The New Teacher.

What would you do if you had a new teacher and he was Liam Payne? What happens if her AND her mum falls in love with him? Her mum and him deeply fall in love with each other but he has deep feelings for Clarissa. Check out I'm my new story: The New Teacher �� ����


2. Chapter 2: Mr. Payne

Clarissa's POV

Great just what I need. The bus pulls up, I hurry up and scramble on the bus before anybody else. I sit in seat 3 and pull out my book. I lean against the window, putting my head in my book. After a few minutes, I put my book away and stare out the window. The bus ride was about over so I tucked everything in my book bag and I looked around. Loud, the bus ride was over so I got up and got off. Least I didn't get picked on. I hurry up and go inside. I look at my schedule, English. Hmmm, Mr. Wheeler told us that he had retired so a new teacher is gonna be teaching us. I wonder who it is. I scramble to my locker, then I sit my stuff in my locker and got out the stuff I needed. I went to my first period, English. Room 146 that's what I wanted, I was early so I went ahead and got inside. I see a man turned back facing the opposite way as me. I just hurry up and go to my seat in the first row. The man turns around and spots my quick. "Hello! And who are you?" He greets. "I'm Clarissa Devore and perhaps who are you?" I giggle. "I'm Mr. Payne." He says in a deep sexy voice. Damn, he is cute for a teacher. "How old are you?" I ask. "Oh honey, I'm 20 but don't tell that to the other class mates." He says. I nod and hold out my hand for him to shake, but instead. He grabs my hand and pulls me out of my seat. He hugs me instantly. I hug back of course. I cover my face and giggle more. He just stands there smiling.


Damnit the school bell.

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