Never Fall for a Spy

Hey there my name is Bella Horan but shhh! no one can know. Well my cover name is Andrea Jenkins. why a cover name you ask? Well... You will just have to find out...


2. meeting liam

                Chapter 2: Meeting Liam




  I had gotten up at 6:30 this morning and now it's around 8:00am I really want some pancakes but I don't have any pancake mix or bacon and I can't live without bacon so I guess I have to go to the store I went to the front door and got my shoes on then went out the door locking it behind me I started to jog because I was now feeling quite hungry. I arrived at the store walking in grabbing some pancake mix and bacon then paying and walking out as I pasted the park I heard voices yelling at each other

"babe what did I do wrong?" One questioned

"never mind Liam I just don't love you any more! And I am so breaking up with you!" The female voice shouted at the sad but kind male voice as i turned the corner seeing the one and only Liam James Payne sitting at a pick nick table in the small park. I felt bad so while still carrying my groceries I walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder

"are you ok" I asked in a calm voice looking into his teary eyes he shook his head looking down

"did you want to talk about it I am going to make breakfast soon if you would like to join me and talk about it?" I asked/offered he looked at me and asked in a small voice

"your not a crazed fan are you?" I giggled at his question

"no my friend just told me about you and your band like a week ago and I think it's cool your in a band!" I exclaimed because I was not going to tell him 'oh no I just read your government files last night' so I had to lie.  He smiled then replied

"ok if you don't mind" I just smiled so we both walked back to my house as we got to the front door I handed him the groceries while I typed in the passcode the door opened and we both walked in and I took my shoes off at the front door so did Liam I took the groceries from him washed my hands then started to prepare breakfast I heard Liam mumble a quiet


"What?" I asked

"do you live here alone" he asked

"yes" I replied you see the government pays me quite a bit so I have a pretty nice house all to my self but it gets lonely from time to time so it's nice to have visitors. What about my family you ask? Well Ryan told me that my family died in a house fire when I was three so he took me in and taught me how to be a spy. I owe my life to him and that's why we are so close.

"What is the matter love?" Liam's kind question pulled me out of my thoughts

"nothing" I replied bluntly

"I'm sorry I asked" Liam stated looking at the ground ashamed

"no Liam it's not your fault it's just I was thinking about my past and it makes me sad" I said while taking the food out of the pan and set it on plates and brought them to the table

"do you want to talk about it" Liam offered

"no I'm fine, so lets talk about earlier this morning" I said changing the subject a little bit he nodded then spoke

"we'll you see...


(POV change) Liam's POV I set my alarm early this morning so I could get ready for my breakfast date with Danielle so I got out of bed then took a shower,  got dressed and sprayed on some cologne I grabbed my keys, put on my shoes then walked out the door. I walked down the side walk and picked up Danielle from her apartment. We walked to a near by park then sat down at a table

"so what are we doing in this filthy park" Danielle asked kind of rudely

"well um... I thought we could hang out here then go to a breakfast café" I said

"well I don't want to be here" she stated looking at her nails

"why not?" I asked offended I love this park it's so calm and beautiful

 "because who would like this dump, and your just ugg!" she said.

"What did I do wrong?" I asked

"never mind Liam I just don't love you any more! And I am so breaking up with you!" She shouted while stomping off in her high heels I put my head in my hands and sighed then I felt a tap on my back...


(POV switch) Bella/Andrea  Poor Liam... :(

"Liam she doesn't deserve you! That was so sweet of you and she is just plain rude!" I exclaimed rubbing his back

"thanks Andrea, for every thing" he said kindly I just smiled, collected the dishes and placed them in the sink. When I walked back to the dining room I saw Liam stand up and walk over to me

"thanks so much Andrea but Niall just texted me saying I have to come for the interview before I'm late."

"ok, can we maybe hang out again sometime?" I asked getting the mission on a roll. did you think I Bella Horan forgot about a mission? no way!

"sure, could I get your number? he replied so we switched numbers and I walked him to the door

"bye see you later" I gave him a hug then waved to him good bye

"bye" he said as he walked out then I closed the door.

I looked out the window making sure he was a good distance away then I ran to the basement scanned my hand and my face and then turned on my computers and logged in you see I put a dissolving micro chip in his pocket when we hugged and now I can track where he is going and can hear what he says and hears for the next three hours but after the three hours the chip disappears in thin air and leaves no trace of ever being there!

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