gotta get out

a girl named jessica and her brother jacob just moved to Australia and already jacob was popular in the school jessica was a shy girl who didnt want to or like to be popular she one day saw her brother and his friend bulling a guy so she went to put a stop to that find out what jessica does


19. 4 years later

*4 years later*

jessica's POV

me and dakota are back in California. unfortunately so aren't the boys (5sos. just saying i have no hate towards them they bae) when our plane landed nick picked us up from the air port. Taylor is here to im gonna surprise she's at nicks house. when we got there she was in the living room i went in through the back door and came up to her "what you doing?" i asked smiling she turned around screamed and gave me a hug i laughed. then calum came down the stairs "taylor whats the matter?" he asked then saw me my smile changed into a frown "welcome home" he said and gave me a hug "luke isn't here is he?" i asked "no i told him not to come" he said "thank you" i said and hugged him again he smiled and i went back to dakota.

*3 hours later*

"lets go to the beach" taylor suggested "sure" i said i went upstairs and put on a bathing suit dakota has some stuff here to use. we drove to the beach and found a stop for us to put our stuff i took off the shorts and shirt i had over my bathing suit then i felt someone pick me up i knew it was dakota "put me down" i whined "nope" he said and went towards the water "no dakota" i said "i wont give you a kiss ever again if you throw me in" i said he put me down "fine" he pouted then looked at nick then all of a sudden nick picked me up and threw me in the water i screamed "nick you are so dead" i said laughing then i stopped when i saw michael ashton and....... luke my face went pale "hide me" i said and stood behind dakota he stood in a defensive pose luke looked over at us he didn't see me but he saw nick and dakota and he started to walk over to us. shit. "hey have you guys seen jessica i need to talk to her" he said "maybe we do maybe we dont we wouldn't tell you anyway" dakota said "oh really because nick was the one who told me to come here and said she was here" luke said and smiled at nick, nick looked down i stepped out from behind dakota "nick?" i asked he looked at me "im sorry" he said "i thought you cared but your just like him" i said and my voice cracked i ran out of the water and grabbed my towel and dried off while i was drying off luke came up to me "jessica we need to talk" he said "no" i said and put my shorts and shirt on and grabbed my stuff and walked away i ran to the bathroom i sat in there with my knees to my chest and i cried with my head on my knees my arms wrapped around my legs. i took some thing out of my bag and did some thing i haven't done in over 4 years. i put the blade to my wrist and made 1 cut then 2 then 3 and so on everything that was wrong with me there was a cut i had a total of 31 cuts. i got up and cleaned my wrist and wrapped it up and put my bracelets on and walked out of the bathroom i went back to were every one was and i sat on my towel in the sand and nick came up to me "jessi-" he started but i cut him off "nick i thought you cared but i was wrong i've been wrong about those types of things so im done i get it you dont care" i said "oh and dont worry about seeing me im going back to australia" i said and got up and walked away taylor ran up to me and gave me a hug "if you go im going with you" she said i smiled at her "ok thanks tay" i said she nodded "dakota said he's coming to" she said and we giggled "ok well i need to go make a call" i said she nodded and went back to the water i called jake "hello" he said "jake" i said and my voice cracked a little "jessica whats the matter" he said "im coming home and im bringing a few friends" i said and a tear slipped away i sniffled "jessica why are you crying whats wrong?" he asked he sounded concerned "its luke h-he was an ass hole to me multiple times and then nick its just a long story" i said and a few more tears slipped "okay its okay jess ill get you and your friends some tickets. its you and two friends right?" he said/asked "yeah me taylor and my um friend dakota" i said "is dakota a dude?" he asked "yeah" i said "ok" he said "ill talk to you later" he said "ok bye jake" "bye jess" he said and i ended the call 

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