies to michael for hitting him" "no what the hell" "you do it or else" "or else what" he said to her she went down to him and garbed his ear and dragged him over to me "say your sorry now" she said with slight anger in her voice "im sorry" he mumbled "im sorry what was that i could here you" she said "im sorry" he said to me "what are you sorry to him for" "im sorry for hitting you" he said "good now leave " she said he walked away "how do you have such control over them?" i asked because she could make them do anything she wanted them to "i have my ways one of the old members thought he could push me around and well i taught him that he couldn't i broke his arm and now they all listen to me" she said with a devious smile on her face "awesome and a little scary" i said laughing and she was laughing with me.

jessica's POV

i told michael why everyone is jakes group respects me and does what i say and to my surprise he didn't get scared or anything he just said 'awesome and a little scary' and laughed i can already tell michael and i will be great friends.

*a week later*

me and michael have hung out and gotten to know each other really well him and luke have been getting along pretty well and im happy about that luke has become a good friend to me now michael luke and two guys from a different school started a band they call it 5 seconds of summer they are really good and i have become pretty good friend with the other two boys calum and ashton, when ever the boys are playing FIFA me and ashton do something else we either talk or go for a walk and its fun 

*ashtons POV*

while the boys are playing FIFA me and jessica are looking at the youtube account and we noticed we got a message from one direction and they asked us to be the opening act for them! omg i couldn't believe it jessica screamed a really girly scream and everyone looked at her "jessica are you ok?" calum asked "no not really you guys were asked to be the opening act for the biggest boy band in the world!" she almost yelled the boys jumped up and looked at it and we all did a group hug we then asked if we could bring jessica because she was what help the band start because if it weren't for her michael and luke wouldn't be friends but we are all friend and i'm thankful for that.


Authors note 

hey guys i hope you like the story so far i was wondering if any of you want to be involved in the story 

love you lots -jems

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