Never Fall for a Spy

Hey there my name is Bella Horan but shhh! no one can know. Well my cover name is Andrea Jenkins. why a cover name you ask? Well... You will just have to find out...


8. Called to a Mission

                                         Chapter 8: Called to a Mission




After a a long day of messing around on the beach we were all sat down on our towels and chairs just relaxing. It's nice to just take a moment and relax sometimes. That never lasts...


My phone started to ring and I looked to see it was Ryan. Niall leaned over my shoulder,

"who's Einstein?" He asked.

"An old friend of mine, we gave each other silly contact names, I gotta take this." I smiled and stood up, walking away. I answered it and spoke quietly.


"Look I know your in the middle of a mission but this is important, I need you, NOW!" He screamed into the phone. I moved it from my ear for a second.

"Whats wrong?"

"It's Luke." I almost dropped the phone.

"I'm coming!" I hung up and ran back to the boys.

"I have to go! Family emergency!"

"Wait maybe I should come with?" Liam stood up and ran after me.

"No! It's fine." I said.

"But you said it was an emergency!" Niall yelled after me.

"I have to go!"


Niall's POV 

Something about this seems off. Einstein, emergency not so much, she seemed completely normal until now. Something's different, she's different...and I'll figure this out. It's time for me to be a detective. 

"Guys I'm gonna follow her to make sure she's okay. Liam you can come if you want." I offered.

"No, she said she didn't want me to come so I won't. And neither should you." Liam said.

"I'm going because I care."

"And I'm not because I care too. Do you like her or something?" Liam's face started to redden.

"No dude chillax! And suit yourself!" With that, I left.


Hi! It's Sally Jane here and I'm honered to be co-authoring

this book! Hope you liked this chapter! It's my first in this

book! I'm excited to be working more with ana_aka_me !

Love you all

~Sally Jane






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