Never Fall for a Spy

Hey there my name is Bella Horan but shhh! no one can know. Well my cover name is Andrea Jenkins. why a cover name you ask? Well... You will just have to find out...


12. reunited

Chapter 13: Reunited


it is so great to be reunited with my sister again, I should probably tell Liam. but why wouldn't Andrea tell me sooner? especially about something like this?

"im so sorry I just couldn't tell you" she started tearing up again it made my heart break to see her cry.

"no, no its ok don't worry about it" I assured her and kissed her forehead. I mean seriously I couldn't bring myself to pressure her with questions at a time like this.

"hey, why don't we go get some ice cream?" I offered

"sure just let me get changed." she told me I nodded only noticing now she was in a tank top and pajama pants.

As she walked down the stairs I started to see the small similarities between us, my old chestnut coloured hair our deep blue eyes. We are more alike than I thought. I wonder if Liam noticed, Liam! Whatever will I tell him, I am a terrible liar and I hate seeing him hurt, he is my best friend!

“hey! Niall you ready?” Andrea asked me pulling me out of my thoughts i nodded and we went down the elevator once we got to the lobby we headed towards my car. the ice cream shop it is only a 15 minutes away so we should be there shortly. the ice cream shop is shaped like an ice cream cone perfectly filled it is called twisty treat and they have the best sprinkles!  i hope Andrea likes it, the place is small with only a take out window and outside seating, Ooh maybe she will tell me more about her self we really need to catch up i haven't seen her in maybe 15 years. we pulled up in the small parking lot and we wandered around until we reached the window i got vanilla swirl covered in sprinkles she got the same, i payed for the ice cream then we found a picnic table and took a seat

“so... do you have a job?” i asked curiously

“yes...” she answered but i could tell she was avoiding the subject seriously why would your job be such a secret? unless shes in the witness protection program? wait... thats it! she is in the witness protection program!

“no im not” she said to me


“im not in the witness protection program”

“oh i said that out loud” i noticed she looked around nervously but she went pale when she looked behind me

“look im sorry if i offended you, i didn't mean to say that out loud “ i apoligised  she shook her head and motioned for me to be quiet

“Niall listen to me, please. throw away your trash then run towards the car i'll be right behind you please Niall just do it” she pleaded

“ok, tell me when” she nodded and whispered a quick ‘now’ i got up and casually threw away the trash. i froze when i heard a gun being fired i turned around to see Andrea firing a gun at a man hiding behind a car she hid behind the table

“what the heck is going on? Andrea! are you ok?” i yelled to her i’m so scared like a shriveled up peanut trying to hide in its shell while someone cracks open its safety bubble.

“Niall run!” she shouts to me as she got up and sprinted to the car i ran for my life and got in the car

“Andrea please tell me what is going on?” i begged

“shut up and drive or die!” she yelled all of a sudden a bullet hit the drivers side window shattering the glass i pulled out of the parking lot and sped down the road to the hotel she re-loaded her gun

“umm... why d-do y-you have a g-g-g” i stuttered

“a gun? ill tell you later, these people are still following us, hurry Niall” she begged i sped up once we reached the hotel we ran to the elevator we went up to the eighth floor once the elevator reached the eighth floor we stepped out and ran to her hotel room the door was right in view when i was grabbed by my shoulder i felt a gun be placed on my back

“don’t scream” a voice whispered into my ear i nodded

“umm.. Andrea a little help over here” she turned around and gasped

“why are you here?” her cold voice spat at the person holding my life on a tightrope

“hi Bella, or should i call you Tracy? or Jenna? or Andrea?”

“shut up!” she screamed at the person who i could tell was messing with her mind mentally hitting her with a hammer and pushing all her buttons plus reminding her of the past memories she obviously didn't want to remember

“what, didn't miss me? how is lukes mom, any way?” the voice taunted her pushing her last nerve off a cliff. she let out a low deep growl warning, not to go ny farther with torturing her mind

“got yourself another pretty boy dont you? the bad thing is there always the same useless, weak, stubborn-” the voice pushed further. wow he is a real good self of steam booster i thought to myself

“hes my brother.” she spat cutting him off

“oh really? even better.” then everything went black...

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