Never Fall for a Spy

Hey there my name is Bella Horan but shhh! no one can know. Well my cover name is Andrea Jenkins. why a cover name you ask? Well... You will just have to find out...


5. sharp shooter

                       Chapter 5: Sharp Shooter






today I had almost nothing to do so I decided to call Liam and his band mates so I could not only gain Liam's trust but also his friends trust. I picked up the phone and clicked on Liam's contact and the phone started to ring  *ring* *ring* after the second ring he picked up (L=Liam A=Andrea)

"hey Andrea what's up?"

"nothing that's why I called," I heard him chuckle on the other end "so I was wondering if you and the boys wanted to hang out?"

"oh sure, great idea babe I will ask them"

"ok just call me and let me know, bye luv ya" I blew a kiss into the speaker then ended the call


(Liam's POV)

"ok just call me and let me know, bye luv ya" then she blew a kiss through the speaker oh how I loved to hear her beautiful voice. I walked down stairs and into the basement which is what harry calls his 'bro cave' sense we all always hang out in there whenever we come over its pretty homey actually it has a nice couch some bean bags a TV all the updated game stations and even a mini fridgerator. so basically you could live down there for a few days if needed. any way I walked into the 'bro cave' and waited for them to finish the game they were playing. Harry looked over to me with a confused face probably wondering why I had a huge grin on my face then Louis asked

"what's up mate why the odd huge smile" that caused everyone to turn and look back at me

"Andrea asked me if you knuckle heads wanted to hang out together, I think it would be a great chance for us all to bond together and we haven't done many things this week so what do you say you all want to hang out with me and my girlfriend?" not realizing what I said until seconds later so I quickly covered my mouth with my hand

"oh so she's your girlfriend now?" harry questioned with a cheeky smirk

"well um... no... not yet at least" I answered nervously

"well I think she's sweet and pretty" Zayn said while I sent him a death glare

"geesh Liam as a friend don't go all over protective mode on us plus I love Perrie" Zayn apologized

"sorry mate, its just I really like her and I want to ask her to be my girlfriend but after everything with Danielle things have just been kinda tough if you know what I mean." I sighed the lads just nodded I wonder what we will be doing if we hang out with Andrea.

"well I guess we have nothing else to do so Liam tell your girlfriend that we would love to hang out" I just nodded and rolled my eyes while walking away to call Andrea back

the phone rang a couple times then she answered (L=Liam A=Andrea)

"hey Liam I thought you were going to bail on me" she joked

"no way we would never, so what were you planning on doing?"

"well I am not sure why don't you all come over to my house and then we can all decide?"

sure sounds good to me I'll see you in 15 minutes"

"ok bye" then I ended the call. I went to the counter grabbed my car keys and walked outside with the boys following me we all got in the car after a little while I saw her house in view then I pulled into the driveway and parked the car we all got out and walked to the door and rang the door bell I turned to the boys and said

"remember be polite" they just nodded after a few more seconds the door opened and Andrea welcomed us in we walked into the living room to decide what to do we all sat down then harry asked

"so do you have any ideas?" she nodded and pulled out a list then she read off of the list to us: "#1  go-carting

#2   the beach

#3  laser tag" we all smiled and said

"laser tag defiantly" we all love laser tag but poor Andrea she probably has never played laser tag before and the boys and I get really competitive hopefully everything turns out ok I thought to my self

"ok then laser tag it is then" she exclaimed we all got in my car and Andrea of course got shot gun I could hear all the boys complaining so I just said

"unless you all want to walk I suggest you shut up" this made Andrea giggle and the boys chuckle but after they realized I was serious they all shut up we arrived at the laser tag place shortly after then we all walked in to the 'arena' with our armor  the teams were me, Harry and Zayn as the blue team against Niall, Louis and Andrea the red team. the count down started as we all ran to our hiding spots

"10... 9.. 8...

