The New Teacher.

What would you do if you had a new teacher and he was Liam Payne? What happens if her AND her mum falls in love with him? Her mum and him deeply fall in love with each other but he has deep feelings for Clarissa. Check out I'm my new story: The New Teacher �� ����


1. Chapter 1: Good Day!

Clarissa's POV

Beep Beep Beep. As my alarm clock started going off, I sit up and hit snooze on my alarm. School. Great! I sarcastically thought. I chuckled and got up, putting my slippers on. I go to my dresser drawers and pull out a medium sized white flowery dress then some leggings. I hurried up and got that on, then I rushed to the bathroom. I pulled out my make-up bag, grabbing my mascara and lipgloss and putted that on. I putted my make-up bag to where it was then I pulled out the hair brush. I started combing my hair, while I pulled out my phone from my purse sitting on the counter and I checked my twitter '0 notifications'. I putted it back into my purse, putting the brush away then putting my purse strap around my neck. I sigh, walking out of the bathroom then goes down to our kitchen. Mum was sitting at the table with the table ready. About a year ago my father died of cancer, for about 6 weeks my mum was depressed until she got over it. I sit in front of her smiling, as usual I start to eat than I finish. I get up and rush over to mum. "Goodbye mother!" I hurried and kissed her on the forehead then I ran to the bus stop, breathing heavy. There was about 4-5 kids around I knew who they were my bullies.

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