Never Fall for a Spy

Hey there my name is Bella Horan but shhh! no one can know. Well my cover name is Andrea Jenkins. why a cover name you ask? Well... You will just have to find out...


6. tour and a jealous ex

                             Chapter 6: Tour and a Jealous ex





it has been two days sense I called Einstein and Liam hasn't asked for me to come on tour yet hopefully he will ask or this mission could go down hill fast. so I called Liam asking what was up cause I think he is avoiding the tour situation even though he dose not know that I know.

(pov switch  Liam's POV)

I have been so nervous these past few days I really want to ask her to come on  tour with me but I am so afraid she will say no and will break up with me ok maybe not break up with me but it would be hard to keep our relationship still in existence with the tour and long distance.

"mate just tell her already, the longer you wait the possibility of her getting mad at you grows" Niall told me I sighed while picking up my phone to see her contact I answered the phone nervously          (L=Liam A=Andrea)

L "hey babe what's up?"

A "hey Liam, what have you been up to lately?"

L "nothing really, but I really ask you something important so can we maybe grab some lunch together?" I asked

A "sure ill see you at Nandos in 15?"

L "ok sounds good do you mind if the boys come to?"

A "no of course I don't mind, ill see you all in a few"

L "ok bye" then I ended the call

"hey boys were going to Nandos lets go" we all got in the car then drove off when we parked I saw Andrea walk into the café with her back to us so I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her within seconds I was in a head lock once she realized it was only me she let me go

"gosh sorry Liam, never sneak up on me like that!" she exclaimed

"sorry I didn't mean to scare you, but how did you learn to do that?" I asked rubbing my sore neck

"my dad taught me" she said shifting uncomfortably I could tell it was an uneasy subject for her so I just left it at that. we ordered our food and sat down at a table and started to eat

"so Andrea, the boys and I are going on tour in three days and I know its very short notice but we want you to come on tour with us"

"really?" she asked surprised goodness she dose not have any clue of how much I love her I thought to my self

"well if you guys really want me to go I don't see why not." she said happily this caused me to smile I guess we have to start to packing and so dose she so we finished our lunch then threw away our trash and went home to pack. I am so glad she agreed to come!

(POV switch Bella/Andrea's POV)

once I got home I sent Einstein a text saying I am going on tour he was pretty pleased to hear the news I have packed all my clothes, hair stuff and shoes now I was ready for the future that lies ahead of me...


today I am leaving for tour with the boys and all of them came over this morning and we all just checked to make sure we have everything we need before the tour bus came after a hour or so the doorbell rang so I excused my self from the conversation and answered the door to see a big buff security guard

"hi, I am Andrea you must be Paul" I said and shook his hand

'yes I am the boys main security guard, you are coming on tour as well correct?"

"yes sir I am, Liam is my boyfriend"

"well he is a lucky lad" I smiled at Paul. by now we had walked into the living room where the boys were talking and planning what to do on their free time, once the boys noticed we were ready to go Paul started to load up all the luggage's into the bus. then we all ran into the bus to pick our bunks I got a top bunk and Liam's was right below mine. the bus was now on the move and our first stop is Holmes Chapel Cheshire, you see we are stopping by all the lads high schools and hometowns and Harrys is the first stop. after a couple hours we reached Harrys house the bus ride was filled with video games movies and laughter. I really need to focus on the mission but I mean come on why not have fun while it lasts? we went to Harrys house so he and the boys could visit Harrys mom Anne and his sister Gemma. I was pretty excited but I really didn't want to be judged so I wore something decent not to fancy and not to casual. we were welcomed Harrys mom she hugged all the boys then when she came to me

"hello dear I am Harry's mum"

"hello Mrs. Styles, I am Andrea, Liam's girlfriend"

"please call me Anne your part of the family now" then she gave me a hug, I smiled at this but the thought of having to end this kind of hurt, ugg I need to focus or I will be the one with the broken heart.                                                 (two hour time skip)

we were now on our first interview of the tour...

"hello my name is Jack and I will be your host today, so make some noise for One Direction" *cheering and clapping* that was our cue so we all ran out from back stage and shook hands with Jack then sat down on the long couch

"so how is everyone today/"

"we are good how about you jack?" Louis asked

"good good, now the question everyone wants to know is who is this lovely lady you all have been hanging out with?"

"this is my girlfriend Andrea Jenkins" Liam replied smiling and kissing my cheek so I smiled and waved to the camera.

"hi every one!" I exclaimed trying to be happy at this boring interview

"well now that we have met Liam's girl lets do some challenges! are you up for it?" he asked the boys the boys answered bye jumping up ready to win.

"ok so the first challenge is you have to drink a extra large Slurpee and you get points on what you win so who ever has the most points in the end wins" the boys were each handed a Slurpee and once they all got one a horn was blown signaling for them to start. let the brain freezes begin. all the boys were chugging them I could tell they all had brain freezes but they still had about half left after a short while longer Niall held his cup in the air signaling he was the one claiming victory. on the white board under Niall's name a seven was placed there so for now niall was in the lead.

"great job Niall you are now in the lead, who is ready for the next challenge?" niall danced around happily in the lead while the other boys just mumbled

"bring it on, cause Niall's going down"

"ok the next challenge is you have to race" the boys cheered at this

"wait I haven't finished you have to race in six inch high heels" the boys then groaned  as they walked towards the high heels bucket I laughed at this.

"miss Jenkins would you like to demonstrate" I nodded and walked over to the starting line and said

"heels are like a girls best friend they make you taller and they are easy to walk in after a little practice, so the rules are you can run, cartwheel or back flip let me demonstrate," I ran then did a cartwheel followed by a back flip " see not hard at all" the boys clapped then put on the heels all I heard was

"oh my"


"how do you walk in these things" good luck I thought to my self they started trying to run but fell flat on there backs it took a while but they finally made it Harry crossed the line first and received 11 points under his name.

"ok one last challenge it is worth 20 points" the boys perked up hearing how many points you could get from this challenge.

"you have to *drum roll* climb the rock wall and ring the bell whoever rings it first is the champion!" the boys were then harnessed and started to climb Zayn was in the lead but in the end Liam passed him and rang the silver bell claiming victory. the rest of the interview was pretty boring then we went to the bus to see Paul had ordered pizza for us so we watched movies and played games for the rest of the night.

(Danielle's POV)

the girls and I are hanging out today because the boys are on tour. we decided to watch their first interview but when they came on stage I couldn't help but notice a girl walk on stage with them she was fairly good looking but who is she? Eleanor and Perrie looked confused too I guess no one knows who she is I just shrugged it off but when I herd her say

"hi I am Andrea Jenkins, Liam's girlfriend" now that made me furious we only broke up a month ago and he is already dating someone else?

"ugg I don't get why he would like some one like her?" I complained to the girls

"Dani why do you care your the one who dumped him?" Perrie asked

"Perrie! who's side are you on?"

"Dani, Perrie is right why do you care you left him and plus she is not ugly and she seems really sweet." Eleanor agreed

"ugg I am leaving!" I groaned as I walked out of El's house and made my way home what is there problem we are best friends there supposed to be on my side but I guess I don't need them to get Liam back.


HEY everyone! I hope you liked this chapter! please comment favorite and like! Bye baes ;) -Ana

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