(Bella/Andrea's POV)

3... 2... 1.. your laser guns are now activated" the intercom announcer voice echoed through the large room I had ran upstairs so I could see my targets better. ok I guess I had a pretty unfair advantage ok fine a really unfair advantage, being a spy has its ups and downs plus we live by 'if you win you stay alive, if you don't your dead' so basically we don't put up with failure or mistakes because we could be killed by one small mistake. so I crawled around the ground ready to shoot any one in sight then I saw Liam run by with Harry my gaze followed them as I shot them as many times as I could then ducked I peaked over the boulder to see Liam and Harry searching franticly for the person who hit them I just giggled seeing them back to back still looking for the shooter I kept moving so I wouldn't be found but I could see someone hiding behind a boulder near me so I snuck up behind tem to see Louis so I whispered to Louis

"ptss! Louis?" he turned around with fright but just smiled when he saw it was me

"hey I got shot twice by Zayn but I only shot him once cause I was running away" he explained I just nodded  and replied

"I shot harry seven times and Liam six"

"really I thought you would suck at this" he said but quickly apologized

"no its totally fine but watch this, do you want to get Zayn back?" he nodded and smiled devilishly

"ok find Niall sit up here but be ready to shoot" he looked confused but went to go find Niall I walked down the stairs and I saw Harry, Zayn and Liam all together sitting behind a barrel I bit my lip a bit and it bled only a little bit but it did not hurt at all time to get my acting on ;) I ran up to Liam dropping a couple fake tears

" Liam I busted my lip and it really hurts" I 'sobbed'

" oh my gosh babe are you ok!" he exclaimed I hugged him burying my face into his chest then I pulled out of the hug and pushed him toward the other boys then shouted

"NOW!!!" did a back flip over a barrel and ducked be hind it popping up every so often to shot them while Louis and Niall shot rapid fire at Liam, Zayn and harry the announcer counted down from five.

"five... four... three... two..." I popped up and Liam shot me twice then the announcer said

"please exit through the black doors take off your gear then see your epic scores!" we walked to the score board and I must say im pretty impressed with my score the scores were:

6th place Zayn got killed 25 shot 5

5th place Harry got killed 18 shot 10

4th place niall got killed 16 shot 12

3rd place Liam got killed 14 shot 17

2nd place Louis got killed 12 shot 18

1st place Andrea got killed 4 shot 27

team score 57 red and 32 blue

"so what is their punishment for losing to us you peasants? Louis asked me while turning to look at the boys with a wide grin

"I don't know I think they have to buy us ice cream!" I said happily niall smiled liking the idea so we drove to twisty treat to get ice cream I got a huge vanilla swirl covered in sprinkles! Liam came over with his strawberry ice cream I just smiled showing off my 'victory' ice cream

"wow you really are a sharp shooter" he commented making me smile. we decided to go back to Liam's house and hang out so we all get in the car and drove to his house when we got there we all went inside popped some delicious popcorn then sat down in the living room to watch a movie we all decided on the titanic it was so sad but I enjoyed hanging out with the guys after the movie it had grown dark outside so I got up and walked to the kitchen the boys followed me in so I asked Liam if I could cook dinner for all of us he said sure and asked the boys if they wanted to stay they agreed so I started to make dinner I cooked some chicken, salad and rice it smelled lovely I brought the food to the table to see Niall and Liam setting the table with plates, napkins and forks I smiled at Liam, he would be a great husband, not for me of course cause all this is, is a mission then I leave. I thought to myself by now all the boys were sitting around the table waiting so I took a seat then we prayed for the food and began to eat. the meal turned out really good, the boys said they liked it so I was satisfied with what I had made. is was now 9:00 so the boys said they had to e getting home now it was just Liam and I so I 'had' to go home cause Einstein needed to call me and talk about something so I told Liam I had to go so he walked me home cause I live in the next neighborhood over when we got to the door Liam asked me

"can I ask you something?"

"you just did, but sure" I answered jokingly he chuckled then replied

"will.. will you umm... be my girlfriend" I smiled knowing there is no way this mission could ever go wrong. so I nodded then kissed him at first he was shocked but then began to kiss back I smiled then waved goodbye and walked into my house closing the door I walked to the basement scanning my face and hand then entering. I called Einstein  (A=Andrea E=Einstein)

"hey you told me to call what's up?"

"well Liam and his band mates are going on tour in only less than a week I am sure he hasn't told you yet cause you just started dating but the most likely are going to invite you to come take there offer and use it to your advantage" I sighed knowing Liam's heart will shatter in the end "you are not going soft are you" Einstein gasped

"no way its just the mission will be harder if there are a million fans basically watching them every second" I came up with a pretty good excuse I think at least. so now I wait for Liam to ask...





hey every one I hope you enjoyed the last chapter I worked about 5 hours on it so I really appreciate if you would fan and favorite this movella cause I spent along time writing it for you all :) -Ana

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